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Volume 3,Issue 9,March 2014

Name of Research Article(Volume 3 Issue 9 ,March 2014)                                                       ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Arduino Compatible World Wide Web Controlled Embedded System (Author's:Raj Kumar Tiwari, Santosh Kumar Agrahari)
2.   Long Term Load Forecasting in Tamil Nadu Using Fuzzy-Neural Technology (Author's:C.P. Ronald Reagan, S.R. Sari) 5-8
3.   Numerical Study of the Variational IterationMethod for Special Non-Linear PartialDifferential Equations (Author's:A. Borhanifar, Kh. Sadri) 9-14
4.   Engineering Properties of Building Materials in Historic Buildings in Bagamoyo (Tanzania) (Author's:Dr. Charles Lucian) 15-21
5.   Electrical Conductivities of SrFeO3-δ Perovskites (Author's:Fodil hanane, El Kourd Kaouther) 22-25
6.   Synthesis of Ce0.8Gd0.2O(CGO) nano ceramic powders by citrate-nitrate route of auto-combustion for low temperature solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) applications (Author's:Y. M. Alyousef, F.S.Alenazey, M.Ghouse, G.N.Almutairi and A.E.Aldossary) 26-36
7.   Concrete Hull: A New Experience in Northeast of the Brazil (Author's:Nóbrega, Juraci; Le Blanc, Arthur and Giordanni, Igino) 42-46
8.   Optimum Design of Space Tensegrity Dome (Author's:Osman Shallan, Atef Eraky, Tharwat Sakr, Abdalla Salama) 47-54
9.   Real time level, temperature, Quantity and density measurements for petroleum storage tanks (Author's:Saad Daoud Al Shamma) 55-58
10.   An Enhanced Framework for Automated Segmentation of the Pulmonary Lobes from Chest CT Scans using Level Set Approach (Author's:N. Blessy Tamil Ponmalar, A.Velayudham, Dr.R.Kanthavel) 59-63
11.   Intensional Query Processing for XML Documents (Author's:Neha Manvendra shroff ,Ganesh V. Gujar) 64-67
12.   Control and Automation of Cylindrical Grinder using PLC, Drives and HMI (Author's:Neha Kaushal, Rahul Sharma) 68-71
13.   Digitalization of Radio through DRM Standard on Mediumwave and Shortwave(Author's:Branimir Jaksic, Mile Petrovic, Petar Spalevic, Ratko Ivkovic, Sinisa Minic) 72-78
14.   Generation of Different Types of Voltage Sag Using Matlab/Simulink (Author's:Namrata B. Pawar, Dhondiram M. Kakre) 79-83
15.   Factor Analysis of the Technical Level ofSingle-Bucket Hydraulic Excavators (Author's:P.M. Mazurkin) 84-92
16.   ON TERNARY CUBIC EQUATION (Author's:P. Thirunavukarasu, S. Sriram) 93-96
17.   Comparative Study of MRAC and Fuzzy Control of Two-Tank Interacting Level Process (Author's:N.Deepa, S.Arulselvi, D.Rathikarani) 97-106
18.   Multiple Spoofing Attackers Detection and Localization in Wireless Networks (Author's:R.Tamilarasi,Jaharlal Sarkar) 107-111
19.   Adaptive Control of Micro-grid Inverters Based on Local Parametric Optimization (Author's:Vladimir Nikulin and Viktor Ten) 112-118
20.   Review on Speech Production Model (Author's:Rupali V. Pawar, Dr. R.M. Jalnekar) 119-122
21.   An Adaptive Framework for Non-Local MRI Denoising Based On ML Estimation Approach Using Regularizes (Author's:N.S Savitha Raj, A. Velayudham, Dr.R.Kanthavel) 123-127
22.   Pervasive Interaction Smart Bag Using RFID Technology (Author's:P.G.Gayathri,K.Abhirami,T.Sivaranjani) 128-129
23.   An Analytical Study of SIFT and SURF in Image Registration (Author's:Vivek Kumar Gupta, Kanchan Cecil) 130-134
24.   Correlation of Casualization Mechanism and Construction Workers Safety Behaviour (Author's:P. U. Okoye, K. C. Okolie, and Y. W. Aderibigbe) 135-141
25.   Buck Converter using Soft Switching PWM Converter with Current Sharing in Switches (Author's:Sijin Raj K. P., George John P) 142-145
26.   Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction on an Aircraft Wing (Author's:T. Sai Kiran Goud, Sai Kumar A, Dr. S Srinivasa Prasad) 146-152
27.   Innovative Economical Ecotechnology for Refining Intermediate (Bullion) Lead (Author's:Adrian Motomancea, Cristian Apostoloiu, Gheorghe Ionescu) 153-155


