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Volume 4, Issue 11, May 2015

S.N.    Name of Research Article(Volume 4 Issue 11, May 2015)                                           ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Synthesis of MgFe2O4 spinel using steel waste as iron resource (Author's:G.C. Díaz, E.A. Reynoso, Ma. C. Castañon-Bautista, O. Novelo, R. Jordan)
2.   Bit Error Rate Reduction in Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) 20001x Mobile Communication Network Using Antenna Diversity Technique (Author's:Feagwu E.N., Ejiofor H.C., Obi P.1., Okafor C.S.,Okoro K.C) 5-9
3.   Field Programmable Gate Array Based Intelligent Traffic Light System (Author's:Agho Osarenomase, Faisal Sani Bala, Ganiyu Bakare) 10-16
4.   Performance Evaluation of Network Coding in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (Author's:Saed Tarapiah, Kahtan Aziz, Shadi Atalla) 17-24
5.   Pesticide Alternatives for Controlling Root rot and Root knot of Cucumber under Plastic House Conditions (Author's:Abdel-Kader, M.M., Hammam, M.M.A., El-Mougy, N.S.,Abd-Elgawad, M.M.M.) 25-31
6.   Experimental-theoretical studies of phase fluctuations and associated characteristics of optical waves (Author's:Vladimir P. Lukin)   32-46
7.   Factors Affecting Bond between Repairing Con-crete and Concrete Substrate (Author's:Magda I. MOUSA)
8.   Improving Signal Reception in Cdma20001x Network Using Antenna Diversity Technique (Author's:Feagwu E.N, Alor M., Obi P.I, Ejiofor H.C., Okoro K.C) 56-59
9.   New Metaheuristic Methodology for Loss Reduction through Feeder Reconfiguration (Author's:O. Abarrategui, A. Iturregi, D.M. Larruskain, I. Zamora)
10.   PLC Based Sensor and Instrumentation for Crop Disease Forecasting System (Author's:Vhatkar Dattatraya Shivling, Sudhir Kumar Sharma, C Ghanshyam, Harpreet Singh, Shubhani Dogra) 69-73
11.   Effect on Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Silica Fume for High Grade (Author's:C.G. Konapure, V.S Dasari) 74-77
12.   A Novel Approach of Face Recognition UsingStatistical Features and Neural Networks (Author's:T.Chandrasekhar,Dr.K.GIRIBABU, Dr.Ch.Sumanth Kumar) 78-81
13.   Energy Efficient Consumption based Performance of AODV, DSR and ZRP Routing Protocol in MANET (Author's:Keshav Nayak, Neelesh Gupta) 82-90
14.   Design of Improved iLEACH using ACO for WSN (Author's:Jaspreet Kaur, Dr.Vinay Chopra) 91-97
15.   Cognitive Radio, Its Applications and Architecture (Author's:Amandeep Kaur, Priyanka Aryan, Gobinder Singh) 98-102
16.   A Novel Approach to Network Security Situational Awareness Methods and Models (Author's:Chintada Srinivasarao, J UdayKumar) 103-107
17.   A Review on Image Enhancement Techniques (Author's:Shikha Mahajan, Richa Dogra) 108-113
18.   A study on digital watermarking algorithms (Author's:Kudratpreet Kaur, Malkit Singh) 114-117
19.   Closed Loop Speed Control of DC Drive Using Atmega8L Microcontroller (Author's:Trupti Gajbhiye, B.S Dani) 118-122
20.   Effect of Machining Parameters on Surface Roughness for Titanium Alloy (Author's:Dinesh Kumar Chauhan, Kapil Kumar Chauhan, Ganga Sagar Singh) 123-130
21.   Lowering Location of Lights, Repair of Temperature, Repair Tables-Chairs, Seting Distance Eyes to Computer, and Adjustment Using Mouse to Improve Performance (Decrease Fatigue, Complaints and Pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)) On Computer Users in Company X (Author's:I Ketut Wijaya) 131-135
22.   QoS and Failover Routing in Tethernet (Author's:Kavita Sharma, Puneet Rani, Tanu Kwatra) 136-138
23.   Modeling and Control Design of Quad copter Fail safe System (Author's:Chun-Yi Lin and Wu-Sung Yao) 139-144 
24.   Drying Kinetics of Biological Materials in a Combined Solar Dryer (Author's:Radivoje M. Topić, Dragomir M. Aćimović, Milovan Živković) 145-149
25.   Student Information Retrieval using RESTdesc (Author's:Dr. G. Rama Mohan Babu and Morsa Chaitanya) 150-154
26.   Timed Up and Go test and wearable inertial sensor: a new combining tool to assess change in subject with Parkinson’s disease after automated mechanical peripheral stimulation treatment (Author's:Manuela Galli, Ana Kleinera, Maria Gaglione, Patrizio Sale, Giorgio Albertini, Fabrizio Stocchi and Maria Francesca De Pandis) 155-163
