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Volume 4,Issue 4,October 2014

 Name of Research Article(Volume 4 Issue 4, October 2014)                                             ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Preparation of cds Nanoparticles Using Paraffin Oil (Author's:Omar A. Ibrahim, Suadad S. Ahmid, Rawa K. Ibrahim, Khulood M., Osama N. Naji)
2.   Mechanical Properties of Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (Author's:Hamdy K.Shehab Eldin, Heba A. Mohamed, Mahmoud Khater, Sayed Ahmed) 4-10
3.   MBTI Personality Temperaments Assessmentand Audience Persuasion in Using Media (Author's:Maryam Haghshenas, Roghayeh Shahbazi, Abouzar Sadeghzadeh, Mojtaba Nassiriyar) 11-15
4.   Morphology of the Habitat (Author's:Manuel Diogo, Maria Diogo, Patrícia Diogo, Joana Diogo) 16-19
5.   Object Tracking under Heavy Occlusion based on Extended Kalman Filter, Particle Filter, and Color Matching (Author's:Youngsung Soh, Mudasar Qadir, Hadi Raja, YongsukHae, Intaek Kim, Malik M. Khan, and Tayyab Wahab) 20-25
6.   Biometric network: problems, prospects, concepts (Author's:Shafagat Mahmudova, Tofiq Kazimov) 26-29
7.   Knowledge Management in the Construction Industry: Integration between Research and Practice (Author's:Tarek Mahfouz) 30-41
8.   An Analysis on Resource Planning, Cost Estimation and Tracking of Project by Earned Value Management (Author's:SHAIK MOHAMMAD MASOOD, DEVANAND.R, HARSHA H.N) 42-48
9.   Experimental Analysis of the Effect of Process Parameters on Surface Finish in Radial Drilling Process (Author's:Dayal Saran P BalaRaju J) 49-56
10.   64 Point Radix-4 FFT Butterfly Realization using FPGA (Author's:Amaresh Kumar, U.N. Tripathi, Roopak Kumar Verma, Manish Mishra) 57-60
11.   Study of Image De-noising Techniques for Facilitating the Process Selection to Determine the Best Suitable Approach for any given image Type (Author's:Satyaranjan Panda, Puja Singh) 61-66
12.   Study of Parallel Universe Time Travel and Missing Aircrafts  (Author's:Kavya Vaddadi, V.V.S. Nikhil Bharadwaj, T.V.Vineeta, B.V.Sai Anoop, M. Sai Dheeraj, Uday kiran. Poothota, Yarramshetti. Deva Harsha, A. Venkat Sai, K. Sashank, V. Mounika Reddy) 67-76
13.   Indoor Air Temperature Control in Buildings via an Optimal Tuned PI Strategy (Author's:Annamaria Buonomano, Umberto Montanaro, Adolfo Palombo and Stefania Santini) 77-85
14.   Reliability Evaluation of Ayede 330/132KV Substation (Author's:Temitope Adefarati, Adedayo Kayode Babarinde, Ayodele Sunday Oluwole and Kehinde Olusuyi) 86-91
15.   Free vibration analysis of SWCNT using CDM in the presence of nonlocal effect (Author's:Maria Anna De Rosa, Maria Lippiello) 92-102
16.   A Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study on the Classification of Multiple Cognitive Tasks (Author's:Tadanobu Misawa, Tetsuya Shimokawa, Shigeki Hirobayashi) 103-115
17.   A Study of Fog Reducer in Aircraft Applications (Author's:Kavya Vaddadi, V.V.S. Nikhil Bharadwaj, T.V.Vineeta, B.V.Sai Anoop, N. Anirudh, Amujuri Suma Sri, Kiran Virat, Shaik Munna, Bheemarasetty.Prudhvi, P. Shiva Shashank) 116-121
18.   Fatigue Failure of an Annular Plate Under the Action of Pulsating Moment and Pressure along the internal contour (Author's:LatifKh. T., Nagiyeva N. M.) 122-127
19.   Review on Heat Recovery Unit with Thermo electric Generators (Author's:Mohak Gupta) 128-131
20.   Comparative Study on Strength, Permeability and Sorptivity of Concrete and their relation with Concrete Durability (Author's:Esam Elawady, Amr A. El Hefnawy, Rania A. F. Ibrahim) 132-139
21.   Experimental Study of  Solar Chimney for Ventilation in Hot Arid Region (Author's:Ali N. Alzaed and Hany A. Mohamed) 140-144
22.   Dynamic analysis of two adjacent tunnels (Author's:Othman A. Shaalan, Tarek N. Salem, Eman A. El shamy, and Randa M. Mansour) 145-152
23.   NIRS-Based Brain-Computer Interface for Cursor Control Using Mental Concentration Measured in the Prefrontal Cortex (Author's:Tadanobu Misawa, Tetsuya Shimokawa, Shigeki Hirobayashi) 153-160
24.   On How Matrix Multiplication with Two Dense Matrices of Order n Achieves Empirical O (n2) Complexity (Author's:Brajnandan Kumar, Suman Kumar Sourabh, Basant Kumar Das, Dipo Mahto) 161-164
25.   Street Light Commander System Using Zigbee Network of Devices (Author's:Resmi Karun, Minu Johny) 165-169
26.   Practical Design of an Automatic License Plate Recognition Using Image Processing Technique (Author's:Mohammad Zakariya Siam) 170-179
27.   Parametric Study of Al-Si-Mg Alloy in Simulated Sea water in the Presence of Natural Cyperusesculentus l. Oil as Inhibitor using Response Surface Method (Author's:O. Sanni, A.O. Arinkoola, M.O. Owolabi and K.K. Salam) 180-187
28.   Determination of Energy Deformation with using NHTSA Stiffness Coefficient (Author's:Kubiak P., Wozniak M., Jablonski R., Ozuna G., De La Fuente P.) 188-193
29.   A Spatial Model for Water Resource Management in Karamana River Basin Using Geoinfromatics (Author's:K. Ajayakrishnan, S. Santhosh, and V. Sobha) 194-199
30.   Thermal and Mechanical Study of the Adobe Stabilized with Straws and /or Cement at different Dosage Rates (Author's:IMBGA B kossi, KIENO .P Florent, OUEDRAOGO Emmanuel) 200-204
31.   Developing a Comprehensive Conserving and Preserving Framework to Meet the Particularityof Religious Heritage and Sacred Places (Author's:Dr. Mahmood Soubeh, Dr. Khaled Al-Omari, Ayat Al-Khreasat) 205-207
32.   Synthesis and Electrical Properties of Gamma-Irradiated and Unirradiated Nano-Magnetite (Author's:M. Khairy and M.A. Mousa) 208-214
33.   An Overview: Real-Time Task Scheduling Using Preprocess Scheduler (Author's:Dr. Sajidullah S. Khan, R. N. Khobragade, Dr. N. A. Koli) 215-219
34.   Integral Methods of Environmental Assessment at Mining Regions Based on Remote Sensing Data (Author's:Giniyatullina O.L., Potapov V.P., Schactlivtcev E.L.) 220-224
36.   Modified F – Function for Feistel Network in Blowfish Algorithm (Author's:S. G. Saravana Kumar, Dr.A.Shanmugam) 229-232

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