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Volume 2 Issue 2 , August 2012

Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 2 ,August  2012)  ISSN:2277-3754  PageNo.
 1.   Transition Process Design by Using Six Sigma Methodologies (Author's:Archana S. Katkade, Varsha N. Karandikar)  1-4
 2.   CAN Based Fire and Gas Safety System (Author's:G Reddappa Reddy, Neeli Karthik, P V Rajesh, Gerardine Immaculate Mary)   5-11
3.   Error Dependent Soft-Decision Power Saving Viterbi Decoder for Mobile Devices (Author's:Offor K. J., Mbachu C. B., Okonkwo I. I.) 12-16
4.   Multiuser Interface Optical Code Division Multiple Access System (Author's:Shweta Patel, Mukesh Tiwari, Jaikaran Singh)  17-19
5.   An Innovative Fusion Technique for Secured Video Watermarking (Author's:Nirmal S.C, Dr.B.Parthasarathy) 20-22
6.   A Survey on Wireless Sensor Network Attacks (Author's:Manju.V.C.) 23-28
7.   Journey of Six Sigma in Indian SMEs–Literature Snapshots (Author's:Rajeshkumar U. Sambhe) 29-37
8.   Comparative Study of Digital Modulation Techniques in WIMAX (Author's:Umesh Sharma) 38-41
9.   Investigation for Hardening of Cast Iron using Low-Power Fiber Laser (Author's:Bhavikatti S.S., Pardeshi S. S., Mishra P.K) 42-46
10.   Innovative Study to the Graph-based Data Mining: Application of the Data Mining (Author's:Amit Kr. Mishra, Pradeep Gupta, Ashutosh Bhatt, Jainendra Singh Rana) 47-51
11.   A Novel Method for RCS Reduction of a Complex Shaped Aircraft Using Partial RAM Coating (Author's:A. Upendra Raju, Jyothi Balakrishnan) 52-56
12.   Secure Storage in Cloud Computing & Emergence of Intruder Detection (Author's:K.RaviTeja, Srinivasa Narasanna Pilli, B.Sreenivasa Rao, M.JangaReddy) 57-61
13.   Investigation of Dielectric and Thermal Properties of Nano-dielectric Materials in Electrical Applications (Author's:C. Pazhanimuthu) 62-67
14.   Non-Repudiation Related Risk Assessments (Author's:S. K. Pandey, K. Mustafa)  68-71
15.   Performance Analysis of BER Improvement for Multi Carrier CDMA System (Author's:Paramveer Narwal, Sajjan Singh, Dr. S. V. A. V. Prasad) 72-74
16.   Improved Maximal Length Frequent Item Set Mining (Author's:P.C.S.Nagendra setty, D. Haritha, Vedula Venkateswara Rao) 75-80
17.   Speech Recognition Based System to Control Electrical Appliances (Author's:Arvinder Singh, Gagandeep Singh) 81-83
18.   Implementation of TCP_Reno Algorithm in the NS2 (Author's:Dr. Neeraj Bhargava, Dr. Ritu Bhargava, Bharat Kumar,Shilpi Gupta, Naresh Kumar Senwaliya, Kamal Kumar Jyotiyana)  84-88
19.   Earthquake Analysis of High Rise Building with and Without In filled Walls (Author's:Wakchaure M.R, Ped S. P)  89-94
20.   A Novel Approach for WEKA & Study On Data Mining Tools (Author's:M.Vijayakamal, Mulugu Narendhar) 95-99
21.   A Study on Asymmetric Key Exchange Authentication Protocols (Author's:Dr. D. S. R. Murthy, B. Madhuravani, G. Sumalatha) 100-104
22.   Enhanced Techniques for Edge Detection in SAR Images (Author's:K.Kanthi Kinnera, A.Vijaya Shanthi) 105-113
23.   Performance Analysis of Various Channel Estimation Techniques for Higher Order Modulation in a MIMO System (Author's:Jaspreet Kaur, Manwinder Singh) 114-117
24.   Wireless System Control Data Acquisition and Transmission System Design (Author's:Acharyulu Kallakuri, V.Rama Rao) 118-122
25.   Design & Analysis of Tanker for Reduction of Sloshing Effects (Author's:Koli G.C., A.A.Katkar) 123-127
26.   A Blind and Robust Video Water Marking Technique in DCT Domain (Author's:D.Niranjan babu, D.Jagadeesh) 128-132
27.   Performance Analysis of Space-Time Block Codes Achieving Full Diversity with Linear Receivers Using MIMO (Author's:Vikas Gupta, Jyoti Pipariya)  133-136
28.   Identification of Agricultural Production Areas in Andhra Pradesh (Author's:J. Rajendra Prasad, P. Ravi Prakash, S. Sai Kumar, M. Sundara Babu K. Swarupa Rani) 137-140
29.   Analysis on Households Registered/Working through Data Mining Techniques on NREGS (National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) Data of Andhra Pradesh (Author's:Dr.M.Usha Rani) 141-150
 30.   Digital Watermarking (Author's:Sahil Anand,Swati Mehla,Samiksha Arya,Piyush Kapoor)   151-155
31.   Experimental Analysis of Effect of Various Parameters in Temperature Distribution in Submerged Arc Welding (Author's:M.Sailender, Dr.N.V.Srinivasulu, Dr.Sriram Venkatesh, Dr. G C M. Reddy) 156-160
32.   Novel Malicious Detection Approach and Emergence of Worm Security (Author's:R. Shashi Rekha, K.C Ravi Kumar) 161-165
33.   Effect of Slightly Acidic Substances in Water on Properties of Natural Admixture Cements (Author's:D. Sreehari Rao, I.V.Ramana Reddy,N.Krishna Murthy) 166-173
34.   Wormhole Attack Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Author's:Ajay Prakash Rai, Vineet Srivastava, Rinkoo Bhatia) 174-179
35.   All Pairs Snag for Genome Sequence Unearthing Using Cloud (Author's:L.Muthuvel, S.M.Krishna Ganesh) 180-183
  Semantic Similarity of Web Sites (Author's:Geetha Manjunath, Venkata Surya Srikanth, Sanil S Ghatpande, M Narasimha Murty) 184-192


Transition Process Design by Using Six Sigma Methodologies

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