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Volume 3,Issue 12,June 2014

 Name of Research Article(Volume 3 Issue 12 , June 2014)                                                ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Corrosion Analysis using Non-linear Parabolic Equation (Author's:Ion RIZA, Marius Constantin POPESCU)
2.   The Use of Housing Problems Structure as a Strategy for Upgrading Ugbene Slum Neighborhood in Enugu City, Nigeria (Author's:Dr. B. O. Uwadiegwu) 9-18
3.   Application of MATLAB/Simulink Program for Wireless Generalized Predictive Control (Author's:Adnan ALDEMİR, Hale HAPOĞLU, Mustafa ALPBAZ) 19-22
4.   Design and Implementation of an Attitude and Heading Reference System to Estimate and Predict the Global Localization of a Mobile Robot (Author's:B. B. Salmerón-Quiroz, G. Villegas-Medina, S. A. Rodriguez-Paredes, P. Niño-Suarez, R. Villalobos-Martínez) 23-28
5.   Effective Utilization of Lean Management in Construction Industry (Author's:A.Chandrasekar, M.Logesh Kumar) 29-33
6.   Multimodal Image Fusion Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine (Author's:Anushka B. Jagtap, M.P.Satone) 34-39
7.   A Visible Light Communication System for Indoor Application (Author's:Amrutha.S, Ansu Mathew, Rajasree.R, Swathy Sugathan; Aravind.S) 40-42
8.   Removal of Iron from drinking / ground water by using agricultural Waste as Natural adsorbents (Author's:R. Balaji, S. Sasikala, G. Muthuraman) 43-46
9.   Image compression Using Discrete Haar Wavelet Transforms (Author's:Monika Rathee, Alka Vij) 47-51
10.   Design and Analysis of Mounting Bracket (Author's:K. Shiva Shankar, Alka Sawale, M. Sampath Kumar Reddy) 52-55
11.   Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Fixed Life under Quadratic Demand and Nonlinear Holding Cost (Author's:Niketa D. Trivedi, Nehal J. Shukla and Nita H. Shah) 56-60
12.   Perfect Domination and Packing of Graph (Author's:J.V.Changela, G.J.Vala) 61-64
13.   Prey Predator Model with Fuzzy Initial Conditions (Author's:Purnima Pandit, Payal Singh) 65-68
14.   Automatic Speech Recognition of Gujarati digits using Dynamic Time Warping (Author's:Purnima Pandit, Shardav Bhatt) 69-73
15.   Design of Novel Linear Phase Digital Differentiator (Author's:Pooja, Mohit Kumar, Kirti Rohilla) 74-77
16.   Study of Seismic and Wind Effect on Multi Storey R.C.C. Steel and Composite Building (Author's:Syed Rehan, S.H.Mahure) 78-83
17.   Analytical Investigation of Rake Contact, Cutting Forces and Temperature in Turning (Author's:G. Ravi Kumar, T. Kumara Swamy, K. Shiva Shankar, N. Madhavi) 84-89
18.   Determination of Groundwater Quality Index in Vidyanagar, Davanagere City, Karnataka State, India (Author's:Kalpana G R, Nagarajappa D P, Sham Sundar K M, Suresh B) 90-99
19.   The Physical Characterization of Household Waste in the City of Mohammedia- Morocco-and the Evaluation of the Financial Impact of its Current Management (Author's:A. EL MAGUIRI, N. FAWAZ, S. SOUABI, L. IDRISSI, A. TALEB, R. VINCENT) 100-106
20.   Spectral Efficiency and Bit Error Rate Measure of Wireless OFDM System Using Raptor Codes with SUI-3 channel models (Author's:Kuldeep Singh, Jitender Khurana) 107-111
21.   Weierstrass Approximation Theorem Using Newton Interpolating Polynomials (Author's:Akhil Mittal, Harshad Patel) 112-114
22.   Effect of Mobility Models on the performance of Proactive and Reactive Routing Protocols (Author's:Ajay Prakash Rai,Preeti Shakya,Vineet Srivastava,Anurag Gupta,Prashant Khare) 115-119
