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Volume 1 Issue 4 ,April 2012

Name of Research Article (Volume 1 Issue 4 ,April  2012)  ISSN:2277-3754  PageNo.
1.   Investigation of the Ways to Improve the Performance of a Power Plant  (Author's:Nitesh Soni,Mohit Tripathi)  1-3
2.   Economics of Cloud Computing(Author's:  Adekunle,Y.A,Maitanmi,S.O.Malasowe,B.O. Osundina) 4-7
3.   Mutualism Particle Swarm Optimization with TSK-type Fuzzy Controllers for Constructing a Laryngeal Image-based on LRAGD Diagnosis System (Author's:Cheng-Hung Chen, Hsien-Tse Chen, Sheng-Fuu Lin) 8-16
4.   Exploring the Implementation of User Controlled Color Transfer Algorithm for Images (Author's:Aarti K. Masal, R.R.Dube) 17-21
5.   Enriching Alert Analysis and Threat Evaluation Techniques in Network Situation Awareness (NSA) (Author's:Tambe Shital B., Sonkar S.K.)  22-26
6.   A Survey: Structure of Machine Readable Dictionary (Author's: Avanti M.Deshpande) 27-30
7.   Improved Protection In Video Steganography Using DCT & LSB (Author's:Poonam V Bodhak, Baisa L Gunjal)  31-37
8.   IPv4 to IPv6 Shift: Major Challenges (Author's:Harsh Verma, Beenu Yadav, Prachi Bansal, Shailendra Raj) 38-44
10.   Distributed Environment of Cloud for Supply Chain Management (Author's:Jyotsana Ojha)  50-55
11.   Deployment of Novel Techniques on Web Log Data to Analyze User Navigation Patterns (Author's:N.Sainath, Vikram Narayandas, U.Moulali, B.Koteshwara Rao) 56-60
12.   A Simplified SVPWM Algorithm for Multi-Level Inverter fed DTC of Induction Motor Drive (Author's:Chalasani Hari Krishna, J. Amarnath, and S Kamakshiah)  61-67
13.   Development of Complex Patterns: Scope and Benefits of Rapid Prototyping in Foundries (Author's:Rajashekar Patil, S. Mohan Kumar, E. Abhilash)   68-72
14.   Simplified Approach of ANN: Strengths and Weakness (Author's:Swati G.Anantwar, Rajeshri R. Shelke) 73-77
15.   Effect of Inclination Angle on Temperature Characteristics of Water in-Glass Evacuated Tubes of Domestic Solar Water Heater (Author's:P.Selvakumar, Dr.P.Somasundaram) 78-81
16.   Fuzzy Ranking Based Real Coded Genetic Algorithm for Combined Economic Emission Dispatch with Loss Minimization (Author's:Shradha Singh Parihar, Manjaree Pandit)  82-90
17.   Parameters Involved in Drilling of AI based Metal Matrix Composites – A Review (Author's:S.Senthil babu, Dr.B K.Vinayagam)  91-94
18.   Comparative Study of DG-MOSFET Modeling based on ANFIS and NEGF (Author's:Sarita Chouhan, Yogesh Kumar, Amita Chhipa) 95-101
19.   Modeling a Rule based Movie Recommender System for Group Preferences (Author's:Ashu A, Debasish Jena) 102-108
20.   Implementation and fall of TPM in Micro Manufacturing Industries Using SWOT Analysis-A Review (Author's:G Ananth, Dr. B K Vinayagam) 109-113
21.   Modeling Uncertainty in Risk Assessment Using Double Monte Carlo Method (Author's:Tazid Ali, Hrishikesh Boruah, Palash Dutta) 114-118
22.   Iris Recognition by Complex Wavelet Transform (Author's:Rahul M Nasare, Shashank G Hase, V.N. More) 119-123
23.   Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete Containing GGBFS (Author's:M.Mithra, P.Ramanathan, Dr.P.Muthupriya, Dr.R.Venkatasubramani) 124-129
24.   Implementation of Multi-User FPGA Environment Over TCP/IP (Author's:Pansare S.D, S.M.Turkane) 130-133
25.   Some Experimental Investigations for the Development of Integrated Model of a Structure with the Controllable Fluid Damper  (Author's:G.K.Arunvivek, R.Saravanakumar) 134-137
26.   An Advanced OS Design for Pocket PC’s based on Wince 6.0  (Author's:Sidhu M.A , J.Nalini) 138-141
27.   Stress Analysis and Fatigue Life Prediction for Splice Joint in an Aircraft Fuselage through an FEM Approach (Author's:Adarsh Adeppa, Dr. M. S. Patil, K. E. Girish) 142-144
28.   Performance Evolution of Different Coding Methods with β - density Decoding Using Error Correcting Output Code Based on Multiclass Classification (Author's:Devangini Dave, M. Samvatsar, P. K. Bhanodia) 145-151
29.   A Review on Stress Analysis of the Fuselage Structure and Study of the Effect of Overload on Fatigue Crack Growth (Author's:Dr M. M. NADAKATTI, VINAYAKUMAR. B. MELMARI) 152-156
30.   Space vector PWM Technique for 3phase voltage source inverter using Artificial Neural Network (Author's:Bandana, K.Banu priya, JBV Subrahmanyam, Ch.Sikanth, M.Ayyub) 157-162
31.   Cost Based Performance Evaluation of H2/D/1 and E2/D/1 Traffic Model (Author's:Jesmin Akhter, Md. Imdadul Islam, Himadri Saha, M. R. Amin) 163-170
32.   Adopting Makov’s Chain Queuing Model in Channel Allocation (Author's:Idigo Victor Eze, Agajo James, Eronu Emmanuel) 171-176
33.   Feature Selection by Genetic Programming, And Artificial Neural Network-based Machine Condition Monitoring (Author's:Pooja Gupta, Dr. Sulochana Wadhwani) 177-181
34.   A Fuzzy Adaptive Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm to Solve Non-Convex Economic Dispatch Problem (Author's:Nisha Soni, Dr. Manjree Pandit) 182-188
35.   Study and Design of Reactive Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad hoc Networks (Author's:Anurag Porwal, B.L.Pal, Rohit Maheshwari, Gaurav Kakhani) 189-197
36.   GIS and Remote Sensing For Site Specific Farming Area Mapping (Author's:Shailendra Raj, Dr. Avadhesh Kumar Koshal) 198-200
37.   Experimental Investigation on Wet Lubrication System in Turning Operation of Mild Steel by Minimizing the Flow Rate of Cutting Lubricants (Author's:S. S. Bhambale, C. V. Patil, S. R. Nirmal) 201-205
38.   Analysis of Web Mining and Evolving of User Profiles (Author's:M. Venkata Krishna, L. Raghavendar Raju, D.Jamuna, M. Gayathri) 206-208
39.   Deployment of Multiple Base Stations to Counter Effects of Black Hole on Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Network (Author's:Pranjali G. Dighe, Milind B. Vaidya)  209-213
40.   Improvement of Convergence Characteristics of FIR filter using Adaptive Techniques (Author's:USN Rao, Manish Garg, Prateek)  214-217

