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Volume 3,Issue 10,April 2014

 Name of Research Article(Volume 3 Issue 10 ,April 2014)                                                       ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Recorrection Stretch Function Of the Spring-Like Elastic DNA Molecules (Author's:Dinh Trung Thai, Van Lanh Chu, Quang Quy Ho)
2.   An improved transient model of an Induction Motor including magnetizing and leakage inductances saturated effect (Author's:Dr. Ahmed Nasser B. Alsammak, Mohammed FawazThanoon) 5-12
3.   Induction of fuzzy rules based on scattered datamodeling and multidimensional interpolation: Anovel approach (Author's:D. S. Sfiris) 13-18
4.   Evaluating the Accuracy of Ensemble Learning Approaches for Prediction on Recurrent Colorectal Cancer (Author's:Chi-Chang Chang, Wen-Chien Ting, Ting Teng, Che-Hsin Hsu) 19-22
5.   On Local Stereo Matching for High Precision Measurement (Author's:András Rövid, Takeshi Hashimoto) 23-32
6.   Free oscillations of two concentrically locatedcylindrical shells with a fluid between them (Author's:A. I. Seyfullayev, M. A. Rustamova, S. R. Agasiev) 33-37
7.   Evaluation of Electromagnetic Radiation Safety from Wireless Transmission Systems in Tulkarm City - Palestine (Author's:Mutamed Khatib) 38-41
8.   V/f Control of Induction Motor Using SpaceVector Modulation (Author's:Cuckoo Joy, Jyothi. K. G.) 42-44
9.   Neutron Flux Monitoring System in Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (Author's:M.Sivaramakrishna, C.P. Nagaraj, K. Madhusoodanan, Dr. P. Chellapandi) 45-53
10.   A Survey on Distance Bounding Protocol for attacks and frauds in RTLS system (Author's:Srikanth S P,Sunita Tiwari) 54-57
11.   Collaborative Generic Module Design for Object Oriented Quality Profiling (Author's:Priyanka Jain, Dr. Akhil Khare) 58-62
12.   An Innovative Solution for Cloud Securitythrough Quantitative Analysis of VariousVisual Cryptography Schemes (Author's:R. Kalaichelvi, Dr. L. Arockiam) 63-67
13.   Image Retrieval by Matching Sketches and Images (Author's:Shashank Tiwari, M.S.Shaikh, Suhas Gavhane) 68-71
14.   Thermal Stress Analysis in Butt Welded Thick Wall Cylinder (Author's:Harmeet Singh, Som Kumar, Nimo Singh Khundrakpam, Amandeep singh) 72-75
15.   Two Way User Authentication Using Biometric Based Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's:Srikanth S P,Deepika S Haliyal) 76-80
16.   Effective way of Target Tracking and Mobile Sensor Identification using ACO in WSN (Author's:A.G.L.Poonguzhali) 81-84
17.   Community Detection in a Social Network Using Differential Evolution with Multiple Objective Functions (Author's:Shubhankar Banerjee, Mrigank Shekhar, Nehal Agarwal) 85-88
18.   Classification and Applications of Bio-impedance Measurement Techniques (Author's:D. K. Kamat, Dhanashri Bagul, Dr. P. M. Patil) 89-91
19.   Hardware Accelerator for General Purpose Artificial Neural Network (Author's:S. R. Ganorkar, Padmaraj A. Jain) 92-95
20.   Color Image Compression Using Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform (Author's:Sanjay J Bagul, Navinchandra G Shimpi, Pradeep M Patil) 96-103
21.   Mathematical modeling of carbon nano structures using symbolic computing (Author's:Rekha Penmatsa, V Senthilkumar) 104-106
