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Volume 3,Issue 8,February 2014

                      Name of Research Article(Volume 3 Issue 8 , February 2014)                                                       ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Dry Friction Discontinuous Computational Algorithms (Author's:L. Borello, M. D. L. Dalla Vedova)
2.   Open Multiprocessing Aided Overlapped Motion Compensated Temporal Interpolation (Author's:Madiha Sher, Nasru Minallah, Fahad Khan, Muhammad Asif Manzoor, Munaza Sher) 9-15
3.   Parity Assisted Decoding for QAM in AWGN Channels (Author's:Amer H. Al Habsi, Yahiea Al-Naiemy, Hussain M. Al-Rizzo, Robert Akl, and Maytham M. Hammood) 16-20
4.   Named Entity Recognition for Nepali language: A Semi Hybrid Approach (Author's:Arindam Dey, Abhijit Paul, Bipul Syam Purkayastha) 21-25
5.   Cloud Computing: A review (Author's:Richard Chukwu Ogbu, Ifeanyi Ugbaga Nkole) 26-29
6.   Automated Water Distribution and Performance Monitoring System (Author's:E.Vinothini, N. Suganya) 30-32
7.   Radiation an Mass Transfer Effects on MHD Boundary Layer Flow due to an Exponentially Stretching Sheet with Heat Source (Author's:R.L.V. Renuka Devi, T. Poornima, N. Bhaskar Reddy and S. Venkataramana) 33-39
8.   Spectrally Efficient Modulation and Turbo Coding for Wireless Communication in Gaussian Channel (Author's:Amer H. Al Habsi, Yahiea Al-Naiemy, Hussain M. Al-Rizzo, Robert Akl, and Maytham M. Hammood) 40-47
9.   Study Structure, Microstructure and Temperature Dependence of Some Physical Properties of ZnO Doped PZT–PMSN Ceramics (Author's:Nguyen Dinh Tung Luan, Le Dai Vuong) 48-52
10.   Accident Alert and Event Localization (Author's:N.Suganya, E.Vinothini) 53-54
11.   Wavelet-Based Transmission Line Fault Analysis (Author's:Prince Jose, Bindu V.R) 55-60
12.   A Study of Computerized System Validation Method for PLC Based System (Author's:Masakazu Takahashi, Reiji Nanba) 61-72
13.   Dielectric and Magnetic Properties of Co Substituted Ni-CD-Ferrite Prepared By Solution Combustion Method (Author's:N. D. Patil, N. B. Velhal, N. L. Tarwar, Vijaya R. Puri) 73-77
14.   Data Hiding in Colored Encrypted Images (Author's:A.Pavithra, K. Saranya) 78-79
15.   Effects of Addition of Whey on Phytic Acid Degradation of Bread (Author's:K.P. Babar, S.S. Thorat, P.M. Kotecha, R.S. Gaikwad, S.B. Lande) 80-84
16.   Using Semantic Web technologies to create a learning management system based upon Mixed Diagnostic Tests (Author's:Anna E. Yankovskaya, Vladimir V. Razin, Yury N. Dementyev, Valentin V. Popov) 85-92
17.   Monitoring Patient Self-Management Using Mobile Health System (Author's:K. Saranya, A.pavithra) 93-95
18.   Analysis and Simulation of Parallel DC-DC Converter fed Sonar Power Amplifiers (Author's:Anu John, V. N. Panchalai, Preethi Thekkath) 96-101
19.   Study of Payment and Accounting Operations on the Basis of Matrix Modeling (Author's:Kopytin V.Y, Meteab H.L.M) 102-106
20.   An Intelligent transducer security system adopting background subtraction (Author's:K. Tulasi Krishna Kumar, P. Rameswara Anand) 107-111
21.   Change in Internal Energy of Non-Spinning Black Holes in AGN (Author's:Dipo Mahto, Rama Nand Mehta, Juleshwar Prasad Kushwaha & K.P. Singh) 112-116
22.   Assessment of Groundwater Quality Using GIS Techniques: A Case Study of Mysore City (Author's:B.Mahalingam, Ramu, Magdum Deepali Bhauso, P.Jayashree) 117-122
23.   Trust Based and Energy-Aware Routing Protocolfor Heterogeneous Multihop Wireless Networks (Author's:K. Raja, Dr. R. Saminathan, S. Abarna) 123-129
24.   Advances in electronic nose technology for clinical applications (Author's:Pauroosh Kaushal) 130-135
25.   Environmental Control for the Industry: A Water Consumption Model (Author's:Dr. G. Escalera Izquierdo, Dr. A. Pérez Zabaleta, L. Vizcaíno Pérez) 136-141
26.   Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with FuzzyLogic Control Based MPPT (Author's:Prince Jose, Priya Rani Jose) 142-148
27.   An Optimum Replication Strategy for Multi-HopWireless Mesh Network with P2P Data SharingSettings (Author's:Tasquia Mizan, Samiul Islam) 149-155
28.   Preparation and Luminescent Properties ofSr3B2O6: Eu3+ Phosphor (Author's:Ho Van Tuyen, Nguyen Manh Son, Vu Xuan Quang) 156-159
29.   A Study and Analysis Six-Sigma Methodologies in Manufacturing Industries (Author's:Babu Lal, Pawan Kumar) 160-163
30.   Influence of Solvent Environment on the Shpol'skii Spectra of Anthracene and Benzoanthracene Molecules (Author's:Firas J. Kadhim, Abbas J. Al-Watttar, Baha T. Chiad, Asmaa N. Ahmed) 164-169
31.   Irrigation Expert System for Trees (Author's:Ayman Nada, Mona Nasr, Maryam Hazman) 170-175
32.   Electrical Properties of A-site Substituted Lead -free Potassium Sodium Niobate Ceramics (Author's:Asha Dahiya, O.P.Thakur) 176-178
33.   FLORA-2D: A New Model to Simulate the Inundation in Areas Covered by Flexible and Rigid Vegetation (Author's:Andrea Cantisani, Luciana Giosa, Leonardo Mancusi, Aurelia Sole) 179-186
34.   Six Sigma-An Innovative Approach for Improving Sigma Level: A Case Study of a Brick Company (Author's:Kumar G., Jawalkar C. S., Vaishya R. O.) 187-195
35.   A spectral model for the turbulent kinetic energy ina stratified shear flow (Author's:Debjit Dutta) 196-201
36.   Performance Based Comparativeanalysis of AODV & AOMDV Protocols Under Energy Constrain (Author's:Rahul Deshmukh, Jitendra Rai) 202-205

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