27.   Hybrid Human-Machine Interface to Mouse Control for Severely Disabled People (Author's:Natalia M. Lopez, Eugenio Orosco, Elisa Perez, Sergio Bajinay, Roberto Zanetti, Max E. Valentinuzzi.) 164-171
28.   Enhance Audio Signal Watermarking Using Dwt Haar Wavelets (Author's:Abhishek, Pawandeep Kaur) 172-179
29.   Comparative Analysis of Effects of Filler Materials on Performance of Asphalt (Author's:OLADAPO, S.A. and ADETORO, A.E.) 180-182
30.   Improving Computer Inspection: Through Document Clustering and Automatic Cluster Summarization (Author's:Adagale Sushadevi Shamrao, Amrit Priyadarshi, Shubhangi Sagar Vairagar) 183-187
31.   A Review of PCB Defect Detection Using Image Processing (Author's:Anoop K. P, Sarath N.S, Sasi Kumar V. V.) 188-192
32.   Analysis of the absorption spectra of epitaxial lead telluride and lead selenide layers (Author's:A.M. Pashaev, O.I. Davarashvili, M. I. Enukashvili, Z. G. Akhvlediani L.P.Bychkova, M.A.Dzagania, V.P. Zlomanov) 193-198
33.   Audio Steganographic Approaches: A Review (Author's:Hiranlal T. H , Neenu Go pal and Sasikumar. V. V) 199-203
34.   Face and Expression Recognition Techniques: A Review (Author's:Rishin C. K, Aswani Pookkudi, A. Ranjith Ram) 204-208
35.   Review on Image Watermarking usingBidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition (Author's:Sinsha P. P., Ranjith Ram A.) 209-213
36.   Single Tuned Passive Harmonics Filters Design For A Buck Type Rectifier D.C Motor Drive Using Fuzzy Controller (Author's:Omar Turath Tawfeeq) 214-219
37.   Internal Combustion Engines – A Comprehensive Study (Author's:M Suresh, Dr. R. Hari Prakash, Dr. B Durga Prasad) 220-224
38.   Characteristics comparison of Brushless DC motor drive using PI and PWM Techniques (Author's:N.Manju Vani , T.Rajesh , M.B.Pavankumar Raju) 225-229
39.   Review of Fingerprint Compression Based on Sparse Representation (Author's:Sarath N. S, Anoop K. P and Sasikumar. V. V) 230-234
40.   A Review on Depth Estimation for Computer Vision Applications (Author's:Dineesh Mohan, Dr. A. Ranjith Ram) 235-239
41.   Realizing participatory model of teaching in architectural education: Towards participatory building services studio from theory based classes (Author's:Ar. Sushil Kumar Solanki, Ar. Sandeep Sankat) 240-243
42.   Evaluation of Seed Coating with Some Essential oils and Bio-agents against Root Rot Disease of Faba Bean (Author's:El-Mougy, N.S., Shaban, A.M.H., Abdel-Kader, M.M.) 244-248
43.   A Framework for Monitoring Air Pollution Produced by Diesel-Powered Generators Installed for GSM Base Stations in Nigeria (Author's:Dr. Godfrey Ekata) 249-254
44.   Performance Evaluation of Four - Stroke Single Cylinder DI Diesel Engine Using Different Blends of Diesel and Grape Seed Biodiesel (Author's:C. Sreedhar, Dr. B. Durga Prasad) 255-261
45.   Integrated Field Approaches of Yeast and Some Food Preservatives Treatments for Controlling Postharvest Green and Blue Molds of Eureka Lemon (Author's:El-Mougy, N.S., El-Gamaal, N.G., Abdel-Kader, M.M., Abd-Elgawad, M.M.M.) 262-266
46.   Determination of Base Shear and Displacement for Multi-Storey Building with Different Location of Shear Wall Using STAAD.Pro (Author's:Aliya W.Khan and S.D. Charkha) 267-269
47.   An Approach to Analyze Quality of Service (Author's:Attiuttama, Akhilesh Kumar Singh) 270-274
48.   A Novel Approach of MIME Sniffing using AES (Author's:Ankita Singh, Amit Saxena, Dr.Manish Manoria) 275-279
49.   Wireless Sensor Network: A Survey (Author's:Shubhi , Akhilesh Kumar Singh) 280-286
50.   Performance Evaluation of MPLS Network with Failure Protection using OPNET Modeler (Author's:Aamani Nemturand Mohamed El-Sharkawy) 287-291
51.   Thermo-Structure of Dual-Bell Nozzle (Author's:K Shiva Shankar, S Shailesh babu, A Sai Kumar, Prof. TBS Rao) 292-299
52.   Biological and Chemical Resistance Inducers as Seed priming for Controlling Faba Bean Root rot Disease under Field Conditions (Author's:Abdel-Kader, M.M., Shaban, A.M.H., El-Mougy, N.S.) 300-305

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