22.   Maintenance Optimization for Critical Equipments in process industries based on FMECA Method (Author's:T. Sahoo, P.K.Sarkar, A.K.Sarkar) 107-112
23.   Behaviour analysis of stainless steel globe valve under different temperature conditions using FEA (Author's:DR GURUDUTT SAHNI,BALPREET SINGH) 113-116
24.   The Effect of Black Body Radiation and ElectronInertia on the Jeans Instability of Rotating andMagnetized Gaseous Plasma of Interstellar Medium (Author's:R.K.Pensia, V.Prajapat, V.Kumar, G.S.Kachhawa, D.L.Suthar) 117-121
25.   Harmonization of financial reporting and audit in banks (Author's:Kopytin V.Y,Vladimir Kopytin,Al Ithawi .Hussein Ali Mohammed) 122-130
26.   Contourlet Based Image Registration Using Blur Invariants (Author's:P.Noelien Selvarani, M.Jegatheesh) 131-137
27.   Flat Slab Construction in India (Author's:S.S. Patil, Rupali A. Sigi) 138-141
28.   Rechargeable Prepaid Energy Meter Based On SMS Technology (Author's:Subhasis Kar, Sayantan Dutta, Anusree Sarkar, Sougata Das) 142-144
29.   Design and Implementation of Decimation Filterfor 15-bit Sigma-Delta ADC Based on FBGA (Author's:Dr. Khalid K. Mohammed) 145-150
30.   Technical and financial challenges on Tran‘s boundary Wastewater Management from Palestinian territories (West Bank) to Israel (Author's:Eyad Y. Yaqob, George Sorial and Makram Sudian) 151-158
31.   Competition of Forces on Trapped Capabilityand Stability of DNA molecules in Optical Tweezer (Author's:Van Lanh Chu, Dinh Trung Thai, Quang Quy Ho) 159-163
32.   Automated Greenhouse Monitoring System (Author's:Eldhose.K.A, Rosily Antony, Mini.P.K, Krishnapriya.M.N, Neenu.M.S) 164-166
33.   AC Impedance spectroscopy study on Nickeldoped Cadmium Ferrites Nano particles preparedby sol-gel citrate method (Author's:G.N. Chaudhari) 167-170
34.   Comparative analysis of basic paradigms in internal audit development (Author's:I. V. Frolova, Al-Mohammedi Younis Ahmed Jassam) 171-174
35.   Micro Structural Tests of Titanium and its AlloyUsed in the Making of ProstheticReconstructions (Author's:Anna M. Ryniewicz , Łukasz Bojko , Wojciech Ryniewicz , Andrzej Ryniewicz , Rafał Bogucki ,Paweł Pałka) 175-180
36.   The Replacement of the Potentials as a Consequence of the Limitations Set by the Law ofthe Self variations on the Physical Laws (Author's:Emmanuil Manousos) 181-185
37.   Adaptive power line and baseline wanderremoval from ECG signal (Author's:Saad Daoud Al Shamma) 186-190
38.   Segmentation and Analysis of Lung Cancer Images Using Optimization Technique (Author's:Joel George R, Anitha Jeba Kumari D) 191-195
39.   Assessment of the Quality of Sandcrete Blocks In Use in Owerri Imo State, South-East Nigeria (Author's:Joan I. Arimanwa, Michael C, Arimanwa, Chinenye E, Okere, Chioma T. G. Awodiji) 196-206
40.   Optical properties of Pulse Plated CuInSe2 ThinFilms (Author's:K.R.Murali) 207-211
41.   Mesoscale Surface Patterned Silica-Titania Sol-Gel Thin Film on Glass (Author's:Saswati Sarkar, Rimlee Deb Roy, Prasanta Kumar Biswas, Shymal Kumar Bhadra and Sunirmal Jana) 212-218
42.   Variability of Tropical Tropopause Temperature Associated with Convective Activity in Troposphere (Author's:P. Sujatha, Neerja Sharma, M.M. Ali & C.V. Naidu) 219-224
43.   Packet Features Extractor for Network Security Systems: Design and Implementation (Author's:Abdullah A. Mohamed; Dia M. Ali) 225-231
