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Volume 3 Issue 2 , August 2013


                      Name of Research Article(Volume 3 Issue 2 , August 2013)                                                       ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
A New Current-Mode Squarer Circuit ForRMS-to-DC Converter (Author's:Mohammad Hadi Danesh, Ebrahim Mahmoudian, Amin Emami Fard)
2.   How to Improve Stability by Using Facts Controller (Author's:Kirti S. Deshmukh, D.B.Meshram)   5-11
3.   Performances Enhancement in Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) (Author's:R.G.Balaji, P.S.Raghavendran, Dr R. Ashokan) 12-15
4.   Analysis of Cloud Computing & Emergence in Software Agile Process Model (Author's:D.Krishna,Ch. Vijaya Kumar) 16-20
5.   Web-Based Gas Emission Level Monitoring of Diesel Power Plant using Multi-Sensors (Author's:Ansar Suyuti) 21-25
6.   Template Protection for Fingerprint Recognition System using Fuzzy Vault (Author's:Shubhangi Sapkal,Dr. R.R. Deshmukh) 26-29
7.   Low Delay SBR Filter Banks for MPEG-4 AAC-ELD (Author's:S.G. Dighe, S. S. Gundal) 30-33
8.   Structure Preserving Embedding BasedFace Recognition (Author's:Nishana S S, Subu Surendran) 34-40
9.   Hybrid Projective Synchronization between Non-identical Fractional Order Chaotic Systems (Author's:Priyamvada Tripathi, Ayub Khan) 41-49
10.   A Secure Data Transmission Using Dynamic Random Key (Author's:B.T.Geetha, M.V.Srinath) 50-54
11.   Agrees and Disagrees of Mechanical and Electrical Faults Diagnosis of the IM Techniques: A Review (Author's:Khalaf Salloum Gaeid; Adel M. Bash; Aref Jasim Abbas; Jamal A.Hameed) 55-70
12.   FODA - A Fast Outlier Detection Algorithm for VPNs (Author's:Dr.Reji Kurien Thomas, Dr. T.Anand) 71-76
13.   Separation and Counting of Blood cells using Geometrical Features and Distance Transformed Watershed (Author's:A.Sai Prasad, K.Surya Latha, S. Koteswara Rao) 77-82
14.   New Area in Johari Window (Author's:Ruchi Tandon) 83-85
15.   Power Control Optimization and Improving Throughput for LTE-Advanced Relay Networks (Author's:Pandiaraj, Thenkumari) 86-88
16.   Reducing Number of Transmissions in Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Author's:Skb.Rathika, Skb.Sangeetha) 89-91
17.   Effect of Intelligence and Hyperactivity on Classroom Adjustment of 7th Class School Students (Author's:Seema Arora) 92-95
18.   Preparation of Metallic Nickel Nugget from Lateritic Ore and Its Comparison with Synthetic Oxidic System (Author's:Biswabandita Kar Tapan Kumar Panda) 96-100
19.   MMC Based HVDC System (Author's:Harikrishnan K, Rinku scaria) 101-107
20.   Log-Term Deflections of Beams Strengthened by Prestressed and non-Prestressed FRP Sheets (Author's:Hesham Diab, Zhishen Wu, Ehsan Ahmed) 108-114
21.   K-Edge-Connectivity: a new Approach of finding Minimum Spanning Tree Ordered Minimum Spanning Tree (OMST) (Author's:H.B Walikar, Ramesh K, Hanumantu) 115-118
22.   Plasma Effect on TM01 Mode Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for Space Telemetry and Telecomands Subsystems Applications (Author's:Abdulkareem A. A. Mohammed, Dhirgham K. Naji) 119-129
23.   Age Group Estimation using Face Features (Author's:Ranjan Jana, Debaleena Datta, Rituparna Saha) 130-134
24.   Improving MM-Wave Left-Handed Transmission Line Antenna by Stub Matching (Author's:Sajin Gheorghe Ioan, Mocanu Iulia Andreea, Carp Mihaela) 135-140
25.   Reliability Prediction of 220 kV Kerala Powersystem using Neural Network (Author's:Dr. J.Abdul jaleel, Sreedevi.R.C) 141-144
26.   A Double Stage Booster for Single PhasePhotovoltaic Applications (Author's:Cuckoo Joy, Jyothi.G.K.) 145-148
