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Volume 3,Issue 4, October 2013

                      Name of Research Article(Volume 3 Issue 4 , October 2013)                                                       ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Geoinformatics Based Village Information System- A Case Study of Ralegoan Siddhi, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra (Author's:V Madhava Rao, P Kesava Rao Ravi Sankar SS, T Phanidra Kumar, A Ramesh)
2.   A Novel Algorithm for Image Compression Based On Fractical and Neural Networks (Author's:G.V. Maha Lakshmi, Dr. S. Rama Mohana Rao) 8-15
3.   Energy Efficiency for Data Center and Cloud Computing: A Literature Review (Author's:Abusfian Elgelany, Nader Nada) 16-20
4.   Wheat Crop Production in Sumel Area As Affected By Deficit Irrigation Utilizing CROPWAT Software (Author's:Ma’an H. Sheet) 21-28
5.   Analytical Analysis of Image Filtering Techniques (Author's:Prabhdeep Singh, Aman arora) 29-32
6.   A Binary Logistic Regression with ThresholdValues (Author's:DBS Suresh Kumar, M. Chitti Babu, K Bhavani Shankar) 33-39
7.   Security Attacks and Solutions On Ubiquitous Computing Networks (Author's:Ahmad Sharifi, Mohsen Khosravi, Dr. Asadullah Shah) 40-45
8.   First Record of Phytophthoracinnamomi in Kiwifruit Trees in Egypt (Author's:Wafaa M. Haggag) 46-47
9.   Advanced Oxidation Process to Enhance Removal Efficiency of Phenol Using a Combined Catalyst (Tio2 and Zno) (Author's:S.N. Lakshmi Vandanapu, G. Swaminathan,V.Sridevi, Y.VikranthPridhvi, K.Dayana) 48-52
10.   Experimental Study on the AtmosphericAttenuation Effective on Audio Signals In FreeSpace Laser Communication Links (Author's:Jassim Mohammed Jassim) 53-57
11.   Low Cost Solar Cooling System (Author's:K.V.N. Srinivasa Rao,B.J.M. Rao) 58-61
12.   Adjacent Vertex Distinguishing Edge Colouringof Cactus Graphs (Author's:Nasreen Khan, Madhumangal Pal) 62-71
13.   Energy Optimized Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's:Santhosh Simon, K Paulose Jacob) 72-80
14.   The Impacts of Environmental Education andProduct Cognition on Consumers’ PurchaseIntention on Lithium Battery-Powered ElectricalMotorcycles (Author's:Pao-Lung Chang,Kuei-Chiu Lee  ,Wun-Hong Su) 81-89
15.   Handwritten Script Recognition at Line Level – A Multiple Feature Based Approach (Author's:Dr. G.G. Rajput, Anita H.B.) 90-95
16.   Analyzing Material Management Techniques on Construction Project (Author's:Ashwini R. Patil, Smita V. Pataskar) 96-100
17.   Multiple Signal Processing, Control and Communication (Author's:Gurleen Kaur, Shubham Suresh) 101-104
18.   Timetabling Problem with Fuzzy Constraints: A Self-Learning Genetic Algorithm (Author's:Radomir Perzina, Jaroslav Ramik) 105-113
19.   Optimal Position of Mobile Manipulator with One Degree-of-Freedom Device Constraint (Author's:Hyun Min Do, Jin Ho Kyung, Taeyong Choi) 114-118
20.   Sharded Parallel Mapreduce in Mongodb for Online Aggregation (Author's:B Rama Mohan Rao, A Govardhan) 119-127
21.   Use of Twitter as an Instrument for Disseminating Public Information in Providing Public Goods and Roles of e-Government: Evidence from Japanese Prefectures (Author's:Naoya Yasugi, Yasuyuki Nishigaki, Wong Meng Seng, Liu Chang Yu, Hideki Nishimoto) 128-133
