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Volume 4,Issue 6 ,December 2014

S.N.    Name of Research Article(Volume 4 Issue 6, December 2014)                                           ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
1.   Study of the process of getting the drops of papaya (carica papaya l.) Per basic spherification (Author's:Alessandra Almeida, Castro Pagani, Mariana Costa Oliveira, Anne Caroline Rocha Xavier, Alaiza Lima Barros Morais,Tatiana P. Nunes, Gabriel F. Silva) 1-9
2.   Empirical Modeling of Some Physical Properties of Tenera Nuts on Cracking Energy (Author's:Orua Antia, Aniekan Offiong and William Olosunde) 10-13
3.   Prediction of 4340 Steel Hardness Profile Heat-treated by Laser Using Artificial Neural Networks and Multi Regression approaches (Author's:Ilyes Maamri, Abderrazak El Ouafi and Noureddine Barka) 14-22
4.   Optimization of Chemical Treatment Conditions for Adenia Lobata Fiber Using CCD (Author's:Ejikeme, Patrick. C. N, Onukwuli, D. O., Ejikeme, Ebere M.) 23-32
5.   Bayesian Estimation for the Reliability Function of Pareto Type I Distribution under Generalized Square Error Loss Function (Author's:Dr. Huda A. Rasheed, Najam A. Aleawy Al-Gazi) 33-40
6.   Removal of particles from waste water using locally prepared activated carbon: Equilibrium, kinetic, thermodynamic and Optimization study (Author's:A Obiora-Okafo, A Nnanwube, M. C Menkiti, O. D Onukwuli) 41-50
7.   Mitigation of the Effect of HVDC System on Power System Quality at Distribution Level (Author's:A.M.AttiyaSoliman, T.A.Kandil, M.A.Mehanna, S.K.EL-Sayed) 51-57
8.   Antenna Array Synthesis for Suppressed SideLobe Level Using Combination of Global and Local Search (Author's:Zarko Rosić) 58-61
9.   Banks Financial State Analysis and Bankruptcy Forecasting (Author's:Ovi Nafas Aghaei Agh Ghamish, Yuriy Zaychenko, Olga Voitenko) 62-67
10.   Design and analysis of dual arm robot for automatic assembly (Author's:Dong Il Park, Doohyung Kim and Jinho Kyung) 68-70
11.   Thermoelastic problem of a thin circular plate due to Heat generation (Author's:Himanshu Roy, Pranay N. Khobragade and N. W. Khobragade) 71-74
12.   Evolutionary Timeline Summarization (Author's:S. N Deshmukh, S. S. Nandagaonkar) 75-80
13.   Thermal Stress Analysis of a Thin Rectangular Plate due to Heat Generation (Author's:Ashwini Mahakalkar, Supriya N. Khobragade and N. W. Khobragade) 81-83
14.   Development of High Protein Biscuits Using Pigeon pea Brokens Flour (Author's:Silky, M.P. Gupta and Avinash Tiwari) 84-89
15.   Development of High Fibre Biscuits Using Wheat Bran (Author's:Silky, M.P. Gupta and Avinash Tiwari) 90-94
16.   Thermoelastic solution of a cylinder with Internal heat source (Author's:Pranay N. Khobragade, T. T. Gahane and N. W. Khobragade) 95-100
17.   Detecting Intrusions in Web Applications Using CLTT and SQL Parser (Author's:Pukale S.J., Nandgaonkar S.S.) 101-105
18.   Thermal Stresses of Two-Dimensional Transient Thermoelastic Problem for A Hallow Cylinder (Author's:Varsha K. Dange) 106-109
19.   Thermoelastic Problem of a Thick Clamped Rectangular Plate (Author's:Himanshu Roy, Pranay Khobragade and N. W. Khobragade) 110-112
20.   Access Latency Model of Popularity Based QOS-Aware Replica Management Algorithms for Efficient Content Distribution in Distributed Computing Networks (Author's:Dr. Anna Saro Vijendran, S. Thavamani) 113-117
21.   Design and Implementation of Speech Generation System using MATLAB (Author's:Pooja Chandran, Aravind S, Jisha Gopinath and Saranya S S) 118-122
