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Volume 4,Issue 2, August 2014

 Name of Research Article(Volume 4 Issue 2 , August 2014)                                                ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Geothermal Systems, a Practical Approach (Author's:M. Fathizadeh, D. Siems)
2.   Effects of Stiffeners on the Warping Resistance of Steel I-Beams (Author's:Christian O. Sørensen, Kristian M. Rasmussen) 7-14
3.   Structural and Phase Transformations in the High-Speed Steel as a Result of Electrolytic-Plasma Nitriding (Author's:Bauyrzhan Rakhadilov, Mazhyn Skakov, Batyrbekov Erlan, Michael Scheffler) 15-19
4.   An Intelligent Web-based System to Enhance Digital Circuits Concepts and Skills for Deaf Students (Author's:A. F. Elgaml, S. M. Baladoh) 20-26
5.   Secure Messaging System over GSM Based on Third Party Support (Author's:Saja T. Ahmed, Loay E. George) 27-32
6.   The Neutron's Role in Nuclear Binding Energy (Author's:Salah Eid) 33-34
7.   Development of a Braille Tactile Device Driven by Linear Magnet Actuators (Author's:Dimitar Karastoyanov, Vladimir Kotev, Ivan Yatchev) 35-43
8.   Controlling Downy and Powdery Mildews of Bill Pepper Using Fungicides Alternatives under Plastic Houses Conditions (Author's:Abdel-Kader, M.M., El-Mougy, N.S.) 44-48
9.   A Simple GIS Based Method for Designing Fiber-Network (Author's:Zahraa M. Matrood, Loay E. George, Faleh H. Mahmood) 49-57
10.   The Pareto Optimal Solution for Multi Objective Electric Power Dispatch Problem (Author's:S.Palaniyappan, I. Ilayaranimangammal, N.Vaishnavadevi, S. Anbu selvan) 58-63
11.   Similarity Solution for Partial Differential Equation of Fractional Order (Author's:Hetal Choksi and M. G. Timol) 64-67
12.   Application of Commercial Composts and/Or Trichoderma Harzianum for Controlling Lupine Root Rot Disease under Field Conditions (Author's:Nehal, S. El-Mougy, Abdel-Kader, M.M., Abdel-Kareem, F.) 68-73
13.   Performance Evaluation of Modified Hough Transformation for Lane Detection (Author's:Gurveen Kaur, Dinesh Kumar) 74-79
14.   IMPROVE TECHNIQUE FOR UNCERTAIN VIDEO RETRIEVAL (Author's:Rasna Sharma, Narendra Kumar Sahu, Rajesh kumar) 80-82
15.   A Survey of Image Compression Techniques (Author's:Puja Singh, Satyaranjan Panda) 83-86
16.   Effect of Wire EDM Parameters on Surface Roughness of Stainless Steel 15-5 PH (Author's:Anoop Mathew Kurian, Dr. Binu C.Yeldose,Ernest Markose Mathew) 87-90
17.   Investigation of Surface Roughness on M300 Steel Machined By EDM (Author's:Deepu P.Nair, Dr. Binu C.Yeldose,Dr. Cibu K. Varghese) 91-94
18.   Fluid Dynamic Modeling of Hydrogen Permeation through Membrane (Author's:Abd Ali, K, M) 95-98
19.   Thermodynamic Properties of CDSE Crystals Using First Principles Calculations and Experiment (Author's:D.M. Freik, L.I. Nykyruy, T.O. Parashchuk, B.P. Volochanska) 99-104
20.   Flutter and Divergence Characteristics of Composite Plate Wing (Author's:M. Kassem Abbas, Hany M Negm, M Adnan Elshafei) 105-115
21.   Design and Analysis of Plastic Brake Master Cylinder for Automobiles (Author's:B.Sandhya Rani, K.Prabhakar, C.Mohan Naidu) 116-119
22.   Study on the Influence of Process Parameters on Surface Roughness during the Electrolytic Colouring on Anodized Aluminum (Author's:Ramesh M S , Shajan Kuriakose,Jeoju M Issac) 120-123
23.   FEA Simulation Thermal Analysis of Induction Hardening Process in Case of AISI 1040 Steel (Author's:Dr. Amit Kohli, Dr. Gurudutt Sahni, Balpreet Singh) 124-127