23.   Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks with Energy Harvesting Capabilities of Transmitter and Receiver Antenna (Author's:Rajiv Dahiya, A. K. Arora and V. R. Singh) 120-123
24.   Application of Graph Theory in Traffic Management (Author's:Darshankumar Dave, Nityangini Jhala) 124-126
25.   Design of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in Energy Conversion Module Based On Multiplier Circuits (Author's:Rajiv Dahiya, A. K. Arora, V. R. Singh) 127-131
26.   Application of Linear Programming Techniques for Staff Training (Author's:Kashyap M. Gupta) 132-135
27.   Novel Image Denoising using Series Structure of Wavelet Decomposition with Thresholding (Author's:Apeksha Jain,M. Hasnine Mirja,N.K. Mittal) 136-140
28.   Physical and Biological Treatments as Integrated Control Measures against Tomato Root Diseases under Field Conditions (Author's:R.S.R. El-Mohamady, Nehal S. El-Mougy, M. M. Abdel-Kader, Mejda Daami-Remadi) 141-148
29.   Phase and Jitter Noise analysis of Phase Locks Loop (PLL) as Frequency Synthesiser (Author's:Aditi Sharma, Poonam Rana, Suraj Rana) 149-153
30.   Image Security by Using Fuzzy Graph (Author's:Gamil R.S. Qaid, Sanjay N. Talbar, Ali Abdo M.AL – Kubati) 154-157
31.   Influence of Sol Composition on Microstructural, Optical and Photocatalytic Properties of Zinc Tin Oxide Thin Film (Author's:Moumita Pal, Susanta Bera, Saswati Sarkar and Sunirmal Jana) 158-163
32.   Two-Area AGC in Interconnected System Under the Restructured Power System Using BFO With Optimal Control Theory (Author's:Dr. S.K. Gupta Yogendra Arya Shivank Shukla Pankaj Chawla) 164-169
33.   Linear Predictive Coding Algorithm with its Application to Sound Signal Compression (Author's:Vanik, Rumani Bhataia, Anil Dudy) 170-173
34.   Stuttered Speech Recognition For Robotic Control (Author's:G. Manjula, Dr. M. Shiva Kumar) 174-177
35.   Adaptive Synchronization of Rayleigh Fading Channel Using Kalman Filter (Author's:Aman Dhingra, Mohit Kumar, Kirti Rohilla) 178-182
36.   Parametric Study on Development, Testing andEvaluation of Concrete Funicular Shells (Author's:K. N. Lakshmikandhan, P. Sivakumar, Linu Theresa Jose, K. Sivasubramanian,S. R. Balasubramanian, S. Saibabu) 183-191
37.   Face Recognition based on Singular Value Decomposition Linear Discriminant Analysis Method (Author's:Manisha Deswal, Neeraj Kumar, Neeraj Rathi) 192-195
38.   Performance Assessment of Convolution Codes with different modulation technique (Author's:Safina Dhanda, Tazeem Ahmad Khan Malik Azizullah) 196-199
39.   Performance Analysis of Selective Combining Diversity over Rayleigh Fading Channel in Wireless Communication (Author's:Neelam Yadav, Neeraj Kumar, Neeraj Rathi) 200-204 
40.   Mitigation of Inter-Channel Interference (ICI) based on Zero Force Equalizer in Communication System (Author's:Nisha, Rambir, Sandeep Kumar) 205-208 
41.   Adaptive Equalization of Fractionally Spaced Equalizer Based on Activity Detection and Tap Decoupling (Author's:Manoj, Mohit Kumar, Kirti Rohilla) 209-212
42.   Quality Factor Evaluation of Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) and Four-Wave Mixing (FWM) in Passive Optical Networks (Author's:Ajay Singh, Jitender Khurana) 213-217
43.   Vertical Vibration based Electret-Cantilever Method of Micro-Power Generation for Energy Harvesting (Author's:Akin-Ponnle A.E, Ponnle A.A, and Falaki S.O.) 218-223
