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Volume 4,Issue 3, September 2014

 Name of Research Article(Volume 4 Issue 3, September 2014)                                             ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Evaluation of the Thermal Performance of a Thermo Syphon Water Heating System Using a Compound Parabolic Solar Collector (Author's:Okoronkwo C.A, Nwufo, O.C, Ogueke, N.V, Nwaigwe, K.N, Anyanwu E.E)
2.   Robust Method for Robotic Guidance Using Line Following Method (Author's:Dr. Mohammed Sahib, Dr. Loay Kadom, Dhuha Abdullah) 6-15
3.   Ferrocement hull: A small Contribution of Civil Engineering for Brazil's Shipbuilding in Riverside Communities (Author's:Juraci Carlos de Castro Nóbrega, Benjamin Lair, Evandro Augusto Neves Costa) 16-22
4.   Experimental characterization of a protection scheme for a small wind turbine based on fuzzy logic (Author's:Salomón Castro, Jorge Elizondo, Jaime Martínez, Oswaldo Monroy, Osvaldo Micheloud, Oliver Probst) 23-35
5.   Comparison of the Compressive Strength of Concrete Made with Different Brands of Ordinary Portland cement (Author's:B. S. Yahaya, I. C., Egbuna, E. S. Apeh, E. Ogwu, F. Achema, M. O. Fabiyi) 36-39
6.   Characterization of simple magnetorheological fluids with potential application in engineering (Author's:César D. Mesquida, Jorge L. Lässig) 40-47
7.   Contact Stress Analysis of Interference Fit Between V-band Clamp and Piping Systems (Author's:Zhengui Zhang, Peixuan Wu, Haiyan H Zhang) 48-54
8.   Vedic Ion Engine (Author's:B.V.Sai Anoop, V.V.S.Nikhil Bharadwaj, T.V.Vineeta, N.Anirudh, Vooturi Lahari, M.Sai Dheeraj, Shaik Munna, Varanasi Krishna Chaitanya) 55-62
9.   Construction of Hidden Web Information Retrieval System for Business Intelligence (Author's:Abhay Pawar, Pornima Rathi) 63-66
10.   Role of Interfaces in Enhancing Electro mechanical Properties of Nan composites (Author's:O. P. Thakur and Nidhi Agrawal) 67-70
11.   Enhancement of Biogas Production from Predigested Substrate by Human Urine under Different Thermal Condition (Author's:Subodh Kumar Sau, Tapas Kumar Manna,Apurba Giri, Prasanta Kumar Nandi) 71-77
12.   Anisotropic Fluid Model of Neutron Star in Isotropic Coordinates (Author's:Neeraj Pant) 78-82
13.   A Survey on Anti-Discrimination Techniques (Author's:Naveena M.S, Robert S) 83-86
14.   Digital Video Watermarking using cascaded stages of Discrete Wavelet Transforms (Author's:Chitrank Jha , Agya Mishra) 87-93
15.   Study on vayu vimana by using ancient science (Author's:V.V.S.Nikhil Bharadwaj , T.V.Vineeta , B.V.Sai Anoop , N.Anirudh , M.Sai Dheeraj , Vooturi Lahari , B.Sruthi , V.N.Sai Kiran Aka , Uday Kiran Poothota  , K.Jagadeeswara Raju) 94-103
16.   Features of Behavior and Usage of a Total Electron Content in the Indian Region (Author's:Maltseva O.A. and Mozhaeva N.S.) 104-112
17.   A Hybrid PWM Controller IC for DC-DC Buck Conversion with Table Look-Up PID Compensator (Author's:Steve Hung-Lung Tu, Hsin-Wei Yeh) 113-116
18.   Activating Robotics Manipulator using Eye Movements (Author's:Eli Kolberg, Raphi Amsalem) 117-124
19.   Corrosion Inhibition of Mg-Al-Zn Alloy in Neutral Chloride Solutions by N-Acetyl-Cysteine as Eco-Friendly Material (Author's:W. A. Badawy, H. Nady and G. M. Abd El-Hafez) 125-132
20.   A Survey on Data Annotation for Web Databases (Author's:Bincy S Kalloor, Shiji C.G) 133-135
21.   Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Channel Contractions (Author's:Edward Ching-Ruey, LUO) 136-142
22.   Optimized physico-chemical treatment of a fresh leach ate using a rejection of steel industry (Author's:M.Abouri, A. Taleb, S.Souabi, R. Moharram, M. Baudu) 143-152
23.   Possibility for Predicting the Evaluation of Product Price in the Prefrontal Cortex : A NIRS Study (Author's:Tadanobu Misawa, Tetsuya Shimokawa, Shigeki Hirobayashi) 153-160
24.   The Influence of Finance on Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) (Author's:Emad Harash, Suhail Al-Timimi, Jabbar Alsaadi) 161-167
25.   Pushover Analysis of Diagrid Structure (Author's:Ravi K Revankar, R.G.Talasadar) 168-174
26.   Geometrical/Computational Dynamics Approximations for Helicopter-Rotor Instantaneous Rotation Center in Turbulence with Numerical Reuleaux Method (Author's:F Casesnoves) 175-184
27.   Multiplication of floating point numbers using VHDL (Author's:Sumi M.S., Sobin Daniel) 185-188
28.   Classification of large datasets using Random Forest Algorithm in various applications: Survey (Author's:Mohammed Zakariah) 189-198
29.   Fuzzy Logic Control Application: Design of a Fuzzy Logic Decorticator Controller of Morama Bean (Tylosema Esculentum L.) (Author's:Kenneth O.M. Mapoka) 199-204
30.   Evaluation of Distributed Generation Technologies in Luxury Hotels (Author's:Marco Gambini, Michela Vellini) 205-213
31.   An Experimental Approach: Condition Monitoring of Transformer Liquid Insulation (Author's:Madan Lal chowdary, Abhishek Singh, Ruchika Bansal,  .K.Jarial) 214-219
32.   Comparison an artificial intelligence-based model and other models: signalized intersection delay estimates (Author's:A.S. Hasiloglu, M. Gokdag,N. Karsli) 220-231

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