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Volume 4,Issue 10,April 2015

S.N.    Name of Research Article(Volume 4 Issue 10, April 2015)                                           ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Energy Conversation Law in the free Atmosphere for Compressible Flows (Author's:K. A. Kaliyeva , K. A. Issakov)
2.   Testing of an IVS prototype for the eCall system under the European HeERO2 project and analysis of the results from the jointly tests with 112 emergency call center (Author's:Marin Aldimirov, Georgi Stanchev, Rumen Arnaudov) 8-12
3.   Coplanar and Proximity Radio Frequency Noise and Interference Rejection Using Transmission-Line Met material Devices (Author's:Omar Siddiqui) 13-17
4.   Modeling of TBM Tunnel Construction for the Greater Cairo Metro Line 3 (Author's:S. Abdel Salam, Alaa Ata ,Osman Shaalan, Nadia Hammad) 18-24
5.   Pre-Harvest Foliar Application for Controlling Green and Blue Molds of Valencia Orange Fruits (Author's:El-Mougy, N.S., El-Gamaal, N.G., Abd-Elgawad, M.M., Abdel-Kader, M.M.) 25-31
6.   Lasergrammetry: New Approach for Monitoring Structural Behavior of Vaults Dams (Author's:Momayiz Kaltoum, Sounny Slitine Hafid, Anouar Abdellah) 32-39
7.   Magnesium Removal from Aluminum Molten Alloy Using Enriched Mineral Zeolite with Amorphous Nano particles Of Sio2 (Author's:P. D. Pérez-Coronado, R. Muñoz-Arroyo, F. Garcia-Vazquéz, H. M. Hdz-García, J.C. Escobedo-Bocardo, R. C.) 40-44
8.   Original Contribution for Processing of Fluid Samples to Produce High-Quality Natural Gas and Hydrocarbon Liquids (Author's:Ashraf Yehia El-Naggar and Mohamed M. El Nady) 45-49
9.   VLSI Architecture of Centre of Gravity Based Defuzzifier Unit (Author's:Roshana M. Pusdekar, Anil B. Bawaskar) 50-52
10.   Water Budget of Bhad River Watershed, Panzara River Basin, Dhule District of Maharashtra State (Author's:Aakash Suresh Pawar) 53-58
11.   A Review on Congestion Awareness Routing in WSN (Author's:Palak Singh, Pankaj Parihar) 59-61
12.   Modern Main Kinematic Chains for Machine Tools (Author's:Dan Prodan, Adrian Motomancea, Anca Bucuresteanu, Emilia Balan) 62-67
13.   Damage Identification of Steel Beam Structures Using Dynamic Characteristics (Author's:Osman shalan, Atef Eraky Bakry, Rania Samir kamel, Hamedo El Nagdy) 68-73
14.   Integrated System for Car Park Management and Ecall Road Accident Signalization (Author's:Marin Aldimirov, Georgi Stanchev, Rumen Arnaudov) 74-78
15.   Artificial Intelligence and its Application in Different Areas (Author's:Avneet Pannu) 79-84
16.   Improved Rendezvous Nodes Based LEACH Using Hybrid PSO/GA (Author's:Rajwinder Kaur, Shaveta Angurala) 85-89
17.   Experimental Investigation of Properties of Polypropylene Fibrous Concrete (Author's:Dr S.K. Verma, Monika Dhakla, Atul Garg) 90-94
18.   Consumers‟ Buying Behaviour Governed by Needs Using the Laws of Electric Current & Associated with Fuzzy Cognitive Map (Author's:PRATEEP UPADHYAY) 95-97
19.   Morphological Analyzer in the Development of Bilingual Dictionary (Kokborok-English) - An Analysis for Appropriate Method and Approach (Author's:Partha Sarkar, Dr. Bipul Syam Purkayastha) 98-103
20.   Survey on Expert System and its Research Areas (Author's:Avneet Pannu) 104-108
21.   Improvement of Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Cement Industry: a Literature Review (Author's:Piyush Shukla, Lochan Sharma) 109-113
22.   Behavior of Reinforced Light-Weight Concrete Sections Under Eccentric Loads (Author's:Dr. Omar A. EL-Nawawy, Dr.Amr H. Zaher, Dr.Amgad A.Talaat &Eng. Ahmed S. Mostafa) 114-121
23.   Tracking of Maximum Power Point Using Direct Control Algorithm with a DC-DC Converter and a BLDC motor for domestic application (Author's:Luxy Xavier, Veena Wilson) 122-129
24.   Dual Band Notched Square Monopole Antenna with wide bandwidth for UWB Applications (Author's:Rajesh Kumar Raj, Roopkishor Sharma, Devendra Kumar Pareek, Vinit Tak) 130-132
25.   A Relative Study on Big Data Applications and Techniques (Author's:S.MD.MUJEEB, L.KASI NAIDU) 133-138
26.   Design of Process Variation 4-bit 50MS/s SARADC in submicron CMOS Technology (Author's:P. R. Gumble, Dr.S. A. Ladhake) 139-144
27.   Human Factors Reliability Analysis Using Fuzzy Fault Tree (Author's:Hany Sallam, Ehab Shafei, E. A. Eisawy) 145-151
28.   Luminescence characters of Dy3+ and Ce3+ ions co-doped in alkali metal borate glasses (Author's:Tran Ngoc) 152-154
29.   Improve Fault Tolerance and Dependable Data Integrity Protection of Storage System in Cloud of Clouds (Author's:Neha Sharma,Sharavana K) 155-158
30.   Comparative Assessment and Performance Evaluation of Horizontal Flow Constructed Wetland Using Vetiver and Canna species (Author's:Shruthi Dyamanagowdru, Lokeshappa B) 159-164
31.   Attractors of Duffing Map: Application of DLI and 0-1 Test (Author's:Aysha Ibraheem, Narender Kumar) 165-169
32.   Automatic Power Factor Correction by Continuous Monitoring (Author's:Aparna Sarkar, Umesh Hiwase) 170-176
33.   Performance Evaluation of Rake Receiver in CDMA20001x Mobile Cellular Radio Network (Author's:Ifeagwu E.N., Obi P.I., Okafor C.J., Okafor C.S., Igwe J. I.) 177-181
34.   Adaptation of LTE-Downlink Physical Layer to V2X and T2X communications (Author's:B. FALL, S. NIAR, A. SASSI, A. RIVENQ) 182-192
35.   Study on Behavior of Expansive Soil Treated With Quarry Dust (Author's:H.Venkateswarlu, A.C.S.V Prasad, Dr. DSV Prasad & Dr.GVR Prasada Raju) 193-196

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