24.   Induction Hardening Process Using AISI 1040 Steel Material on Samples of ASTM a 370-97(E18) and E70-97(E10) Standard and Its Benefits (Author's:Dr. Amit Kohli, Dr. Gurudutt Sahni, Balpreet Singh) 128-131
25.   Remote Sensing Application for Agricultural Land Value Classification Integrated in the Land Consolidation Survey (Author's:Stojanka Brankovic, Ljiljana Parezanovic) 132-136
26.   Dynamic Stability of Articulated Offshore Tower under Seismic Loading (Author's:Prashant Atreya, Nazrul Islam, Mehtab Alam, Syed Danish Hasan) 137-147
27.   Design, Construction and Simulation of a Circuit-Breaker Based Feeder Pillar with over current and Earth-Fault Protection Cum Digitalized Voltmeter (Author's:Azuatalam D.T., Diala U.H., Iwuchukwu U.C., Joe-Uzuegbu C.K., Morah F.C. and Ayalogu E.I.) 148-153
28.   Parametric Multicentre Monitoring in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Procedures in the Czech Republic – the Czech TAVI Registry (Author's:Milan Blaha, Petr Kala, Jiri Jarkovsky, Simona Littnerova, Marian Branny, Josef Stasek , Jan Vojacek, Viktor Kocka, Michael Zelizko, Pavel Cervinka, Martin Mates, Petr Nemec, Ladislav Dusek) 154-160
29.   Numerical Experiments to Investigate the Interactive Effects of some key Pinch Plasma Properties with Pressure on Neon Soft x-ray Production in Inti Plasma Focus (Author's:Devi. K. K. A, Saw. S. H., Lee.S.) 161-166
30.   Response of Building Structures to Blast Effects (Author's:Osman Shallan, Atef Eraky, Tharwat Sakr, Shimaa Emad) 167-175
31.   The Physico-Chemical Analysis ofCompressed Medical Air from Breathing Apparatus (Author's:Aleksandar Majstorović) 176-182
32.   Simulation Based Analysis of AODV, DSR, ZRP Routing Protocols (Author's:Sunita Swain, Sanku Sinha) 183-186
33.   Development of Flexible Control Software for Any Articulated Manipulators (Author's:Taeyong Choi, Hyunmin Do, Chanhun Park, Dongil Park, Jinho Kyung and Doohyeong Kim) 187-191
34.   Design and Application of Defective Ground Patch Antenna for PD Detection in Underground LV Power Cables (Author's:Devi. K. K. A, Chakrabarty. C. K, Norashidah Md. Din) 192-197
35.   Simulation and Comparision of Single Phase and Three Phase 7 level Multilevel inverter (Author's:Premlata solanki,Tali nagwani) 198-202
36.   Thermodynamics of solvation for nano zinccarbonate in mixed DMF–H2O solvents at different temperatures (Author's:Mohamed N .H .Hamed , Esam A.Gomaa and Sameh G .Sanad) 203-207
37.   Probability Distributions, Flow Model and Wavelet Transform for Growing Areas in Irrigation Districts of Hidalgo State, Mexico (Author's:J. Roberto Mercado-Escalante, Olga X. Cisneros-Estrada, Pedro Antonio Guido-Aldana, Waldo Ojeda-Bustamante) 208-212
38.   Integration of Urea Fertilizer and Trichoderma harzianum for Controlling Rhizoctonia Root Rot Disease of Lupine under Field Conditions (Author's:Nehal, S. El-Mougy, Abdel-Kader, M.M.) 213-217
39.   Numerical covariance analysis of MDoFhysteretic non- linear mechanical systemsubjected to modulated stochastic inputs (Author's:Giuseppe ACCIANI, Angelamaria ABRESCIA, Giuseppe Carlo MARANO) 218-233
40.   Management of Home Appliances with Variation in Environment (Author's:Aisha Jilani, Sahar Sultan, Intesar Ahmed and Sajjad Rabbani) 234-238
41.   Some Control Measures against Lupine Wilt Disease Incidence under Field Conditions (Author's:Abdel-Kader, M.M., El-Mougy, N.S., Nadia Gad) 239-243

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