Design and Analysis of a High Data Rate Transceiver using Novel Pulses for IR-UWB PLAN(Author's: Khalid A. S. Al-Khateeb, Muaayed F. Al-Rawi)

29.   Solar Cell Standard and Improved Manufacturing Processes (Author's:Dr. N Achara) 162-167
30.   Tamil Text detection in videos (Author's:A. Thilagavathy, S. A. Mariyam Benazir, S. Monica, V.Sangeetha, A. Chilambuchelvan) 168-174
31.   Routing Algorithm in MANET (Author's:Simar Preet Singh, Barinderpal Singh) 175-178
32.   An Analytical Model for the Isothermal andIsochronal Kinetics of Phase and Structural Transformations in Nano structured Materials (Author's:Alfred P. Chernyshev) 179-187
33.   Effect of Vehicular Movement on Petroleum Pipelines at Road Crossing and Cathodic Protection (Author's:Jaydeb Manna, Buddhadeb Duari) 188-192
34.   Region Based Image Compression and Feature Point Detection Using DCT and Cellular Automata (Author's:Garima Tiwari, Ajay Kumar, Sangam) 193-197
35.   Development of Automatic Speech Recognition of Marathi Numerals - A Review (Author's:Yogesh K. Gedam, Sujata S. Magare, Amrapali C. Dabhade, Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh) 198-203
36.   How Team Leaders Can Use ICT To Improve Trust Among Virtual Teams to Increase Collaboration? (Author's:David Kauffmann, Golan Carmi) 204-220
37.   Fatigue Crack Propagation in Locally Heat-Treated Ductile Iron (Author's:Mindaugas Leonavičius, Algimantas Krenevičius, Gediminas Petraitis, Arnoldas Norkus) 222-229
38.   Analysis of Parameter Estimation Methods forWeibull Distribution and Interval Data (Author's:Toncho Hristov Papanchev, Anton Slavchev Georgiev, Georgi Evtimov Todorinov) 230-235
39.   Knowledge Intensive Processes Innovation: A Case in a Peruvian Insurance Company (Author's:Guillermo Antonio Dávila, Heitor Luís Belloni, Gertrudes Aparecida Dandolini, João Artur de Souza) 236-24
40.   Thermal Analysis of Mullite Coated Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Using 3-D Finite Element Method (Author's:P.N.Shrirao, Dr. Rajeshkumar Sambhe) 244-247
41.   Study of Amine as Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors for Mild Steel under different aggressive Atmospheric Conditions at high temperature (Author's:Vishal Saini and Harish Kumar) 248-256
42.   Literature Review on Smart Social Contact Management System for Better Memory Recall (Author's:Shailesh U. Sambhe, Sachin Murab) 257-264
43.   A Comprehensive Model for Evaluation of Sport Coaches’ Performance (Author's:Qiang ZHANG, Bo HOU, Yue WANG, Yarong XIAO) 265-271
44.   Adaptive Side lobe Jamming Cancellation for Low altitude radar (Author's:Habib Rezaei, Mohsen Mivehchy, Saied Ali Hashemi) 272-276
45.   An Efficient Routing Method for Lifetime Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Network using Fuzzy Approach and A-Star Algorithm (Author's:Chandra Prakash Yadav, Reena Kumari jain, Sunil Kumar Yadav) 277-284
46.   Unidirectional Solidified Zn-Al-Si-Cu Alloys: Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition (CET) (Author's:Alicia Esther Ares) 285-289
47.   Cyber Security: Strategy to Security Challenges- A Review (Author's:Vaishnavi J. Deshpande, Dr. Rajeshkumar Sambhe) 290-292
48.   Biometric Security (Author's:Pravin Sonsare) 293-296
49.   Color based Edge detection techniques– A review (Author's:Simranjit Singh Walia, Gagandeep Singh) 297-301
50.   Chemical and Biological Measures against Sclerotinia spp. The Causal of Foliage Blight Disease of Cucumber and Pepper Plants in Egypt- A Review (Author's:Mokhtar M. Abdel-Kader, N.S. El-Mougy, S.M. Lashin) 302-311
51.   Robust Diagnosis for Hybrid Dynamical Systems (Author's:Takrouni Asma, Nadia Zanzouri, Vincent Cocquempot, Mekki Ksouri) 312-318
52.   Fungicide Alternatives for Controlling Cantaloupe Root rot Incidence under Plastic Houses Conditions (Author's:Nehal S. El-Mougy, M. M. Abdel-Kader, S.M. Lashin) 319-323
53.   Protective Foliar Approaches against Downy and Powdery Mildews of Cantaloupe under Plastic Houses Conditions (Author's:Nehal S. El-Mougy, M. M. Abdel-Kader, S.M. Lashin) 324-329

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