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Volume 4,Issue 5 ,November 2014

 Name of Research Article(Volume 4 Issue 5, November 2014)                                           ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Multiple Classifiers Combination Applied to OCR of Tifinagh Alphabets (Author's:Brahim SABIR, Yassine KHAZRI, Ahmed JADIR, Bouzekri TOURI, Mohamed MOUSSETAD)
2.   To Prediction Of Corrosive Failure Of  Materials in Nonstationary Temperature Field (Author's:L. Kh. Talybly, E.T. Bagirov) 9-11
3.   Design and Control of Tendon-Driven Mechanism with 2N Configuration: A Feasibility Study (Author's:Hyun Min Do, Chanhun Park, Doo Hyeong Kim) 12-15
4.   New Compensation Algorithm for Dynamic Voltage Restorer in Medium Voltages Level (Author's:Atefe Kiani Haft lang, Ehsan Gharibreza, M.Baledi, A.Kiani Haft lang) 16-22
5.   Determination of Apparent Viscosity as Functionof Shear Rate and Fibres Fraction in Polypropylene (Author's:Lukáš Likavčan, Miroslav Košík, Jozef Bílik,Maroš Martinkovič) 23-26
6.   Towards an Adaptive QoS of Cloud-based Web Services (Author's:Mohamed-K HUSSEIN) 27-32
7.   Aspects of seismic hazards caused by the Mining (Author's:Lothar Becker – Daugherty) 33-36
8.   Quantification of Bioactive Compounds of Pink Pepper (Schinus Terebinthifolius, Raddi) (Author's:Alessandra Almeida Castro Pagani; André Luiz Gomes de Souza; Danilo Santos Souza; Rejane Andrade Batista; Anne Caroline Rocha Xavier; German Dario Pagani) 37-41
9.   A Novel Approach of OptimumMulti-criteria Vertical Handoff Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (Author's:Mykhailo Klymash, Bohdan Stryhalyuk, Ivan Demydov, Mykola Beshley, Marian Seliuchenko) 42-52
10.   K-means Clustering based Outlier Removal for Image Registration (Paper withdrawn by Author's) 53-56
11.   Hedging of One European Option of Integral Type in Black-Scholes Model (Author's:Omar Glonti, Omar Purtukhia) 57-61
12.   Method of Underground Wastewater Disposal into Deep Horizons (Author's:L. Anichshenko, A. Anichshenko) 62-66
13.   Context-aware QoE-based multimedia network architecture (Author's:Javier Añorga, Jon Goya, Saioa Arrizabalaga, Iñaki Álvaro, Amador Pozo) 67-73
14.   The Effect of Rocker Ratio and Connecting Rod Length on the Kinematic and Dynamic of A Crank-Rocker Mechanism with an Extended Rocker Input Link (Paper withdrawn by Author's) 74-80
15.   Gas Driven Circulation in an Air-Water Loop (Author's:Bruno Panella, Cristina Bertani, Mario De Salve, Mario Malandrone) 81-88
16.   Nonparametric Multivariate Tests for the Right Censored Data when the Alternative is One-Sided (Author's:Hyo-Il Park) 89-95
17.   Denoising Method based on Wavelet Transforms: A Review (Author's:Praveen Sharma, Lokesh Singh) 96-101
18.   India’s Energy Strategy, Development and Security (Author's:Uma Shanker Ram, S.K. Singh, V. Moghe, R.I. Sisodia, D.K. Singh, S.K. Arsia, M.K. Yadav, C.M. Deo, V.K. Shrivastava) 102-103
19.   A Non-Newtonian mathematical Model on the two phase renal mean blood flow in renal arterioles with special reference to Kidney Infection (UTI) (Author's:Neelam Bajpai, V. Upadhyay, A.K. Agrawal, P.N. Pandey) 104-111
20.   A Non-Newtonian mathematical Model on the twophase renal mean blood flow in renal arterioles with special reference to Diabetes (Author's:Harish chandra, V. Upadhyay, A.K. Agrawal, P.N. Pandey) 112-118
21.   Side Lobe Reduction of a Concentric Circular Antenna Array using Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) (Author's:K. Rajesh Kumar, S. Aruna, K. Srinivasa Naik) 119-124
22.   Security in Cloud by Diffie Hellman Protocol (Author's:Abdul Muttalib Khan, Mohd. Haroon Khan, Dr. Shish Ahmad) 125-128
23.   Simulation and Implementation of PWM Inverterfed Induction Motor Drive (Author's:G. Pandian, S. Rama Reddy) 129-134
24.   Technique for Visual Explanation of Hidden Web Query Interfaces (Author's:Krati Chauhan) 135-138
25.   Standby Power Reduction System (Author's:Reshma AR) 139-142
26.   Block based Partition Data Encryption Technique: A Review (Author's:Rajni Tiwari, Lokesh Singh) 143-147
27.   Particle Swarm Optimization: Algorithm for an improved computational performance to solving Economic Dispatch Problems (Author's:Rakesh Sharma, Bharat Bhushan Jain, Ravinder Singh Maan, Vivek Prakash) 148-151
28.   Heat transfer enhancement by jet impingement on dimpled surface with different cavities (Author's:P. V. Lutade, P. M. Khanwalkar, S. S. Kore) 152-155
29.   Development of Easy Teaching Interface for aDual Arm Robot Manipulator (Author's:Chanhun Park and Doohyeong Kim) 156-160
30.   Channel Allocation in Wireless Communication using Genetic Algorithm (Author's:Nishant Ranjan Pathak) 161-164
31.   A New Empirical I-V Model of CNTFETs for the Design of Electronic Circuits (Author's:Agostino Giorgio) 165-168
32.   Optical fibers for computer applications (Author's:Abhijeet Badapanda, M K Badapanda) 169-175
33.   Human-Robot cooperation with double stages of impedance (Author's:Chanhun Park and Doohyeong Kim) 176-180
34.   Analysis of Bonding Strength of Ultrasonic Welding Process (Author's:Vijay Singh pal, Pavan Agrawal) 181-185
35.   The Innovative Analysis of the Refinement Ability Exstractive Slag (Author's:A. W. Bydałek, S. Biernat, A. Bydałek, P. Schlafka) 186-193
36.   Experimental and Theoretical Study of Mass Transport during Annealing of Mechanically Activated Composite Granules of Ni–Al System (Author's:Lurie S.,Abuzin Yu., Sokolov R., Karashaev M., Belov P.) 194-200

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