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Volume 4, Issue 12, June 2015

S.N.  Name of Research Article(Volume 4 Issue 12, June 2015)                                           ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
1. Effect of Velocity Aqueous Media on Corrosion Behavior of Copper Alloy C 38500 (Author's:Laith yousuf Yaqoob)
2. Advances in GPR Imaging with Multi-Channel Radar Systems from Pipes (Author's:Anas Abdulrazzaq Mohammed) 5-9
3. Cryptographic Algorithm IDA for Security and Data Storage Increase in the Integrated Application of the European System "Ecall" For Automatic Emergency Calls in Car Accidents (Author's:Ivan Ivanov, Stella Vetova, Georgi Stanchev) 10-13
4. Strength Evaluation of Corn cob ash in a blended Portland cement (Author's:Oluborode K.D. and Olofintuyi I.O.) 14-17
5. SiC Schottky barrier diodes studied by admittance spectroscopy (Author's:Ewa Płaczek-Popko, Eunika Zielony, Łukasz Gelczuk, Maria Dąbrowska-Szata) 18-22
6. Complex assessment of food products quality using analysis of visual images, spectrophotometric and hyperspectral characteristics (Author's:Miroljub Mladenov, Stanislav Penchev, Martin Dejanov) 23-32
7. Experimental Investigation of Three Phase Flow (Liquid-Gas-Solid) in Horizontal Pipe (Author's:Riyadh S. Al-Turaihi) 33-42
8. Effect of Infection with Tylenchulus semipenetranson Enzymatic Activities in Citrus (Author's:Abd-Elgawad, M.M.M., M.H. Abou-Deif, M.M.A. Hammam, H. Abd-El-Khair, Faika F. H. Koura,A. E. Abd El-Wahab and S. A. Montasser) 43-48
9. Aeroelastic Investigation of Different Deck Sections for Suspension Bridges by Numerical Analysis (Author's:Ahmed Abdel-Aziz, Walid A.Attia) 49-57
10. Vernacular Architecture Case Study: Picote (Author's:Manuel Diogo, Maria Diogo, Patrícia Diogo, Joana Diogo) 58-61
11. Analysis of RC Flat Slab System for Thermal Loads (Author's:Salah E. El-Metwally, Hamed S. Askar, Ahmed M. Yousef, Essam H. El-Tayeb) 62-73
12. Development of the Aluminum Chips RecyclingProcess for Recovery Rates and Corrosion Resistance of A380 Alloy (Author's:BojunXiong , Li Fang , Xuezhi Zhang, , Henry Hu, Chi Liu) 74-82
13. Novel approach for Unitary Embedding for Data Hiding in video (Author's:Pinky Ramchandra Shinde,Megha Singh) 83-86
14. Design of Optimal Reversible Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs) (Author's:Chinmaye R., Amrutha C. , Vishwanath S. , Soumya S. Ghosh, Shouryadipta Sarkar) 87-92
15. Evaluation of Procurement Parameters for a Construction Industry in optimal setting (Author's:Abhijit Warudkar, Nilam N.Ingale, Sujit B.Jadhav) 93-98
16. Modeling and Analysis on Gas Turbine Rotar Blade (Author's:S. Alka, Gunji Suresh, Simhachalam Naidu) 99-104
17. Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Based Image Enhancement Using Fuzzy Logic (Author's:Supreet Kaur Sohal, Er. Samandeep Singh) 105-113
18. Dynamic Aero elastic (Flutter) Instability Characteristics of an Aircraft Wing (Author's:B. Nagaraj Goud, G. Sai Sathyanarayana, S. Shailesh Babu, T B S Rao) 114-120
19. Improved Invisible Watermarking Using DWT,CZT and Negative Selection Algorithm Based SVD (Author's:Sukhraj Kaur, Navjot Kaur) 121-128
20. Performance Analysis of Relay Aided TCOFDM (Author's:Sweety Robins, Swapna P.S., Sakuntala S.Pillai) 129-133
21. Design of Dual Mode Bicycle by Using Gear Box (Author's:Jyoti A. Durgude, Gawade S.R.) 134-140
22. A Comparison of Results from Field and Wind Tunnel Single Storied Buildings Model (Author's:Bindiya R, Dr. Krishna M. K) 141-148
23. Static Analysis of Artery Expansion by the Balloon (Author's:Gwo-Chung Tsai, Sun-Jeng Chou) 149-153
24. Green Data Centres through Power Management of Underutilized and Idle Resources (Author's:Madiha Akhtar, Dr. Muhammad Nabeel Talib) 154-163
25. Novel based Method to Adaptive Algorithm for Acoustic Echo Cancellation of Speech signal in an auditorium (Author's:Praveen.N , S.Ranjitha, Dr .H. N. Suresh) 164-170
26. Analysis and Design of ETL process using Hadoop (Author's:Shruti Tekadpande, Leena Deshpande) 171-174
27. Factors affect bond of fiber-reinforced polymer laminates to concrete (Author's:Magda I. Mousa) 175-184
28. Design of a Three-Way Doherty Power Amplifier for Base-Station Applications (Author's:Shamil H. Hussein) 185-190
29. Preliminary Cyanidation of Gold Ore from Zavvarian (Author's:Sina Abdi Bastami, Bahram Rezaei, Amir Pazooki, Ahmad Amini) 191-194
30. Performance Comparison of Pseudo-Random and Orthogonal Spreading Sequences (Author's:Ahmed Ziani, Abdellatif Medouri, Mohamed Essaaidi) 195-207
31. A Review: PAPR Reduction Techniques in MIMO OFDM System (Author's:Anuruddh Singh Parihar, Avinash Rai) 208-212
32. Frequency Stability Enhancement of DG Based Power Systems using a novel Controller (Author's:M.A.El-dabah,M.I. Akar, M.M.El-gazzar, S.othman) 213-217

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