22.   Influence of Kerr Effect on Tweezer CenterLocation in Nonlinear Medium (Author's:Van Nam Hoang, Thanh Le Cao, Quang Quy Ho) 134-138
23.   Applications on Generalized Two-Dimensional Fractional Cosine Transform (Author's:V. D. Sharma, S. A. Khapre) 139-143
24.   A Real Time based Image Segmentation Technique to Identify Rotten Pointed Gourds (Author's:Pratikshya Mohanty, Avinash Kranti Pradhan, Shreetam Behera) 144-148
25.   Effect of Enzyme Blends and Dough Strengthening Emulsifier on Extending the Shelf Life of Sandwich Bread Applying Response Surface Methodology (Author's:O. Kaltsa, T. Georgopoulos, S. Yanniotis, I. Mandala) 149-160
26.   Operational Calculus on Fourier-Finite Mellin Transform (Author's:V.D. Sharma , A.N. Rangari) 161-164
27.   Hiding the Military Secret Message by Reversible Data Hiding (Author's:Alekhya Orugonda, S.Rajan) 165-168
28.   Credentials Students with 13.56 MHz RFID (Author's:Barbara Emma Sanchez Rinza, Francisco Mauricio Barreal Cortez) 169-172
29.   A Survey on Resource Allocation and TaskScheduling Algorithms in Cloud Environment (Author's:M.Gokilavani, S.Selvi, C.Udhayakumar) 173-179
30.   A Review on Color Constancy Algorithms (Author's:Aakashdeep Singh Aulakh, Aman Arora) 180-183
31.   Simulation Study of High Frequency PowerAmplifiers (Author's:Reenu Mathew, Leena Thomas) 184-188
32.   Implementation of a New Charging feature in Electric Vehicles (Author's:Shamna P V, Beena M Varghese, Dr.Babu Paul) 189-191
33.   Steganography: Exploring an ancient art of Hiding Information from Past to the Future (Author's:Govinda Borse, Vijay Anand, Kailash Patel) 192-194
34.   Complexity and Chaos in Volterra Like3-Dimensional Food Chain System and Controlof Chaos (Author's:L. M. Saha, Neha Kumra) 195-202
35.   A Review on Digital Image Steganalysis Techniques Categorised by Features Extracted (Author's:Rita Chhikara, Latika Singh) 203-213
36.   Security in Automotive Domain Using Secure Socket Layer (Author's:Alphonsa Johny, Jayasudha J.S, Anurag R) 214-219
37.   Modification of Ag Thick Film Microstripline Due to Superstrate Ni-Cu-Fe-Mn-O ceramics (Author's:R. S. Pawar, S. N. Mathad, N. D. Patil, Vijaya R. Puri) 220-223
38.   Tamper-proofing of Embedded System Software (Author's:J Ram Prabu, K Nandini) 224-226
39.   Spectrophotometric and Raman studies of 2, 2, 6, 6-tetramethylpiperidine donor with different ζ and π-acceptors (Author's:Samy M. El-Megharbel , Moamen S. Refat) 227-233
40.   Modification of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic by Nanofillers (Author's:Martin James, Manoj George K., Cijo Mathew, Dr. K. E. George, Reji Mathew) 234-240
41.   The significance of lab-oriented practical class: A case study of New Universities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Author's:Dr. Saeed Q Y Al-Khalidi, Prakash Kuppuswamy) 241-246
42.   Rayleigh and Rician Fading Environment for Dual Hop Relayed Transmission (Author's:Neha Pathak, Zainab Aizaz, SG Kerhalkar) 247-252
43.   Simulation of Internet Connectivity for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks in Network Simulator-2 (Author's:Sulaiman Khalifa Yakhlef, Ismail Shrena, Nasaraldian Ambark Shashoa) 253-257
