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Volume 3,Issue 11,May 2014

 Name of Research Article(Volume 3 Issue 11 ,May 2014)                                                ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
A low resolution image sensor for tactile vision sensory substitution (Author's:Mazin H. Aziz, Saad D. Sulaiman, Luqman S. Ali)
2.   Analytic Solution for the problem of Optimization of the Bi-elliptic Transfer Orbits with Plane Change (Author's:M.K. Ammar) 8-13
3.   Color Image Segmentation by Multilevel Thresholding using a Two Stage Optimization Approach and Fusion (Author's:Rafika HARRABI and Ezzedine BEN BRAIEK) 14-20
4.   Modeling and Analysis of Smart Timoshenko Beams with Piezoelectric materials (Author's:M. Adnan Elshafei, M. R. Ajala, A Riad) 21-34
5.   Decision Level Fusion of Iris and Signature Biometrics for Personal Identification using Ant Colony Optimization (Author's:Ibrahim A. Saleh, Laheeb M. Alzoubiady) 35-42
6.   Natural corrosion inhibitor for lead in 0.1 M Na2CO3 solution (Author's:Elmiziani Inaam, Houbairi Sara, Essahli Mohamed, Lamiri Abdeslam, Lhaloui Saadia) 43-49
7.   Energy Conversation Law in the Free Atmosphere (Author's:K.Kaliyeva) 50-61
8.   Model Predictive Control for Formation Keeping in an Orbit (Author's:Adel Abdulrahman, Mohamad Bagash, Ossama Abdelkhalik) 62-65
9.   Normalized cut algorithm on curvelet coefficient for digital image segmentation (Author's:Dr.Khalil al-saif, Nagham ajeel al-ajeely) 66-71
10.   On Realistically Optimal Evaluation and Analysis of Software Learning Packages' Performance Using Neural Networks (Author's:Hassan M. H. Mustafa) 72-78
11.   Automatic Pseudocode to Source Code Translation Using Neural Network Technique (Author's:Dr. safwan Omer Hasson,Fatima Mohammed Rafie Younis) 79-85
12.   An Embedded System for Video Encoding and Decoding (Author's:Chin-Chih Chang and Kuo-Wei Chuang) 86-91
13.   On some problems Related to the Fabrication of a Metallic Micro-Perforated Panel for Noise Control Applications (Author's:Rostand Tayong) 92-97
14.   Cloud Computing and Unknown Risks (Author's:Tariq Ahamad, Luay Assidmi) 98-101
15.   Optimal Design of Digital Integrator Using Genetic Algorithms (Author's:Vijay Sharma, Mohit Kumar, Kirti Rohilla) 102-106
16.   Error Analysis of Imprecise Multipliers (Author's:Sandeep Kumar Singh, Raghvendra Chanpuriya, Anshul jain) 107-109
17.   Anti Corrosion Ability of Aqueous Extract of Waste Sakhu (Shorea Robusta) Leaves (Author's:Pinky Sisodia,S. Khalid Hasan) 110-113
18.   A Study on Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms Using Supermarket Dataset (Author's:Tapas Ranjan Baitharu, subhendu Kumar pani) 114-117
19.   Automatic Speed Control of Vehicles Using RFID (Author's:Leena Thomas, Swetha Annu James, Seril Joseph, Arya K B, Tedik Narah, Obang Pangu) 118-120
20.   Treble Phase Compression for better efficiency of Columnar Database using RL-Huffman based LZW Coding (Author's:Punam Bajaj, Puneet Bagga, Rajeev Sharma) 121-127
21.   Electric Vehicle Charging Method for Automobiles Using Photovoltaic Cells (Author's:Latha M, Stafford Michahail ,Apoorva K S, Pooja S K,Prafulla P S,Sharvani chandrashekar B C) 128-132
22.   Wireless Monitoring For Industrial Automation Using Speech Recognition (Author's:Hussana Johar R.B, Soujanya R, Sushma.S, Syeda Ansha Sami, Supreetha M G) 133-139
23.   PAPR Reduction in OFDM Signal Using Signal Scrambling Techniques (Author's:Manju Bala, Mohit Kumar, Kirti Rohilla) 140-143
24.   Low-Complexity PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals Using Partial Transmit Sequence (PTS) (Author's:Manju Bala, Mohit Kumar, Kirti Rohilla) 144-147
25.   Study of Miscibility of Aqueous Polyacrylamide (PAA) Solution (Author's:Sugandha V. Khangar and Omprakash P. Chimankar) 148-150
26.   Implementation of Mobility Based Multi-Sink Algorithm for Energy Balancing in a Consumer Home Network (Author's:Manasa H.R,Ravi Kumar) 151-155
27.   Performance Analysis of Error Correction Code for Mobile OFDM System Using Channel Modelling (Author's:Safina Dhanda, Tazeem Ahmad Khan Malik Azizullah) 156-159
28.   Hand gesture recognition for vehicle control (Author's:Bhagyashri B.Jakhade, Neha A. Kulkarni, Sadanand. Patil) 160-164
29.   Comparative Analysis of Nonlinear Transmission Impairments in WDM Optical Network (Author's:Amit Kumar Garg,Rohit Vashishath) 165-172
30.   Evaluation of Passive Optical Networks based on Transmitting Power Constraint (Author's:Amrit Singh Bhatia, Sanjay Kumar) 173-177
31.   Privacy Preserving and Ensuring Secure Query Brokering in Distributed System (Author's:Harshitha.A.V,Ravindra. A.N) 178-184
32.   A Study on Blocking Abnormal Activities in Wireless Networks (Author's:Arvind Tudigani, Ch. Raju, Thirupathi Marupaka) 185-188
