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Volume 3,Issue 7,January 2014

                      Name of Research Article(Volume 3 Issue 7 , January 2014)                                                       ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
A Variable Precision Rough Set ModelBased on Multi-granulation and Tolerance (Author's:Wu Chen, Xu Wei, Yang Xibei , Wang Lijuan)
2.   Study of System Model Optimized of PhotovoltaicPumping (Author's:A. Bouden, M. Marir Benabbas) 7-12
3.   Tool Life Modeling for Drilling NAB Alloy Reinforced by SIC and Graphite (Author's:Dr. Haydar A.H. Al-Ethari, Hussain Hamza) 13-17
4.   Well-Defined Nano Particles from Poly (N-Vinyl Pyrrolidone-B-Dimethylsiloxane) Prepared By Conventional Radical Polymerization (Author's:Ivan Keranov, Marc Michel, Anelia Kostadinova, Stoyan Miloshev, Todorka Vladkova) 18-28
5.   Influence of Section Thickness on the Thermal Conductivity of Compacted Graphite Cast Iron at Elevated Temperatures (Author's:Osama Mohamed Erfan and Omar Elmabrouk) 29-33
6.   Growth of Embedded and Protrusive Striped Graphene on 6H-SiC (0001) (Author's:A. Ruammaitree, H. Nakahara, K. Soda, Y. Saito) 34-39
7.   Universities as Knowledge Intensive Business Services – A Systematic Literature Review and a Case Study of a Research Group (Author's:Ademar Schmitz, Pierry Teza, Gertrudes Aparecida Dandolini, João Artur de Souza) 40-47
8.   Forced Convection Cooling of a 3D Protruding Heaters Array with Laminar Flow Of Dielectric Fluid (Author's:Felipe Baptista Nishida, Thiago Antonini Alves) 48-57
9.   Application of Cognitive Graphics Tools in Intelligent Systems (Author's:Anna E. Yankovskaya, Artem V. Yamshanov, Natalia M. Krivdyuk) 58-65
10.   Optimization of Plane and Space Trusses Using Genetic Algorithms (Author's:Osman Shallan, Atef Eraky, Tharwat Sakr, Osman Hamdy) 66-73
11.   Application of Queue Model for Performance Assessment of Multi-Channel Multi-Servers Motor Spirit Filling Station (Author's:B.O. Akinnuli, T.O. Olugbade.) 74-81
12.   An Intelligent Approach for AutomaticBrain Tumor Detection (Author's:Manojkumar Kathane, Vilas Thakare) 82-84
13.   Synthesis of Linear Antenna Array Using ChaoticOptimization to Reduce the Side Lobe Levels (Author's:Apoorv Singh, Kanchan Cecil) 85-87
14.   Modeling and Design of Controllers for Interacting Two Tank Hybrid System (ITTHS) (Author's:Y. Christy, D. Dinesh Kumar) 88-91
15.   Reduction of Paper in OFDM System Using Haar Wavelet Based Approach (Author's:M.SRINIVASA RAO, K.VENKATA TEJA, J.DURGA HARIKA, K.MURALI, B. RAM MOHAN) 92-96
16.   Optimization of Linear Antenna Array Using Big Bang Crunch Algorithm for Reduction in Side Lobe Levels (Author's:Amit Sharma, Kanchan Cecil) 97-99
17.   Pythagorean Triangle With PERIMETER AREA/Parameter as Quartic Integer (Author's:P. Thirunavukarasu, S. Sriram) 100-102
18.   Developing a Program for Planning the Material and Resources to Meet the Demand (Author's:George Martin Jose, Dr. Devi Prasad Varma, Jacob Kuriacose) 103-106
19.   Design Analysis of Lubricating Pump Rotor Shaft for Fatigue (Author's:S. B. Naik, P.P. Gambhire) 107-110
20.   Thermal Stress Analysis of Rectangular Plate due to Convection using Finite Element Method (Author's:Shubha Verma, V. S. Kulkarni) 111-117
21.   Synthesis of Linear Antenna Array Using PSOto Reduce Side Lobe Level for WLAN (Author's:Mayank Vishwakarma ,Kanchan Cecil) 118-120
22.   A Review on Different Image Steganography Techniques (Author's:Anjali Tiwari, Seema Rani Yadav, N.K. Mittal) 121-12
23.   The dynamics of Knowledge Management and Innovation in the Indian manufacturing sectors: A Systems Perspective (Author's:Vasanth Kamath, Dr. Lewlyn L. R. Rodrigues, Dr. Pradeep V. Desai) 125-130
24.   A Survey of Software Development Practices in Sylhet Metropolitan Software Firms, Bangladesh (Author's:MD. Abdul Awal Ansary) 131-136
25.   Analysis of Land Use Change and Urbanization in Büyükçekmece Watershed (Istanbul, Turkey) (Author's:H.Gonca COSKUN, Guler YALCIN) 137-140
26.   Finite Element Analysis of a Weld Assembly (Author's:J. P. Singh, A. Agarwal) 141-146
27.   A new Concept of Duality for Linear Fractional Programming Problems (Author's:S .F. Tantawy) 147-149
28.   Influence of high content fly ash on concrete durability (Author's:S Zulu, D Allopi) 150-155
29.   Cloud Based Interactive Mobile Multimedia Streaming (Author's:P. Malarkodi, A. Punitha Angel Mary) 156-159
31.   Fuzzy Decision-Making Support Methods for the Selection of IT- Professionals (Author's:Mammadova M.H., Jabrayilova Z.G., Mammadzada F.R.) 169-175
32.   Evaluation of Logic Families using NOR and NAND Logic Gates (Author's:Vibha Soni, Nitin Naiyar) 176-179
33.   An Evaluation of the Selection Process of HVAC Systems in Public Buildings in Egypt (Author's:Laila M. Khodeir) 180-187
34.   A Review : Single Input Fuzzy Logic Controller (Author's:Vishal Revatkar, M. N. Thakare, G. D. Korde) 188-190
35.   Annealing Temperature Affecting the Nanocrystalline Alloys’ Physical Properties (Author's:V. Tsepelev, V. Zelenin, V. Belozerov, Yu. Starodubtsev, V. Konashkov) 191-195
36.   Paper withdrawn by Author (Author's:Dr. Farhan M. Al Obisat , Amani Altarawneh) 196-198
37.   Influence of Cell Phone Waves on the Performance of HPGe Detector (Author's:N. A. Mansour, E.I. Khalil, M. Fayez-Hassan) 199-206
38.   Simulation and Analysis of Direct Injection Strategies for Hydrous Ethanol in Internal Combustion Engines (Author's:Fernanda Pinheiro Martins, Claudia Regina de Andrade, Vitor L. Penteado) 207-215
39.   Contributions to the Survey Concerning the Structure of Calibrated Cold Drawn Steel Bars and Wide Flat Steel Prepared through the Eco technology of Shot Blasting (Author's:Adrian Motomancea, Dan Prodan, Emilia Balan, Anca Bucuresteanu) 216-222
40.   Analysis of Progressive Dies (Author's:V. S. BHAJANTRI, G. B. KAPASHI, S. C. BAJANTRI) 223-231
41.   Mathematical and Geometrical Formulation/Analysis for Beam Divergence Limit Angle in Radiotherapy Wedges (Author's:F Casesnoves) 232-243
42.   Computation of incipient fault currents of Power Transformer using Double Fourier Series – A Fastest Method for Field Computations (Author's:Dr. A.Srinivasula Reddy, Dr. R. Sanker)  

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