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Volume 2 Issue 3 , September 2012

 S.N. Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 3 ,September  2012)  ISSN:2277-3754  PageNo.
 1. Mitigation Curves For Determination of Relief Holes to mitigate Stress Concentration Factor in Thin Plates Loaded Axially for Different Discontinuities(Author's:Shubharta N agpal, S.Sanyal, Nitin Jain)  1-7
 2. Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: An Approach to Provide Secure and Trusted Data  (Author's: Paridhi Singhal,Manoj Diwakar, Manish Mahashi )  8-14
 3. Small Sized L- Shaped Meandered Quad Band Quasi Fractal Patch Antenna (Author's:Kirti Vyas, Devendra Soni J.P Mishra, P. K. Singhal )  15-19
4 A Novel Printed UWB Antenna with Band Rejection Characteristics  (Author's:Sourav Moitra, Sayantani Roy, Chandan Kumar Ghosh, Susanta Kumar Parui) 20-24
5. Development of Solar Educational Training Kit  (Author's: S. S. S. Ranjit, S. A. Anas, S. K. Subramaniam, C. F. Tan, S. H. Chuah) 25-29
6. Experimental Investigation of Machining Parameters on Machinability of Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composites (Author's: Hamzeh Shahrajabian, Mostafa Hadi, Masoud Farahnakian ) 30-36
7. Lung Cancer Classification Using Image Processing (Author's:Dr. S.A.PATIL, M. B. Kuchanur) 37-42
8. Data Analysis of Bio-Medical Data Mining using Enhanced Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering (Author's: V.V.Jaya Rama Krishnaiah, D.V.Chandra Sekar, Dr. K.Ramchand H Rao ) 43-49
9. Commissioning a Nitrogen Generator in China (Author's: Dr. Craig Seidelson ) 50-52
10. Abnormal Driver Behavior Detection Using Parallel CPU and GPU Algorithm through Facial Expression, Thermal Imaging and Heart Rate Data Fusion (Author's:Dino Isa, Goh Chia Chieh, RoselinaArelhi) 53-64
11. Damping Factor of Composite Plate Using Lamb Wave Method (Author's: B A Ben, B S Ben, K. Adarsha Kumar, B S N Murthy) 65-71
12. Total Productive Maintenance of a Thermal System (Steam Power Plant) (Author's:Shiv Kumar Sharma, Abhishek Jain, Rakesh Kumar Jain) 72-79
13. Design of Microstrip Stacked Square Patch Antenna (Author's:Naresh Kumar Joshi, Manisha Uttamrao Birare, Neeraj Nahata) 80-82
14. Performance Evaluation of an On Demand Routing Protocol Using Mobile Agent (Author's: Soumi Das, Namrata Sahayam) 83-85
15. Modeling Noisy and Fading Channels (Author's: B. Anupama, Dr.K.S.Rao) 86-89
16. Neural Networks For Intrusion Detection and Its Applications (Author's: E.Kesavulu Reddy) 90-93
17. High Performance Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Decoder for Chinese Digital TV Standard (Author's: Vijay Kumar t. Korishetti, Nitin b.Sambre) 94-96
18. A Comparative Study of Importance and Practices of CSFs of TQM Practices and Their Impact on Performance of North Karnataka SMEs Manufacturing Sectors: A Survey Result (Author's:Dr. S B Mallur, Dr. N L Hiregoudar, Dr. Bhimashen Soragaon) 97-108
19. Time Complexity Analysis of Binary Space Partitioning Scheme for Image Compression (Author's: Rehna. V. J, M. K. Jeyakumar) 109-113
20. Approach to Manage Resources in Linux (Author's: Prashu Kumar Jain) 114-117
21. Optimization Structure of Hidden Markov Model for Plasmodium Falciparum Gene Prediction (Author's: Binti Solihah, Suhartati Agoes, Alfred Pakpahan) 118-122
22. Performance and Emissions of CI Engine Fuelled With Preheated Vegetable Oil and Its Blends – A Review (Author's:P. P. Sonune, H. S. Farkade) 123-128
23. Underground Coal Gasification Techniques, Problems and its Solutions (Author's:Dr. S.M Ali, Punyashree Pattanayak, Shubhra) 129-134
24. Visual Cryptography Based On Modified RLE Compression without Pixel Expansion (Author's:Manimurugan.S, Ramajayam.N) 135-138
25. Congestion Control for WCDMA Radio Access Network Using Threshold Segmentation (Author's:Arnika Khare, Rajesh Nema, Sachin Murarka) 139-142
26. Optimization of Blank Holding Force in Deep Drawing of Cylindrical Cups Using Taguchi Approach (Author's:B.V.S.Rao, P.V.R.Ravindra Reddy, G.Chandra Mohan Reddy, G.Krishna Mohan Rao)  143-148
27. A Comparative study of Stream Data mining Algorithms (Author's:Tusharkumar Trambadiya, Praveen Bhanodia) 149-154
28. Image Deblurring Using a Neural Network Approach (Author's:Neetin Kumar, Dr. Manish Shrivastava, Naazish Rahim) 155-158
29. E-Governance: An Alternative Approach and Hurdles Faced By Rural People (Author's:Aaisha Khanam, Ankita Goel, Charu Gupta, Hitesh yadav, Deepika) 159-162
30. Google App Engine (Author's:Sindhu Srivastava, Vani Trehan, Priyanka Yadav, Neha Manga, Sakshi Gupta) 163-165
31. Sisal/Coconut Coir Natural Fibers – Epoxy Composites: Water Absorption and Mechanical Properties (Author's:Girisha.C, Sanjeevamurthy, Gunti Ranga Srinivas) 166-170
32. Clustering and Indexing For Uncertain Objects Using Pruning Techniques of Voronoi Diagram and R-Trees (Author's: Ravindra Changala,Kareemunnisa ,Thaduri Venkata Ramana, Y Sowjanya, K Chandrika) 171-176
33. A Design of Crown-Shape Fractal Patch Antenna (Author's:Sachin Chauhan, Jitendra Kr. Deegwal, Devendra Soni, Prashant Singodia) 177-179
34. Resource Biased Routing (RBR) Algorithm for Energy Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's:Lalit Kumar Saraswat, Dr. Sachin Kumar) 180-184
35. Influence of the Use of Sand Columns at Recharge Reservoir (Author's:Akhmad Azis, M.Saleh Pallu, A.M.Arsyad Thaha, A.B. Muhiddin)  185-192
36. DH Compliant Adapter to Integrate a Surveillance Robot in the Digital Home (Author's:V. García Sánchez, I. González Alonso) 193-202
37. An Intelligent Analysis of Web Crime Data Using Data Mining (Author's:Anshu Sharma, Shilpa Sharma) 203-206
38. Knowledge Sharing in Organizations: Modeling the Barriers, an Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach (Author's:Yash Joshi, Satendre Parmer, Saurabh S Chandrawat) 207-214
39. Iris Images Compression Using JPEG 2000 (Author's:Pushkar M.Sathe, Shoba Krishnan) 215-217
40. Analysis, Fabrication and a Biomedical Application of Auxetic Cellular Structures (Author's:Osama A. M. Abdelaal, Saied M. H. Darwish) 218-223
41. Application of Data Mining Methods and Techniques for Diabetes Diagnosis (Author's:K. Rajesh, V. Sangeetha) 224-229
42. Building Evacuation Using Intelligent Agents (Author's:Harjot Kaur, Gurpreet Singh, Dr. Karanjeet Singh) 230-234
43. Antenna Array Synthesis for Suppressed Side Lobe Level Using Evolutionary Algorithms (Author's:Ch.Ramesh, P.Mallikarjuna Rao) 235-239
44. An Efficient Approach for the Detection of New Vessels in Diabetic Retinopathy Images (Author's:B. Ramasubramanian, G. Anitha) 240-244
45. A Comparative Study of Vegetation Change Detection Methods NDVI and LULC with use of Satellite Images (Author's: Manoj E. Patil, Snehal A. Bhole) 245-247
 46.  Choice Modelling Of Styrene Tertiary Polymer under Various Monomer Compositions for Industrial Customer (Author's:Zahid H. Khokhar, Mamdouh A. Al-Harthi, Abdulazeez Abdurraheem)
47. Authentication Progression through MultimodalBiometric System (Author's: Snehlata Barde, Sujata Khobragade, Rasmiprava Singh) 255-258
48. An Appraisal on Secured Wireless SensorNetworks (Author's: Rasmiprava Singh, Sujata Khobragade, Snehlata Barde) 259-262
49. EDLC Capacitance Optimization Using the Taguchi Technique (Author's: Ahmida Ajina, Dino Isa) 263-267
50. Wireless Communication Systems over Fading Channels using Bi-Level FH-CDMA Method (Author's: Y.V.S Durga Prasad, Brahma Reddy) 268-274
51. Effect of Fly Ash on an Expansive Soil for Flexible Pavement Design (Author's: Lakshmi Keshav, Mangaiarkarasi.V) 275-281
52. Fast Training Algorithms of Compression Using Neural Network with Wavelets (Author's: Prachi Jain, Aishwarya Vishwakarma, Megha Jain) 282-286
53. A Simple Method for Removing Reflection and Distortion from a Single Image (Author's: Manimurugan.S, Asha Susan Prakash) 287-290
54. A Survey on Security Mechanisms and Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's: Dr. Banta Singh Jangra, Vijeta Kumawat) 291-296
55. 5G The NanoCore (Author's: Imthiyaz Ali.A) 297-309
56. Optimizing Digital Filter for Effective Signal Processing (Author's: Okhaifoh Joseph, James Agajo, Idigo V.E) 310-325