33.   High-resolving electrostatic energy analyzer withfine tuning for space investigations (Author's:I.A.Ilyina, A.M.Ilyin) 189-191 
34.   Cow Urine Effectiveness in Control of Microbially Induced Corrosion on Oil Transmission Pipelines (Author's:Okonkwo Ugochukwu C., Iweriolor Sunday) 192-196 
35.   Zinc-doped glass role in filling of loss of diaphyseal bone substance in NZW rabbits (Author's:Siwar Mosbahi, Hassane Oudadesse, Hafed Elfeki , Moez Trigui, Eric Wers, Tarek Rebai, Abdelfatteh Elfeki, Hassib Keskes) 197-205 
36.   Analysis of Rectangular Loaded Thin Plate usingthe Classical Small–Deflection Theory throughVariation Iteration Method (Author's:A. Karimpour , J. Vaseghi Amiri , D. D. Ganji) 206-211 
37.   Design and Implementation of PID Controller Based BFOA for Buck Converter Fed DC Motor Speed Control (Author's:Nashwan Saleh Sultan) 212-217 
38.   Analytical Analysis and Numerical Prediction of Seven DOF Human Vibratory Model for the Various Cars Driving Posture (Author's:Swami Mahesh, Kosbe Pradnya) 218-223 
39.   A Survey on Routing Protocols Performance in MANETs (Author's:Shailja Gupta, Raj Kumar Paul) 224-227 
40.   A Module Scheduling for Multiprocessor SystemBased on Memetic Algorithms (Author's:Surinder Kumar) 228-232
41.   Coupling Appraisal in Object-Oriented Systems (Author's:Priya Nigam, Rachna Mishra) 233-238 
42.   Big Data Analytics: An Approach using Hadoop Distributed File System (Author's:P Beaulah Soundarabai, Aravindh S, Thriveni J, K.R. Venugopal, L.M. Patnaik) 239-244
43.   Design and analysis of a sampling probe at high temperature under a CO2 atmosphere susceptible to oxidative damage. Part 1: Virtual design and dimensional optimization (Author's:Héctor Alfredo López Aguilar, Jorge Alberto Gómez, Abraham Hernández, Marco Antonio Merino, Carolina Prieto-Gómez, Antonino Pérez Hernández) 245-250
44.   Features of Parameters Identification of Algebraic Mathematical Models (Author's:Yuri Menshikov) 251-255
45.   A Review on Wireless Propagation Models (Author's:Pooja Rani, Vinit Chauhan, Sudhir Kumar, Dinesh Sharma) 256-261
46.   Design and analysis of a sampling probe at high temperature under a CO2 atmosphere susceptible to oxidative damage. Part 2: Optimization of operation (Author's:Héctor Alfredo López Aguilar, Jorge Alberto Gómez, Abraham Hernández, Marco Antonio Merino, Carolina Prieto-Gómez, Antonino Pérez Hernández) 262-266
47.   Effective Learning and Classification using Random Forest Algorithm (Author's:Vrushali Y Kulkarni, Pradeep K Sinha) 267-273
48.   Watermarking of Image Signal Based On Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) (Author's:Huma Vohra, Rajiv Dahiya) 274-278
49.   Loco fault tracking system (Author's:Asha M, Sheema U, Pagadala Gowri Lahari, Dhanasree JM, Lakshmi I S) 279-283
50.   Development of Biomedical Apparatuses Based on Supersensitive SQUID-Magnetometer and Its Application to In-Vivo Study of Lab Animals (Author's:Oleksandr Zakorchenyi, Mykola Budnyk) 284-290
51.   Spatial Patterns of Crimes in India using Data Mining Techniques (Author's:Ahamed Shafeeq B M, Dr. Binu V S) 291-295
52.   Windowed Based Design of Quadrature Mirror Filter (Author's:Roopali Sharma, Alka Vij) 296-300
53.   Analysis the effect Atmosphere Turbulence in Free-Space Optical (FSO) Communication Systems (Author's:Amarjeet Kaur, Ravinder Kumar Panchal) 301-305
54.   Development of Ethanol Sensor using Sodium A Nano Zeolite (Author's:Rajendra S. Khairnar, Malikarjun D.Wakde , Megha P. Mahabole, Rahul Krishna, Elby Titus) 306-310
55.   Study of structural built up & contour deviation of inboard slats assembly (Author's:Alka Sawale , K. Shiva Shankar, G Suresh) 311-317
56.   Stretching strain - effective “negative” pressure in Lead selenide nanolayers (Author's:A.M. Pashaev, O.I. Davarashvili, M. I. Enukashvili, Z. G. Akhvlediani, L.P.Bychkova , R.G. Gulyaev, V.P. Zlomanov) 318-323
57.   Adoption of Cloud based Knowledge Management (Author's:Abouzar Sadeghzadeh, Maryam Haghshenas, Mojtaba Nassiriyar, Roghayeh Shahbazi) 324-329
58.   Different Methods Preventing Interactions Problems in Hydraulic Systems (Author's:L. Borello, G. Villero, M. D. L. Dalla Vedova) 330-338
59.   Adsorption Behavior of MB Dye on Activated Usoro (Adenia Lobata) Fiber; Equilibrium, Kinetics and Thermodynamic Studies (Author's:Ejikeme, P.C.N., Ejikeme, Ebere M., Echegi, U. S. C.) 339-345
60.   Techno-Economic Assessment of Renewable Energy Technologies using Integrated Analysis (Author's:Rupesh Thakre, Dutt Subroto) 346-348
61.   Reliability of turbo-machinery throughcondition monitoring (Author's:B. Uma Devi, S. Srinivas Prasad , B. Arun babu,P. Mohan swaroop) 349-356

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