27.   Study on RCC Bridge Pier Using ANSYS (Author's:Rashmi R.Vanahalli, Dr. S.V.Itti) 149-152
28.   The R2 Bit Algorithm for Information Hiding In Images (R2BA) (Author's:Dr. V. Nanda Kumar) 153-156
29.   Development of Small-Sized Industrial Dual-Arm Robot with Convenient Interface (Author's:Taeyong Choi, Hyun-Min Do, Chanhun Park, Dongil Park,Jinho Kyung) 157-161
30.   Image Decomposition and Compression by usingLifting Scheme (Author's:M. Santhosh, B. Stephen Charles, Dr. M N Giriprasad) 162-166
31.   Modelling of Cuk Rectifier for Power FactorCorrection (Author's:Jibin George, Rabiya Rasheed) 167-170
32.   Composite Propeller for High-Speed Aircraft (Author's:Daniel Švrček, Ján Ťulák) 171-174
33.   Mapping the Intellectual Structure of Contemporary Technology Management Research (Author's:Chin-Hsiu Tai, Che-Wei Lee, Yender Lee) 175-181
34.   Conservation of Potable Water Using Chilled Water Condensate from Air Conditioning Machines in Hot & Humid Climate (Author's:SHAHID ALI KHAN,SARIM NAJI AL-ZUBAIDY) 182-188
35.   A Gabor Improved Feature Extraction for Iris Recognition (Author's:Deepali) 189-191
36.   Power Compensation in Distribution System Based on Optimization Technique (Author's:Tissa Tom , Rinku Scaria) 192-195
37.   Guarding Images using a Symmetric key Cryptographic Technique: Blowfish Algorithm (Author's:Dr. J. Abdul Jaleel, Jisha Mary Thomas) 196-201
38.   Analysis and Implementation of Top k QueryResponse Time Optimization Approach forReliable Data Communication in WirelessSensor Networks (Author's:Shital Kakad, Prachi Sarode, J W Bakal) 202-211
39.   Challenges in Developing Citizen Centric e-Governance in India (Author's:Pranay Sachidanand Joshi, Raghav Garg) 212-213
40.   Real Time Peer-Peer Intrusion Detection Using Rough Set Dynamic Reduct Approach (Author's:R. Ravinder Reddy, Dr. Y.Ramadevi, Dr. K V N Sunitha, P Karteek) 214-218
41.   Distributed Query Processing via Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Network (Author's:R. Jebakumar, Dr. P. Vivekanandan) 219-223
42.   Reduction of Diesel Engine Emissions and Its Analysis by Using Exhaust Gas Recirculation at Various Cooling Rates (Author's:B Lakshmana Swamy, Dr. B Sudheer Prem Kumar, Dr. K Vijay Kumar Reddy) 224-228
43.   Complementary Tree Domination Number of Circular-Arc Graphs (Author's:Dr. A. Sudhakaraiah, Dr. V. Raghava Lakshmi, T. Venkateswarlu) 229-232
44.   Passing ship‟s influence on quay wall via moored to quay wall ships (Author's:Vytautas Paulauskas, Donatas Paulauskas) 233-236
45.   Effect of Changing Cone Valve Diameter on the performance of Uni-Flow Vortex Tube (Author's:Dr.Ing.Ramzi Raphael Ibraheem Barwari) 237-240
46.   Acoustic Echo Cancellation by Informax Based Source Deflation of the Loudspeaker Signal (Author's:Thato Tsalaile, Ephraim Gower, Monageng Kgwadi, Shedden Masupe) 241-245
47.   DTD-free AEC via a Sliding DFT Window for ICA-based single Parameter Estimation (Author's:E. S. Gower, T. Tsalaile, M. Kgwadi, S. Masupe) 246-249
48.   Growth, Dielectric and Optical Parameters of some TPPO Crystals (Author's:K. Sreevani, K. Thangaraj) 250-252
49.   Operational Calculus on GeneralizedTwo-Dimensional Fractional Fourier Transform (Author's:V.D.Sharma) 253-256
50.   Wireless Sensor Networks Design for Greenhouse Automation (Author's:N.R.Mohanty, C.Y.Patil) 257-262
51.   Analysis of the Current Situation and Tendencies of Further Development of Worldwide and Local Science «Safety of Water » (Author's:Abay Tursunov, Sophia Romanova, Akhan Myrzakhmetov) 263-266