44.   Performance of Improved Multiplier Based On Low-Cost Low-Power Bypassing Technique (Author's:Sharvari S. Tantarpale,Swati V. Sakhare) 258-260
45.   Design Rectangular Microstrip Antenna forDirect Broadcast Satellite (Author's:Neha Bhandari, Nikita Gosavi,Tazeen Shaikh) 261-263
46.   Application of Coir Geotextile in Rural Roads Construction on BC Soil Subgrade (Author's:Kundan Meshram, S.K. Mittal, P.K. Jain , P.K. Agarwal) 264-268
47.   Efficient Data Transmission Mechanisms for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Author's:SUNIL.K.S, Kuppani Satish) 269-271
48.   Power Factor Correction Using PIC Microcontroller (Author's:Pranjali Sonje,Anagha Soman) 272-276
49.   Effect of Aggressive Chemical Environment on Durability of Green Geopolymer Concrete (Author's:Neetu Singh, Sameer Vyas, R.P.Pathak, Pankaj Sharma, N.V.Mahure, S.L. Gupta) 277-284
50.   New Methods for the Control of Lesser Grain Borer, Rhyzopertha Dominica (Author's:Hussein A. Kaoud, Sherein Saeid, Ahmed R. EL-dahshan, Ahmed M. El-Behary) 285-289
51.   A Review on Cost and Effort Estimation Approach for Software Development (Author's:Geetika Batra, Kuntal Barua) 290-293
52.   Analysis of Thermo elastic Behavior of SemiInfinite Rectangular Beam Due to Heat Generation (Author's:A. A. Kulkarni; R.T. Walde; A. A. Navlekar and N. W. Khobragade) 294- 297
53.   Alcohol-Assisted Dyeing Processes: Dyeing and Antimicrobial Finishing of Treated Wool Fabrics with Nano-Powders C.I. Reactive Red 84 (Author's:G. E. A. Mahmoud) 298-306 
54.   New Technique for Mobile User's Location Detection, Future Prediction and their Applications (Author's:M. Abo-Zahhad, Sabah M. Ahmed, M. Mourad) 307-321 
55.   Thermal Solution of a Semi infinite Circular Beamdue to Heat Generation (Author's:A.A.Kulkarni; Ovais Ahmed; A. A. Navlekar and N.W.Khobragade) 322-325 
56.   Expansion of Fly Ash Cement Composites Dueto Controlled Delayed Ettringite Formation (Author's:Samo Lubej, Milan Radosavljević) 326-333 
57.   Solution of Linear Programming Problem by KKLMethod (Author's:N. W. Khobragade, N. K. Lamba and P. G. Khot) 334-340 
58.   Obstacle Avoiding Delay Equalization for Rectilinear Clock Tree Routing based on a Game Theoretic Approach (Author's:Partha Pratim Saha, Tuhina Samanta) 341-349 
59.   Solution of Game Theory Problems by KKLMethod (Author's:N. W. Khobragade, N. K. Lamba and P. G. Khot) 350-355 
60.   Study of Formability of Coated Sheets from thePlasma Chemical Pretreatment of Surfaces (Author's:Milan Dvorak, Emil Schwarzer) 356-360 
61.   Evaluation of Land Use/Land Cover Changed Detection Using RS & GIS A Model Study From Vijayawada, AP (Author's:SS. Asadi, K.Chandush dutt, Nirmal Neupane, K.Sudha kiran choudary , Arjun dhakal) 361-368
62.   Alternative Approach to Linear FractionalProgramming (Author's:K. G. Lokhande, N. W. Khobragade, P. G. Khot) 369-372
63.   Meta-Analysis of Building Information Modeling Literature in Construction (Author's:Bahriye Ilhan, Hakan Yaman) 373-379 
64.   Thermo elastic Analysis of Thick Hollow Cylinderwith Radiation Conditions (Author's:N. W. Khobragade) 380-387 
65.   Application of Phase Plots for Dynamic Stability Analysis of Compliant Offshore Structures (Author's:Atreya, Prashant, Islam, Nazrul, Alam, Mehtab, Hassan, Syed Danish) 388-395 