44.   Security through Smart Encryption (Author's:Vishi Tomar, Dr. (Prof.) Jayant Shekhar) 232-236
45.   An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Association Rules for Large Itemsets in Large Databases (Author's:Dr.Hussam Al-Shorman, Dr.Yosef Hasan Jbara) 237-240
46.   Port Scan - A Security Concern (Author's:Tariq Ahamad) 241-246
47.   Automatic Image Mosaicing Using Sift, Ransac and Homography (Author's:Stafford michahial, Latha M, Akshatha S, Juslin F, Ms Manasa B, Shivani U) 247-251
48.   Application of Predictive Maintenance in Kurdistan Region to Reduce Total Maintenance Costs of the Equipment (Author's:Dr. Farhad Bilal Baha'addin) 252-254
49.   Experimental Investigations on a four stoke Diesel engine operated by Cotton seed biodiesel blended with Diesel (Author's:Dr V. Naga Prasad Naidu, Prof. V. Pandu Rangadu) 255-258
50.   A Verifiable Cloud Storage using Attribute Based Encryption and Outsourced Decryption with Recoverability (Author's:R.V.Agalya, K.Karthika Lekshmi) 259-263
51.   Footstep Power Generation Using Piezo Electric Transducers (Author's:Kiran Boby, Aleena Paul K, Anumol.C.V, Josnie Ann Thomas, Nimisha K.K) 264-267
52.   Optimal solution of real time problems using Queueing Theory (Author's:Anish Amin, Piyush Mehta ,Abhilekh Sahay, Pranesh Kumar, Arun Kumar) 268-270
53.   Development and Performance Evaluation of Piggery and Water Hyacinth Waste Digester for Biogas Production (Author's:B.O. Akinnuli, T.O. Olugbade) 271-276
54.   Electronics Industry and Ecosystems Deterioration in Mexicali City (Author's:Gustavo López Badilla, Ana Luz Tobón Quiala, Jerry Lee Arreola Estupiñan, Germán Guillermo Portela León) 277-280
55.   Comparison of wave evolution in triangularindex planar waveguides using different metaloxide cores (Author's:Rosmin Elsa Mohan, M. Sivakumar, K.S. Sreelatha) 281-285
56.   Worm Robot with Dynamic Adaptation to Pipe Diameter for In-Pipe Inspection (Author's:Basem F. Yousef and Nabil Bastaki) 286-292
57.   Increased Robust Stability of Nonlinear Systems Based on Hyperbolic Umbilic Catastrophe Theory (Author's:Gulnara Abitova, Mamirbek Beisenbi, Vladimir Nikulin) 293-299
58.   Robotic 2D Plotter (Author's:Dr M Shivakumar, Stafford Michahail, Ankitha Tantry H, Bhawana C K, Kavana H, Kavya V Rao) 300-303
59.   Development of Differential Colorimetric Analyzer for the Measurement of Iron in Water Solution (Author's:Pravin K. Bhadane, Suchita P. Bhangale) 304-309
60.   Multiple Sign Language Translation into Voice Message (Author's:Hussana Johar R.B, Priyanka A, Revathi Amrut M S, Suchitha K, Sumana K J) 310-314
61.   Design of RF Power Amplifier for Military Applications (Author's:Rubeena Mubeeb, Mamatha Shree R, Prathima G.S, Rabia Nikhath, Sowmyashree N) 315-319
62.   Instabilities in Displacement Process through Homogeneous Porous Media (Author's:Dr. Priti V. Tandel, Dr. P.H.Bhathawala) 320-322
63.   Nitrogen amount in weld after steel welding with micro – jet cooling (Author's:Tomasz Węgrzyn, Zbigniew Stanik) 323-326
64.   Simulation Studies of a Current Source Rectifier - DC Motor Using High Pass Filter With PID Controller (Author's:Omar Turath Tawfeeq, Ali Abbawi Mohammed Alabbawi, Nashwan Saleh Sultan) 327-332

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