52.   Algorithmic Design for Multi-Layer Survivable Networks and Failure Recovery (Author's:Dr.H.B.Walikar, Ramesh K) 267-272
53.   Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Folded Plate Structures for Seismic Evaluation (Author's:Swatilekha Guha Bodh) 273-277
54.   Production and Evaluation of some Gas Oil Fractions from Taq-Taq Crude Oil and Their Structural Group Analysis (Author's:Abdulsalam R. Karim, Luqman O. Hamasalih) 278-282
55.   A Simulation & Performance Analysis of ANCusing Adaptive Filters (Author's:Deepika , Isha Chauhan) 283-287
56.   Effects of Salts Concentration on Emergence and Growth of Tomato (Lycopersicon Esculentum) in Tropical Areas (Author's:Umara, B.G., A.S. Abdullahi, J. M. Dibal and D. Ahmad) 288-291
57.   The Extension of Singular Homology on theCategory of Soft Topological Spaces (Author's:Sadi Bayramov, Leonard Mdzinarishvili, Cigdem Gunduz (Aras)) 292-299
58.   Quality Improvement by Enhancement Techniques (QIET) on Low Quality Fingerprint Image (Author's:Shama Choudhary, Ashish Oberoi) 300-305
59.   Analysis & Error Performance of Multicarrier DSCDMASystem over Rician Fading Channel (Author's:Abhishek kumar,Naveen Gupta,Rajni Kant) 306-310
60.   Diagnosis and Detection of Skin Cancer Using Artificial Intelligence (Author's:Dr. J. Abdul Jaleel, Sibi Salim, Aswin.R.B) 311-315
61.   Analysis of Natural Convection around RadialHeat Sink: A Review (Author's:A. M. Patil, P.D. Kabudake) 316-324
62.   A New Approach for Discovering Frequent Pattern from Transactional Database (Author's:Minu Pandya, Priyanka Trikha) 321-325
63.   A Review on Subsistence and Significance of Medical Plants Available in Andhra University, Visakhapatnam (Author's:Sridevi V, Chandana Lakshmi M.V.V) 326-332
64.   Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Modified Incremental Conductance for Solar Photovoltaic System (Author's:Swathy.A.S, Archana.R) 333-337
65.   An Efficient Fuel-Cell Battery Powered PMDC Motor Drive Scheme for Electric Vehicles (Author's:E. Elbakush, A. M. Sharaf) 338-347
66.   Imaginative Pre-Dispensation Knacks for Accurate Nuke Doppelganger of Hominoid Sagacity (Author's:C.Bala Saravanan, V.Vijayashanthi, D S Deva Kiruba Dafi, E.Venitha, M.Jayalakshmi) 348-350
67.   Experimental Study of Kerosene-Air Injection into a Model of a Detonation Chamber (Author's:Mayur R Anvekar, Nishanth P) 351-354
68.   Recital Analyzing of Vibrant Channel Allocation - ARSCA (Author's:Vinay Jadhav, M. P. Wankhade, Avinash Devare, Simantini Jadhav) 355-358
69.   New Method for the Control of ComplexesSystems with Unknown and Bounded Delay (Author's:Nawel Mensia, Moufida ksouri) 359-364
70.   Wind Integrated Battery/Super Capacitor Combination in UPS (Author's:Aravind Rajagopal, Jyothi G K) 365-367
71.   Improvement of Swelling Soil under Traffic Areas Using Dust Shield Polymer (Author's:Talaat A. Ahmed, Ahmed O. Kamel) 368-371
72.   Experimental Analysis of Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage using Paraffin Wax as Phase Change Material (Author's:Thirugnanam.C, Marimuthu.P) 372-376
73.   Development of Novel Polymer Composites (Author's:Peetu Paul, Nirmal Job A, Justin Koshy, Dr. K.E. George, Dr. Biju Cherian Abraham) 377-380
74.   Simulation of Deflagration Explosion in Industrial Building with Consideration of Influence of Safety Structures (Author's:Andrey A. Pepelyaev,Galina G. Kashevarova,Anna S. Martirosyan) 381-386
75.   Comparative Study of Liquid –Liquid Extraction and Bulk Liquid Membrane for Rhodamine B (Author's:S. Elumalai, G. Muthuraman) 387-392
76.   Innovation in New Business (Experimental Evidence: Face book) (Author's:Kiakojouri Mahmoud, Mojadad Shiva) 393-400