66.   Thermoelastic Analysis on a Circular PlateSubjected to DistributedAnnular Heat Supply (Author's:Ovais Ahmed; Anjali C. Pathak; Vinod Varghese, N. W. Khobragade) 396-400 
67.   Diode Based Ground Bounce Reduction for 3 bit-Fat-Tree Encoder in Analog to Digital Converter (Author's:Mamta Gurjar, Dr. Shyam Akashe) 401-407 
68.   Thermoelastic Analysis of a Thin Circular Platewith Radiation Type Conditions (Author's:Hamna Parveen; Anjali C. Pathak; Varghese, V. and Khobragade, N. W.) 408-413 

Heuristic Approach to Goal Programming Problem for Animal Ration Formulation (Author's:Radha Gupta, Ravinder Singh Kuntal, Kokila Ramesh)

70.   Inverse Transient Thermoelastic Problem of a FlatThin Square Plate Producing Deflection (Author's:Anjali C. Pathak; Ovais Ahmed; Varghese, V. and Khobragade, N. W.) 423-428
71.   Inverse Thermo elastic Problem of Semi infiniteRectangular Beam due to Heat Generation (Author's:Ranjana S. Ghume; R.N. Pakade; P. V. Mugale and N. W. Khobragade) 429-432
72.   Interior Thermoelastic Problem of a Semi infiniteCircular Beam due to Heat Generation (Author's:R.N. Pakade; Ranjana S. Ghume; P. V. Mugale and N.W.Khobragade) 433-436
73.   Selecting Barley Variety through Expert System (Author's:Ravindran Singh, Vijay Kumar Katiyar and Shanawazul Islam) 437-441
74.   Modeling Of Potassium Uptake in Arid Region under Water Scarcity (Author's:Youssef, R.A; Nesreen H. Abou-Baker; A. Khater, A. M. Zaghloul) 442-448
75.   Temperature dependent Dynamic (Absolute) scosity of Oil (Author's:J. N. Angaitkar,Dr. A.T.Shende) 449-454
76.   Steady Laminar Cooperating Double Diffusion Natural Convection of Binary Fluid in a Square Enclosure with Partially Active Vertical Wall (Author's:Abdennacer BELAZIZIA, Smail BENISSAAD, Said ABBOUDI) 455-461
77.   The Behaviour of Concrete in Terms of Flexural, Tensile & Compressive Strength Properties by Using Copper Slag as an Admixture (Author's:Vamsi Pradeep I, Kishore Kumar M) 462-465
78.   Feature Extraction and Comparative Classification of Myoelectric Signal for Prosthetic Arm Control (Author's:S.S.Patil, Veeresh P.M., R.P. Mane) 466-471
79.   A Cloud Computing Based Sales Forecasting System for Small and Medium Scale Textile Industries (Author's:Apurva Pandey, Raj Kumar Somani) 472-476
80.   Peak Side Lobe Levels of Legendre and Rudin-Shapiro Sequences: Families of Binary Sequences (Author's:G.NagaHari Priya, N.Raja sekhar, V.Nancharaiah) 477-485
81.   Topics On the Diagonal Matrix Functions (Author's:Ali Sameripour) 486-488
82.   Active Shunt Filter for Harmonic Mitigation in Wind Turbines Generators (Author's:Mohammad firoozian , Hamed mirnezhadi , Eidy Hadadi) 489-495
83.   Non-Uniform Traffic Performance of Multi-Class Scheduling Technique with Dual Threshold (Author's:A. A. Abdul Rahman, K. Seman, K. Saadan, A. Azman, F. Salim) 496-502
84.   Initial Failure Analysis of Lubricating Oil Pump shaft (Author's:Pradeep Pawar, Pankaj Gambhire, N. S. Hanamapure) 503-508
85.   Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Department in Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria (Author's:Mbaneme F. C. N., Ukaegbu G. O.) 509-517

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