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Volume 4,Issue 8, February 2015

S.N.    Name of Research Article(Volume 4 Issue 8, February 2015)                                           ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
1.   Comparative Study of Radio frequency Radiations from GSM Base Stations in Residential Areas (Author's:Sabah Hawar Saeid) 1-5
2.   Optical properties of Dy3+ ions in alkali metal borate glass (Author's:Tran Ngoc) 6-9
3.   Evaluation of Membrane Gas Absorption Performance by using Various of Liquid Absorbents (Author's:A.R. Sunarti and A.L Ahmad) 10-12
4.   Cyber Security Risk Assessment Using Multi Fuzzy Inference System (Author's:Hany Sallam) 13-19
5.   A Framework for e-CRM Implementation in Health Service Industry of a Developing Country (Author's:Mahsa Hosseinianzadeh) 20-26
6.   Building an integrated IT GRC platform based on multi agent system(Author's:S.ELHASNAOUI, A.CHAKIR, M.CHERGUI, H.IGUER, S.FARIS and H.MEDROMI)Paper Withdrawn By Author's 27-35
7.   Elastic Properties of Transition Metal Nitrides and Carbides (Author's:Dheerendra Singh Yadav and Dharm Veer Singh) 36-40
8.   Evaluation of Cluster Based GSTEB Protocol for WSN (Author's:Amit Kumar, Janpreet Singh)  41-49 
9.   Evaluation of Slum Rehabilitation Projects in Bangalore: A Case Study of Rajeshwarinagar Slum (Author's:Dr. B. Shankar, B. S. Vasanthi)   50-54
10.   Discovery of Semantic Relationships over Distributed Networks (Author's:Sadhana Singh and A. Razia Sulthana) 55-58 
11.   Challenges of Heritage Precincts: A Case Study of Ambavilas Palace, Mysore(Author's:Dr. B. Shankar, Shobha R)   59-63
12.   Corrosion Behavior of Al alloys 6061-T6 Shot Peening in Different Aqueous Solution (Author's:Kharia Salman Hassan, Abbas Sheyaa Alwan, Sawsan Abdulshaheed Abbas)   64-69
13.   Characterization of Sisal Fibers for use as Reinforcement in Polymer Composites (Author's:Deibson Silva da Costa, José Antônio da Silva Souza, Denílson da Silva Costa, Priscila Silva de Oliveira)  70-75 
14.   Implementation of Monitoring System in Cloud Computing Using Agents (Author's:Sonali Agrawal, Deepak Choubey)   76-83
15.   Characterization and valorization of dam sediment as ceramic materials(Author's:H. Goure-Doubi, G. Lecomte-Nana, F. Thery, C. Peyratout, B. Angerb,D. Levacher) 84-91 
16.   Study of base shear and storey drift by dynamic analysis (Author's:Mohd Zain Kangda, Manohar D. Mehare, Vipul R. Meshram)  92-101 
17.   Effect of Preparation Parameters on the Formation of Lignin Acetate Microspheres (Author's:Javad Sameni, Sally Krigstin, Mohini Sain) 102-113 
18.   Occurrence of Pre-Harvest Grey Mold Disease of Persian lemon (Citruslatifolia) under field conditions in Egypt(Author's:Abdel-Kader, M.M., El-Mougy, N.S., El-Gamaal, N.G.)  114-118 
19.   Estimation of Acetone in Breath Using α D- galactose for Diabetes Monitoring (Author's:Krishnendu Pramanik, Priyabrata Sarkar, Dipankar Bhattachayay)  119-123 
20.   Optimum Design of Trussed Dome Structures (Author's:S. Abdel Salam, A.EL-s hihy, A. Eraky, and M. Salah)  124-130 
21.   Support Systems for Decision Makers: Impact on Performance (Author's:Tal Ben-Zvi, Donald N. Lombardi, Paul Rohmeyer)   131-140
22.   Efficient Image Compression using all the Coefficients of 16x16 DCT Image Sub-Block (Author's:Sahav Singh Yadav , Sanjay k. Sharma)  141-145 
23.   The Research for Using Some Opportunities of Cloud Computing in Distance-Learning (module of State University of Agriculture in Mongolia) (Author's:Bat-Erdene Nyandag)   146-150
24.   Effective Utilization of Linear Programming Technique for Time Optimized Task Management System (Author's:P H Patel, K S Patel)  151-154 
25.   A Privacy Preservation Technique Using Machine Learning Technique (Author's:Kunwar Singh kushwah, Abhay Panwar) 155-158
26.   Strengthening Techniques in Reinforced Concrete Hollow Core (Author's:Amr A. Gamal) 159-173
27.   An analysis on the inserts for piezoelectric bone surgery: the effect of cutting and sterilization processes (Author's:De Santis R., Gloria A., Russo T., D’Amora U., Lopes Rodrigues D.F., Colella F., Ronca D., Ambrosio L.) 174-180
28.   The State of Cryptography- A National Interest Perspective (Author's:JAVED MOHAMMED) 181-192
29.   An Experimental Investigation on Utilization of Waste Foundry Sand and Granulated Blast Furnace Slag as Partial Replacement to Sand in Fly Ash Bricks (Author's:Sanmathi B. M., Amar R.) 193-202
30.   Heat Transfer and Thermal Stresses of a thick Circular Plate (Author's:Ritesh Ganar, Pranay N. Khobragade, R.T. Walde and N. W. Khobragade) 203-207
31.   Heat Transfer and Thermal Stresses Of Semi Infinite Rectangular Beam (Author's:R.N. Pakade , Pranay N. Khobragade, S. H. Bagade and N. W. Khobragade) 208-211
32.   Solution of Game Theory Problem by an Alternative Simplex Method (Author's:Putt Baburao; Pranay N. Khobragade and N.W.Khobragade) 212-217
33.   Optimum Solution of Integer Programming Problem by New Approach (Author's:Putta Baburao; Pranay N. Khobragade and N.W.Khobragade) 218-222
34.   Optimum Solution of Linear Programming Problem by New Method (Author's:Putta Baburao; Supriya N. Khobragade and N.W.Khobragade) 223-228

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