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Volume 4 Issue 9 ,March 2015

S.N.    Name of Research Article(Volume 4 Issue 9, March 2015)                                           ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
1.   Application of Biodegradable Polymer to Construction Materials (Author's:B. Kim, G.-H. Kim, M.-H. Lee, S.-H. Lee)
2.   Specificity of Temperature Mode Formation in Production Premises with Infrared Heating System (Author's:Vasyl Zhelykh, Nadiia Spodyniuk, Oleksandra Dzeryn, Volodymyr Shepitchak) 8-16
3.   Innovative, Eco-Friendly and Economic Technology for Melting and Obtaining Phase Lead, Using All Types of Reusable Materials as Input Material (Oxidic- Or Sulfate- Type, Lead-Based) (Author's:Cristian Apostoloiu, Adrian Motomancea, Gheorghe Ionescu) 17-20
4.   Thermal Stress Analysis of Semi Infinite Square Beam with Internal Heat Source (Author's:R. N. Pakade, Supriya Khobragade, and N. W. Khobragade) 21-24
5.   Survey for Fragile Watermarking Multimedia Authentication Scheme Using FCM (Author's:Chetana Tanwar Anurag maloo) 25-29
6.   Optimum Solution of Integer Programming Problem by an Alternative Simplex Method (Author's:Vivek H. Fuley; Supriya N. Khobragade and N.W.Khobragade) 30-34
7.   Thermal Solution of a Thick Annular Disc due to Heat Generation (Author's:Sheshraj S. Khobragade; A. A. Navlekar; M. S. Warbhe and N. W. Khobragade) 35-39
8.   Thermal Stresses of a Thin Rectangular Plate With Internal Moving Heat Source (Author's:M. S. Thakare, Chandrashekhar S. Sutar and N. W. Khobragade) 40-45
9.   Optimum Solution of Game Theory Problem by an Alternative Simplex Method (Author's:Vivek H. Fuley; Supriya N. Khobragade and N.W.Khobragade) 46-51
10.   A geological classification of rock mass quality and blast ability for intermediate spaced formations (Author's:M. Chatziangelou & B. Christaras) 52-61
11.   Modification of Composite Materials Used for Radiation Protection (Author's:E.M. Prokhorenko, V.F. Klepikov, V.V. Lytvynenko, A.A. Zaharchenko, M.A. Hazhmuradov) 62-67
12.   The Effect of Dimensionality Reduction on the Performance of Software Cost Estimation Models (Author's:Riyadh A.K. Mehdi) 68-72
13.   Optimum Replacement Depth to Control Heave of Swelling Clays (Author's:Dr. Hisham Arafat,Dr. Ahmed M. Ebid) 73-81
14.   Development for Proposed Computerized Questionnaire Program to Evaluate TQM Implementation in Jordanian Construction Projects (Author's:Jumah Musdif Their, Orabi S. Al Rawi) 82-86
15.   Co-based alloy brazing incorporating tungsten nanoparticles (Author's:M. N. Ibarra-Castro, H. M. Hdz-García, J. M. Almanza-Robles,R. Muñoz-Arroyo, J. L. Acevedo-Dávila, C. Guevara-Chávez, L. Santiago-Bautista) 87-92
16.   Solution of Partial Differential Equation by Undetermined Coefficients Method (Author's:PratimaPatil,AtulKolte) 93-95
17.   NOx Reduction by Recirculation of Water from Exhaust (Author's:N.Maheswaran, M.S.Sampathkumar,G.Naveenkumaran, M.Preamkumar, E.Naveen) 96-99
18.   Flow of an Incompressible Second-Order Fluid past a Body of Revolution (Author's:M.S.Saroa) 100-105
19.   SVM based Scheme for Discrimination Internal Faults and Other Disturbances in Power Transformer (Author's:Roshan V. Lohe,Kawita D. Thakur) 106-110
20.   Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio using Reconfigurable Antennas: A Literature Review (Author's:Manjunatha. K. H, Dr. Shilpa Mehta) 111-117
21.   Intelligent safety system for coal miners (Author's:Beena M Varghese, Binisha Balan, Neethu Varghese, Reshma Gangadharan, Shaima PK) 118-122
22.   Seismic Analysis of Multistoried Building (Author's:Mahesh N. Patil, Yogesh N. Sonawane) 123-130
23.   The coefficient of friction alterations in stroke gait (Author's:Ana F. R. Kleiner, Manuela Gallib, Aline A. Carmo, Ricardo M. L. Barros) 131-135
24.   Surface Modes in Layered in homogeneous Metamaterial Structures (Author's:Tatjana Gric, Michael Cada, Jaromir Pistora) 136-139
25.   Location Based Online Ticket Application (Author's:Abhishek Arware, Sonal Dumbare, Sanket Saple, Bushra Shaikh) 140-145
26.   Comparison study of electron beam skirt behavior in Environmental Electron Microscope (Author's:M. El Azzouzi, L. Khouchaf1 and A. Achahbar) 146-151
27.   Analysis & Optimization of Weir Dimension of disk of high pressure pump recirculation valveby CFD (Author's:SACHIN JADHAV, SANDIP B. PATIL) 152-160
28.   Algorithms of Minimal Mutual Compatible Granules and Approximations Based on Rough Set in Incomplete Information System (Author's:Chen Wu, Youquan Xu, Dandan Li, Lijuan Wang) 161-164
29.   Advance Authentication Scheme for Wireless Ad Hoc Network (Author's:Shweta sarva, Anurag Maloo) 165-170
30.   Pounding Control of Structures Using Base Isolation (Author's:S. Abdel Salam, A. Eraky, H. Abdel Mottaleb & A. Abdo) 171-177
31.   Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Funicular Shells (Author's:P. Sivakumar, K. Manjunatha, Harish B. A) 178-185
32.   To Study the Phenomena of Thermal Binding and Pressure Locking on Wedge Gate Valve and the Methods to Reduce their Effects (Author's:Dr.Gurudutt sahni, Jaspreet Singh, Tajinder Singh) 186-190
33.   Micro & Macro Watershed Management Using Remote Sensing and GIS Software for Talegaon Dabhade (Author's:Upendra R. Saharkar, D. D. Kulkarni, Amruta A. Pore) 191-195
34.   White Light Generation by Electro luminescence for ZnO Nanoparticle –Organic Hybrid Junction Device (Author's:Abdulla M.Suhail, Wasan R. Saleh, Omar A. Ibrahim, Rawa K. Ibrahim) 196-202
35.   A Controller Design for Servo Control System Using Different Techniques (Author's:Eyad Soliman, Magdy Saoudi, Hamid Metwally) 203-210

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