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Volume 4,Issue 7,January 2015

S.N.    Name of Research Article(Volume 4 Issue 7, January 2015)                                           ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
1.   Iterative Refinement and Edge Processingin PDE-based Image Restoration (Author's:Hwan Hee Park and Seongjai Kim) 1-10
2.   Identification of Sources and Propagation Paths of Noise and Vibration in Rotary Compressors (Author's:Marlipe Garcia Fagundes Neto, Marcus Antonio Viana Duarte) 11-19
3.   Active Noise Control in Ducts: Sensor Positioning Using FRF and FEM Analysis (Author's:João Gabriel Oliveira de Miranda,Marcus Antonio Viana Duarte) 20-24
4.   Stereo Vision Based Therapeutic Massage Evaluation System (Author's:Hiroko Komai, Takayoshi Tezuka, Takeshi Hashimoto, András Rövid, Kaeko Yamashita) 25-30
5.   A Comparison of Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation and Costs for EPON and GPON Technologies (Author's:Sulaiman Khalifa Yakhlef, Omar Abusaeeda, Ismail sherina) 31-35
6.   Design and Fabrication of High Gain Low Noise Amplifier at 4 GHz (Author's:Tran Van Hoi, Nguyen Xuan Truong, Bach Gia Duong) 36-40
7.   Effects of induction heating process parameters on hardness profile of 4340 steel bearing shoulder using 2D axisymmetric model (Author's:Habib Hammi, Noureddine Barka, Abderrazak El Ouafi) 41-48
8.   Sustainable Design Thinking and the Site Selection of Recycling Center of Packaging Waste in Izmir by Using the AHP Approach (Author's:Mustafa Seckin Salvarli, Huseyin Salvarli) 49-58
9.   Effect of Auxiliary Injection Ratio on the Characteristic of Lean Limit in Early Direct Injection Natural Gas Engine (Author's:Tran Dang Quoc) 59-63
10.   Application of Fmea Method in a Manufacturing Organization focused on Quality (Author's:Faisal KP, Falah Ummer, Hareesh K C, Munavir Ayaniyat, Nijab K, Nikesh P, Jibi R) 64-70
11.   Jamming Detection Methods to Protect Railway Radio Communication (Author's:S. Mili, V. Deniau, D. Sodoyer, M. Heddebaut, S. Ambellouis) 71-77
12.   Virtual Mouse (Author's:Dikshant Rathod, Kanchan Kadlag, Savita Anarase, Poonam Gavade) 78-80
13.   Effect of Blending of Soymilk with Cow Milk (Author's:Neha, M.P. Gupta, Avinash Tiwari) 81-84
14.   Human Age Estimation Framework using Bio-Inspired Features for Facial Image (Author's:Santhosh Kumar G, Dr. Suresh H. N.) 85-88
15.   Experimental Investigation on California Bearing Ratio (CBR) For Stabilizing Silty Sand with Fly Ash and Waste Polypropylene (Author's:PHANI KUMAR. V,CH. NAGA BHARATH,D. GANGA,P. SWATHI PRIYADARSINI) 89-92
16.   Efficient Forwarding Protocol to Tolerate Selfish Behavior in Social Mobile Network (Author's:C. Radha, Dr. S. Prabha, P. Sakthi Priyanka, S. Gomathi) 93-97
17.   An optimization of Machining Parameters On Cutting force and Surface Finish in Milling of Cs-GFRP (Author's:I.S.N.V.R.Prasanth, Dr.D.V. Ravishankar, Dr.Manzoor Hussain) 98-103
18.   Three Factor Authentication using Location (Author's:S.S.Mule, Chitra Raskar, Yogita K.Bhor, Archana Marne, Vishalsingh Nikumbh) 104-106
19.   Intrusion Detection System using Bayesian Approach (Author's:S. Saravanan, Dr. R M. Chandrasekaran) 107-112
20.   Spring Framework: Spring Web Flow Navigation (Author's:Anant Shri Panthri) 113-117
21.   An Explore to Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Network (Author's:R. A. Ostwal, M. B. Kalkumbe, S. A. Bhosale) 118-120
22.   Economic and Jobs Impacts of Enhanced Fuel Efficiency Standards for Light Duty Vehicles in the USA (Author's:Roger H. Bezdek, MISI, Robert M. Wendling, MISI) 122-135
23.   Solution of Integro differential equation by Taylor collocation Method (Author's:Chirag R Trivedi) 136-140
24.   Impact of Slum Rehabilitation Project in Bangalore City: A Case Study of Pantharapalya (Author's:Dr. B. Shankar, B. S. Vasanthi) 141-146
25.   Experimental steady to produce steam by solar energy using solar dish concentration with copper coil receiver (Author's:Ghanim Kadhim Abdul Sada, Afreen Emad Sa’ad-Aldeen) 147-149
26.   Comparative Study Between e-One Hand Finger Spelling and e-Sign Language for Hearing Impaired Persons Regarding Day-to-Day Activities Using an Object Oriented Approach (Author's:Dr. Karim Q. Hussein, Dr. Maha A. Al-Bayati) 150-157
27.   Cache Coherence Mechanisms (Author's:Sultan Almakdi, Abdulwahab Alazeb, Mohammed Alshehri) 158-167
28.   Glass-ceramic, using TV screen and galvanic wastes as raw materials (Author's:G.C. Díaz, J. Alvarado-Rivera, Ma. E. Zayas, Ma. C. Castañon-Bautista, O. Novelo) 168-172
29.   The Integrated Middleware Framework for Heterogeneous Internet of Things (IoT) (Author's:Bhagyashri Katole, Suresh V.) 173-177
30.   A Comparative Study on Architectural Styles from the Perspective of Network-Based Hypermedia Systems (Author's:A. D. Devangavi and Dr. Rohit P.) 178-182
31.   Comparative Analysis of Methods of Banks Bankruptcy Risk Forecasting under Uncertainty (Author's:Ovi Nafas Aghaei Agh Ghamish, Yuriy Zaychenko) 183-188
32.   One shot bipolar saw tooth-like waveform converter as piezoelectric driver of stick-slip motion (Author's:Tai-Shan Liao) 189-192

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