44.   Flexural Behavior of RC Sandwich and Hollow Block Bearing Walls (Author's:Al-Tuhami AbuZeid Al-Tuhami AbdAllah and Ahmed Ismail Gabr) 224-233
45.   Train accurate localization using ultra wide band radio and time reversal (Author's:B. FALL, F. Elbahhar, M. Heddebaut and A. Rivenq) 234-244
46.   Analysis of the Cash Transaction Counter of Xyz Bank Using Queuing Simulation (Author's:Nityangini Jhala, Darshankumar Dave) 245-248
47.   Hydro magnetic Mixed Convection Flow through Porous Medium in a Hot Vertical Channel with Span wise Co sinusoidal Temperature and Heat Radiation (Author's:B. P. Garg, K. D. Singh, N. Bansal) 249-255
48.   Optimal Preservation Technology Investment, Credit Period and Ordering Policies for Deteriorating Inventory under Credit Period Dependent Quadratic Demand (Author's:Nita H. Shah, Digesh Kumar B. Shah and Dushyant Kumar G. Patel) 256-260
49.   Biometric Solution for Person Identification Using Iris Recognition System (Author's:Kishori B. Jagtap, M.P.Satone) 261-265
50.   Performance Assessment of NCRI Parboiling System with Local Improved Parboiling (Author's:Gbabo, Agidi and Abdullahi, Lukman) 266-272
51.   An Oscillatory MHD Convective Flow of Viscoelastic Fluid through Porous Medium Filled in a Rotating Vertical Porous Channel with Heat Radiation (Author's:B. P. Garg, K. D. Singh, A.K. Bansal) 273-281
52.   Two Problems of Contact Deformation under Real Scheme of Contact Bodies are considered (Author's:X.I.Musayev, R.S.Guliyev, A. O. Yuzbashiyeva) 282-286
53.   Dual Band Antenna for Wireless Communication (Author's:Rukhsana Khan, Dr.Prashant Sonare, Dr Yogesh Sharma) 287-290
54.   Utilizability for Chennai, Trivandrum and Visakhapatnam (Author's:R. K. Aruna, B. Janarthanan) 291-296
55.   Beneficial Effect of Some Yeast and Bio-Fungicides on Peanut Mold infection (Author's:R.S.R. El-Mohamady, M.M. Abdel-Kader, N.S. El-Mougy, N.G El-Gammal, Abd-Alla, M.A.) 297-302
56.   Manufacturing process with disruption under Quadratic Demand for Deteriorating Inventory (Author's:Nita H. Shah, Dushyant Kumar G. Patel and Digesh Kumar B. Shah) 303-307
57.   Modelling and simulation of Influenza with Screening (Author's:Nita h. Shah, Jyoti Gupta) 308-313
58.   Case Study of RC Slab Bridge using Nonlinear Analysis (Author's:Sachin Kulkarni, U.N.Karadi) 314-320
59.   The Impact Forces End Face Circular Cylinder (Author's:Shamilova G.R) 321-326
60.   Insult Detection in Arabic On-line Commentary (Author's:Emad Mohamed) 327-330
61.   Comparative Study of Black Hole as a Hacker in Computer System with Black Holes in Our Universe (Author's:Ved Prakash, Dipo Mahto, Ashok Prasad Yadav, Krishna Murari Singh and Basant Kumar Das) 331-333
62.   The Hydrodynamic Characteristics Calculus forunmanned underwater vehicle wing using Solidworks Flow Simulation Module (Author's:BALANDIN KIRILL) 334-336
63.   Water Adsorption/Desorption Isotherms for Characterization of Micro porosity in Powder River Basin Sub bituminous Coal (Author's:Z. Huang, M.A. Urynowicz, J.H. Holles, and R.D. Pribyl) 337-344
64.   Some Factors Affecting Growth of Fruit Decay Fungi in Vitro (Author's:Mokhtar M. Abdel-Kader, N.S. El-Mougy, N.G El-Gammal) 345-350
65.   Design and Simulation of 4 Wheel Steering System (Author's:Saket Bhishikar, Vatsal Gudhka, Neel Dalal, Paarth Mehta, Sunil Bhil, A.C. Mehta) 351-367
66.   Multi-wavelet based Feature Extraction Algorithm for Iris Recognition (Author's:Kavita Anandrao Khobragade, Dr. K. V. Kale) 368-373

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