Project Duration Forecasting Using Earned Value Method and Time Series (Author's:Khandare Manish A., Vyas Gayatri S.)
Modelling and Simulation of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) (Author's:Idogho Philipa, Idigo V.E, Agajo James)  225-233
43.   Combined Heat and Power Dispatch using Time Varying Acceleration Coefficient Particle Swarm Optimization (Author's:Gunjan Tyagi, Manjaree Pandit) 234-240
44.   A Power Efficient Cluster-based Data Aggregation Protocol for WSN (MHML) (Author's:Hiren Thakkar, Sushruta Mishra, Alok Chakrabarty) 241-245
45.   Functioning of Dielectric Dimensions in Gaussian Mixture Framework for Biomedical Tissue (Author's:Jayeeta Ukil) 246-251
46.   Damping of Low- frequency Oscillations Using Swarm Optimized Controller for SMIB System (Author's:M. Suguna) 252-258
47.   Eyebrow Sensing Wireless Mind Mouse  (Author's:Nishant Kumar, Bhoopal Neerudi, Col. T. S. Surendra) 259-263
 48.   Features of WSN and Data Aggregation Techniques in WSN: A Survey   (Author's:Sushruta Mishra, Hiren Thakkar) 264-273
49.   An Efficient Secure AODV Routing Protocol in MANET   (Author's:Durgesh Wadbude, Vineet Richariya) 274-279
50.   Facial Expression recognition using Fuzzy Inference System   (Author's:Maedeh Rasoulzadeh) 280-284
51.   Six Sigma Qualities in Business   (Author's:Satish W. Karadbhuje, Sunil B. Deshpande, Mahesh S. Gorde) 285-290
52.   Development of Electrical Appliance Controlling System using Bluetooth Technology   (Author's:M. Shafanizam, Y. Z. Arief, Z. Adzis) 291-298
53.   Second Order Analysis of Slender Hollow Circular Pier   (Author's:Dr. S. A. Halkude, Badeghar R. R.) 299-305
54.   Gateway Placement Approaches: A Survey   (Author's:Smriti Srivastava, Anant Kumar Jaiswal, Paramjeet Rawat) 306-309
55.   A Review of Data Clustering Approaches   (Author's:Vaishali Aggarwal, Anil Kumar Ahlawat, B.N Panday) 310-314
56.   Modeling of Partial Discharge Mechanisms in Solid Dielectric Material  (Author's: Y. Z. Arief, W. A. Izzati, Z. Adzis) 315-320
57.   Overview of Attacks on Cloud Computing  (Author's:Ajey Singh,Dr. Maneesh Shrivastava) 321-323
58.   Cost Controlling Using Earned Value Analysis in Construction Industries  (Author's:Sagar K. Bhosekar, Gayatri Vyas) 324-332
59.   Extraction of Text from Moving Vehicles  (Author's:Rajesh Chhikara, Sunil Kumar, Rita Chikara, Gopinath S.) 333-335
60.   Comparison of Different Bearing Types Performance in Multistoried Building  (Author's:K S Sable, J S Khose, V P Kulkarni) 336-341

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