77.   Biogas Production Potential of Poultry Waste and Jatropha De-Oiled Cake (Author's:Suraj Kumar Bhagat, Tiyasha, Mona Rani) 401-406
78.   SCADA Application Development Using LABVIEW (Author's:Somasundaram B, Darun S K, Dr.D.Sharmila,Banu Rekha B,Manoj S K) 407-410
79.   Tracking in Wireless Networks Depending On Available Network Information and Resources (Author's:M.Sc. Ismael Khaleel, M.Sc. Mohammed Khaleel) 411-414
80.   Statistical Characteristics of Functions of Small Proteins (Author's:Jiji N, Dr. T. Mahalakshmi) 415-419
81.   Overseeing Warehouse Design Using MDA in Entire Lifecycle (Author's:Ziyati Elhoussaine, Ouzzif Mohammed , Mounir Rifi) 420-423
82.   Study the Effect of Box Grip and Back Belt on Manual Lifting Tasks for Indian Male Workers (Author's:Balwinder Singh, Jaswinder Singh) 424-430
83.   Modeling and Control of PMBLDCM Using PFC Half &Full Bridge Converter (Author's:R.GESHMA KUMARI, Dr .S.TARA KALYANI) 431-439
84.   Geospatial Simulation Based On Cellular Automata in Extrapolating Land-Use Changes (Author's:Paharuddin, Muchtar Salam Sole Sakka, Dadang Ahmad Suriamihardja) 440-446
85.   Phyto-Filtration: A New Approach of Waste Water Treatment (Author's:Tiyasha, Shaktibala Suraj Kr. Bhagat) 447-453
Variation of Infiltration Rates with Soil Texture. A Laboratory Study  (Author’s: F. A. Adeniji, 1*B. G. Umara, 1**J. M. Dibal and 2Amali A. A.) 
Review Of Biometric Technologies Used for ATM Security  (Author’s: Namit Gupta, Anu Sharma) 
Analyzing Planar Dipole Antenna with Different Arm Widths Operating at 1 GHz  (Author’s: Ranga rao Orugu, K. Srinivas, V. Rama Raju, Ch. Rama Krishna, D. N. Bhushan Babu ) 
Response Surface Methodology to Assess an Ecofriendly Approach for Utilization of Berhampur City Municipal Solid Waste  (Author’s: Ladu Kishor Bisoyi, Ranjita Swain and R Bhima Rao ) 
Risk Decision Support System for Public Private Partnership projects in Egypt  (Author’s: A. Samer Ezeldin , Yosr Badran) 
Numerical simulations of Jet-A combustion in a gas turbine combustion chamber  (Author’s: A.C. Petcu, C.Sandu, C. Berbente) 
Patient Medical History Data Embedding in Stego Images using in Telemedicine  (Author’s:B. Bhaskar, K. Rajesh Kumar Reddy, M.Pramod Kumar) 
Transmission System Reliability Cost Analysis in Deregulated Power System  (Author’s: P. SRINIVASA VARMA, V. SANKAR) 
The Behavior of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Sand Loaded by Square Footing   (Author’s: Dhiaadin Bahaadin Noory Zangana) 
Bioprocessing Of Brevibacillus Brevis and Bacillus Polymyxa: A Potential Biocontrol Agent of Gray Mould Disease of Strawberry Fruits   (Author’s: Wafaa M. Haggag , F. Abd-El-Kareem ,S.D. Abou-Hussein) 
Analysis and Application of Hydraulic Jump   (Author’s: Edward Ching-Ruey LUO) 
Performance Analysis of Underwater Image Enhancement with CLAHE 2D Median Filtering Technique On the Basis Of SNR, RMS Error, Mean Brightness   (Author’s: Ritesh Beohar, Pankaj Sahu) 
Experimental and Finite Element Analysis on the Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams with Web Openings   (Author’s: Heba A. Mohamed) 
Improvement of Power System Stability Using IPFC and UPFC Controllers   (Author’s: VSN.Narasimha Raju, B.N.CH.V.Chakravarthi, Sai Sesha.M) 
Robust Nonlinear Full State Feedback Control for Autonomous Close Range Rendezvous and Docking of Spacecraft   (Author’s: Daero Lee, Hyochoong Bang) 
101.   Load Flow Analysis and Reliability Evaluation of 220KV Kerala Power System (Author's: Dr.J. Abdul Jaleel, Shabna .S.S) 558-563

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