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Volume 1 Issue 3,March 2012


Name of Research Article(Volume 1 Issue 3,March  2012)   ISSN:2277-3754 

 1. ABC Algorithm based Load-Frequency Controller for an Interconnected Power System Considering Nonlinearities and Coordinated with UPFC and RFB(Author's:Paramasivam Balasundaram,Chidambaram Ilangi Akilandam)  1-11
 2. Stress Analysis of I.C.Engine Connecting Rod by FEM (Author's:Vivek.C.Pathade,Bhumeshwar Patle,Ajay N. Ingale)  12-15
 3. Simulation of Closed Die Forging for Stud Bolt and Castle Nut Using AFDEX (Author's:M.R.Doddamani,Uday M.) 16-22
 4. Electronic Power Assisted Steering System (Author's:Rajiv Dey) 23-25
 5. Advanced Mathematical Analysis of Chassis Integrated Platform Designed for Unconventional Loading by Using Simple Technique for Static Load (Author's:Deulgaonkar V.R, Dr. A.G. Matani,Dr. S.P. Kallurkar) 26-28
 6. CFD Analysis of Superheater in View of Boiler Tube Leakage (Author's: Ajay N. Ingale,Vivek C.Pathade, Dr. Vivek H.Tatwawadi)  29-31
Packet Rejection Based on Packet Rank for Congestion Control (Author's:Kamlesh Chopra,Atish Mishra) 32-35
 8. Identification and Classification of Bulk Fruits Images Using Artificial Neural Networks (Author's:Dayanand Savakar) 36-40
Intelligent Particle Swarm Optimization (Author's:Anuradha Limbraj Borkar,S.M.Badave,V.M.Kulkarni)  41-43
 10. Numerical Analysis of Pin Fin Heat Sink with a Single and Multi Air Jet Impingement Condition (Author's: N. K. Chougule,G. V. Parishwad,C. M. Sewatkar)  44-50
 11. Design and Analysis of 8x1 Array Microstrip Patch Antenna Using IE3D (Author's: G. Guru Prasad, G. Madhavi Latha, V. Charishma) 51-55
12. Survey on Data Security Issues and Data Security Models in Cloud Computing (Author's: Ramasami S.,Umamaheswari P.) 56-60
13. Local Area Network Administration Using Mobile (Author's: Rupali Chopade, Shashank Diwan, Ajinkya Jiman, Avinash Navale, Sagar Lad) 61-63
14. A Wideband H Shape Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wireless MIMO Systems (Author's: P. V. V Koteswara Rao, Ch. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, K. Tejaswini, B. V. V  Ravindra Babu, K. Jagadeesh Babu) 64-66
15. Design and Development of Automatic Appendicitis Detection System Using Sonographic Image Mining (Author's: R. Balu, T. Devi) 67-74
16. A Novel Approach for Face Detection in Complex Background Using Genetic Algorithm (Author's: Roshan Bhaiswar, Pravin Kshirasagar, Ambarish A. Salodkar) 75-78
17. Iris Recognition Using Stationary Wavelet Transform and Artificial Neural Network (Author's:Pravin Kshirasagar, Ambarish A. Salodkar, Roshan Bhaiswar) 79-81
18. Centralized Automation for Domestic Application (Author's: A. R. Dahikar, V. N. Bhonge) 82-86
19. Real Time Image Enhancement Using Texture Synthesis (RETS) (Author's: Parth Bhatt, Ankit Shah, Sunil Pathak) 87-91
20. Call Admission Control Schemes and Handoff  Prioritization in 3G Wireless Mobile Networks (Author's: V. S. Kolate, G. I. Patil, A. S. Bhide ) 92-97
Economic Load Dispatch Problem of Thermal Generators with Ramp Rate Limit Using Biogeography Based Optimization (Author's: Neetu Agrawal , K. K. Swarnkar, Dr. S. Wadhwani, Dr. A. K. Wadhwani )  98-103
 22. A Combined  Method for CFA Image Compression with Haar Wavelet and GPPM Tree (Author's: M. Mohamed Sathik, S. Radhakrishnan)  104-106
23. Comprehensive & Collaborative Approach towards Eco-Sustainability through Implementation of Green Product  Lifecycle Management (Author's: Prakash Chandra Agrawal, Vikas Yadav ) 107-109
24. PSO and P&O based MPPT Technique for SPV Panel Under Varying Atmospheric Conditions (Author's: Rahul Suryavanshi, Diwakar R. Joshi, Suresh H. Jangamshetti ) 110-115
25. RS-A Fast Pattern Matching Algorithm for Biological Sequences (Author's: K. K. Senapati, Sandip Mal, G. Sahoo ) 116-118
The Structural Relationships between TQM Factors and Organizational Performance in Indian Automobile Sectors(Author's: Mahesh Krishan Shukla, Prakash Chandra Agrawal ) 119-121
27. Segmentation of the Heart and Great Vessels in CT Images Using Curvelet Transform and Multi Structure Elements Morphology (Author's: S. Josevin Prem, M. S Ulaganathan, G. Kharmega Sundararaj ) 122-128