22.   Alternative approach to simplex method for the solution of linear programming problem (Author's:Kalpana Lokhande; Pranay N. Khobragade and N.W.Khobragade) 123-128
23.   Thermal Stress Analysis of a Thick Circular Plate (Author's:Anjali K. Shinde) 129-132
24.   Medical Image Analysis and new image registration technique using mutual information and optimization technique (Author's:Sumitha, S. Ranjitha, Dr .H. N. Suresh) 133-137
25.   Operational Research Techniques for Revenue Management (Author's:Kashyap M. Gupta,Kavita C. Griglani) 138-141
26.   The Electron is the Unit of Radiation (Author's:Salah Eid) 142-144
27.   Thermal stress analysis of a thick annular discdue to heat generation (Author's:Anjali K. Shinde) 145-148
28.   Extended T-X Family of Distributions (Author's:Masoud Ganji and Fatemeh Gharari) 149-152
29.   Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations using Finite Fields On Hybrid GPU-Accelerated Multi-core Systems (Author's:González, H.E., and Carmona, L., J.J.) 153-158
30.   Accessible and Inclusive Virtual World for children with special educational needs (Author's:Cesar Mauricio Pachón Meneses, Eduardo Carrillo Zambrano) 159-162
31.   Motion Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots with Model Predictive Techniques (Author's:L. Pacheco. N. Luo) 163-172
32.   On Statistical Adapting the Order Filters for Periodic Signals Processing under Condition of Preserving their Waveform (Author's:Znak V.) 173-177
33.   PAPR Reduction using DFT Spread Technique for Nonlinear Communication Systems (Author's:Shatrughna Prasad Yadav, Subhash Chandra Bera) 178-184
34.   Evaluation of Technical Condition of a Radar with Redundancy (Author's:Anton Georgiev, Toncho Papanchev, Dimitar Kovachev) 185-192
35.   Wideband High Gain Dielectric Resonator Antennas (Author's:Shailashree S, Mallikarjun S.L., Hadalgi P.M.) 193-196
36.   Simplification of Numerical Model to Analyze the Uniformly Heated one Way Reinforced Concrete Slabs Exposed by Fire (Author's:Wahyuniarsih Sutriso, Endah Wahyuni) 197-201
37.   Experimental Study on Structure of Flow Pattern of Two-Phase Gas-Liquid Flow in Rectangular Container with Aeration (Author's:Taichi Yamaguchi, Hiroyuki Hirano, Kenya Kuwagi) 202-204
38.   Evaluation of Indoor Temperature through Roof and Wall Temperatures - An Experimental Study in Hot and Humid Climate (Author's:M.Ponni, Dr.R.Baskar) 205-211
39.   The “Twin Paradox” is no paradoxaccording to the law of Self variations (Author's:Emmanuil Manousos) 212-214
40.   Bio sorption of an anionic textile dye from aqueous solution by natural non-absorbent as solution to reduce toxic dye pollutant from wastewater Modelling and kinetic study (Author's:F. Ayari, a. Berez, m. T. Ayadi) 215-224
41.   Theoretical Study on Vertical Free Vibration Analysis of Self-anchored Cable-stayed Suspension Bridge (Author's:Feng, MIAO, De-jin TANG) 225-229
42.   Sensitivity Analysis and Feasibility Analysis of Renewable Energy Project (Author's:Rupesh Thakre, Dutt Subroto) 230-234
43.   Fine Structure Calculation of Energy Levels,Oscillator Strengths and Lifetimes in Se-LikeIons (Author's:M. Mossad, Abeer Mera and Shrouk El- Ashry) 235-243
44.   Non-Sustainability of Low-bid Infrastructure Procurement System: Lessons for Developing Countries (Author's:Aderemi Y. Adeyemi, Dean T. Kashiwagi) 244-251
45.   CAD Numerical-Polynomial Refinements in Vertebral Bone Surface with Geometrical Data Development for Surgical Devices Design (Author's:F Casesnoves) 252-261

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