A Tailored Anti-Forensic Approach for Digital Image Compression (Author's: S.Manimurugan, Athira B.Kaimal)


Design & Analysis of Credit Card Fraud Detection Based On HMM (Author's: Ranjitkumar, Sandeep Raj )  


Prospects of E-Governance in India (Author's: Puneet Kumar, Prateek Bhanti)

60. Analysis of T-beam Bridge Using Finite Element Method (Author's: R Shreedhar, Spruti Mamadapur)
61. Thermal Tuning of Defect Modes in Si-based One-dimensional Photonic Crystal with a Defect (Author's: J.V. Malik, Vipin Kumar, Arun Kumar, T.P. Singh, Kh.S. Singh) 347-351
62. Construction of Mixed Sampling Plans Indexed Through Six Sigma Quality Levels with QSS-1(n, mn;c0) Plan as Attribute Plan (Author's: R. Radhakrishnan, J. Glorypersial) 352-357
63. Control of Shunt Active Power Filter Using LabVIEW (Author's:M. Chakravarthy, Dr. S N Saxena, Dr. B V Sanker Ram) 358-365
64. Development of a Conceptual Model for the Measurement of Overall Worker Effectiveness (OWE) In Discrete Manufacturing SMES (Author's:Bhimasen Soragaon, Nagaraj L Hiregoudar, S B Mallur)  366-373

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