28. Dynamic Steady State Distribution in Cloud (Author's: S. Selvi, Dr. B. Kalaavathi ) 129-132
29. Optimization of a Control Loop Using Adaptive Method (Author's: K. Prabhu, Dr. V. Murali Bhaskaran ) 133-138
 30. Synthesis and Simulation of Data Scrambler,Convolution Encoder, Data Interleaver and BPSK Modulator for WLAN (802.11a) Baseband Chip (Author's: Dr. Pradeep B. Mane, Shobha N. Pawar ) 139-143
31. Solid Waste Collection and Segregation : A Case Study of  MNIT Canpus, Jaipur (Author's: Vipin Upadhyay, Jethoo A. S, Poonia M. P ) 144-149
32. Study and Performance Evaluation of Various Term Weighing Methods for Automated Text Categorization Using SVM (Author's: Sandeep S. Patil, Rashmi R. Rathi, Ankita H. Tidake ) 150-155
33. Improved BPCS Steganography Based Novel Approach for Data Embedding (Author's: Pradnya R. Rudramath, M. R. Madki ) 156-159
34. A Simplified Switch Modulation Strategy for Matrix Converter (Author's: G. N. Surya, Subroto Dutt ) 160-165
35. Fuel Monitoring and Vehicle Tracking (Author's: Sachin S. Aher, Kokate R. D. ) 166-169
36. Impact of Drought on Urban Water Supply:A Case Study of Jaipur City (Author's: Dass Amit, Jethoo A. S, Poonia M. P ) 170-174
37. Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation (Author's: Shilpa Joshi, Dr. P. T. Karule) 175-178
38. Prohibited Operating Zones Constraint with Economic Load Dispatch Using Genetic Algorithm (Author's: Piyush Jain,K. K. Swarnkar, Dr. S. Wadhwani, Dr. A. K. Wadhwani ) 179-183
39. Simulation Based Study of Doubly Fed Induction Generators for Wind Electric Generation Using Matlab/Simulink (Author's: Radharaman Shaha,Subroto Dutta ) 184-187
40. Developing a System for Reducing the Turning Radius of a Car (Author's: B. L. Salvi, J. K. Maherchandani, Dr. B. P. Nandwana ) 188-191
41. A Solution to the Inverse Problem of Impact Force Determination from Structural Responses (Author's: Shrinivas L Gombi, Dr. D S Ramakrishna ) 192-196
42. A Review: Semantic Template Matching Using Color-Texture Features (Author's: Rajeev K. Singh,Uday Pratap Singh,Sunil Phulre ) 197-204
43. Role of Adaptive Neural Network in the Stabilization of Non-Linear System (Author's: Amarjeet Pal Cheema, Mohd. Sabir ) 205-208
 44. Corrosion Control in Concrete Using an Admixture (Author's: Lakshmi Keshav, Thilagavathi ) 209-213
 45. Redesigning of Horn Assembly Line Using Ecrs Principles (Author's: Sindhuja. D,Mohandas Gandhi. N, Madhumathi. P )  214-217
Numerical Study of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in Square Convergent Channel with 90° Inline Rib Turbulators (Author's: Siva Kumar K, Dr. E. Natarajan, Dr. N. Kulasekharan )  218-224
47. A Hybrid Sink Positioning Technique for Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's: Prerana Shrivastava, Dr. S. B. Pokle ) 225-228
48. Building Efficient Embedded Applications for a Component-Based Operating System (Author's: Aashish A. Gadgil, Giridhar S. Sudi ) 229-234
49. Application of Cubic Spline Collocation Method for the Numerical Solution of Parabolic Partial Differential Equations (Author's: O. A. Taiwo,O. S. Odetunde ) 235-238
50. Implementing an Aerospace Information System for a Developing Economy (Author's: Oladipo Onaolapo F., Ejiofor Virginia E.,Onyemaobi Chibuzo B. ) 239-247
51. Institutional Mechanism and Strategies for Approval of Development Projects in Pakistan (Author's: Muhammad Salim Javed, Ahmad Kamil Bin Mahmood, Suziah B. Sulaiman ) 248-253
52. Project Variables in Performance of the Project Planning,Implementation and Controlling Processes (Author's: Muhammad Salim Javed, Ahmad Kamil Bin Mahmood, Suziah B. Sulaiman ) 254-267
53. Heart Blogger System (Author's: Ritesh Kumar Saraswat, Ashish Mathur,Himanshu Didwania,Bharat Singh Chouhan, Arvind Sharma ) 268-275
54. Gathering Requirements for Hospital Management System Using Intelligent Agents (Author's:Nidhi Kushwaha , Shashank Sahu, Dr. Parvez Ahmed ) 276-279
55. Direct Torque Control (DTC) of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Space Vector Modulated Inverter (Author's: Vikram Singh,Manju Gupta ) 280-283

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