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Volume 3 Issue 1 , July 2013


Name of Research Article(Volume 3 Issue 1, July 2013)          ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified)

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Adaptation Strategy of the Energy Companies to the Energy Sector Policy and Regulations in the Sustainable Development Context (Author's:Piotr F. Borowski)



Optimization and Improving Throughput on WiMAX Mobility (Author's: Dr. Rajaa Alden Alabed, M.Sc. Mohammed khaleel)



Hybrid Control of a Station of Irrigation by Sprinkling (Author's: Mohamed Radhouane Mejri, Abderrahmen Zaafouri, Abdelkader Chaari)



Transient Stability Indices for Fast Contingency Ranking in Large Electric Power Systems (Author's:Stefano Massucco, Federico Silvestro,Emanuele Ciapessoni, Diego Cirio, Andrea Pitto)



Development of Iron Based Multifunctional Additive & Performance Evaluation of Biodegradation with LDPE (Part-I) (Author's:Rajshree Vijayvargiya, A K S Bhadoria, Ajay Kumar Nema) 



VANET (Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks): Avoidance of Risk Factor in Secure Communication (Author's: Manoj Diwakar, Ajay kumar,Dhirender Kumar, Nitin Thapliyal)



Effect of Lateral Jet Interaction with External Flow at Positive and Negative Incidence (Author's: S.Srinivas Prasad, K.Durga Rao, R.K.Sharma, G.V.Ramana Murty)



Effect Of Pongamia Methyl Ester (PME) On Performance and Emission Characteristics On Turbocharged Low Heat Rejection (LHR) Di Diesel Engine With Mullite As A Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) (Author's:Vivian Robert Cutler, Dr. A.Veeresh Babu) 



Sealing of Sandy Soil Ponds with Clay Layer (Author's:PHANI KUMAR. V,G.SAI KRISHNA,A. H. L. SWAROOP) 



Cryptographic Key Generation using Retina Biometric Parameter (Author's:Mohammed Tajuddin,C. Nandini) 



A Review: Literature Survey for the Implementation of Kaizen (Author's:Pankaj M. Dhongade, Manjeet Singh, Vivek A Shrouty) 



Dual Stage Boost Front-End Hybrid Inverter for Photo-Voltaic System (Author's: Athira Raju, Arun S)



Construction of Trend Free Run Orders for Orthogonal Arrays Using Linear Codes (Author's: Poonam SinghPuja Thapliyal, Veena Budhraja)



Comparative Study of Priority-Based Scheduler with Basic Schedulers in LTE-Advanced (Author's: Sayed Abdulhayan, Prahlad T kulkarni, Ravindra D Noubade)



Security of Credit Card Using Security Code Displayed On Customer Mobile to Prevent Any Unauthorized Access (Author's: Anu Sharma, Deepika Jasuja, Namit Gupta)



Automatic Speech and Speaker Recognition by MFCC, HMM and Vector Quantization (Author's:Deshmukh S.D., Bachute M.R.) 



Design of Edge Gap Coupled Truncated C-Shaped Multiband Microstrip Antenna (Author's:B.Ramesh, Dr. V. Rajya lakshmi, Dr.G.S.N.Raju) 



Cloud Service Tools: State of the Art (Author's: Dr. L. Arockiam S. Monikandan A. Stanislas)



Application of Signal to Noise Ratio Methodologyfor Optimization of Tig Process Parameters (Author's: Dheeraj Singh, Vedansh Chaturvedi, Jyoti Vimal)



Complex Neuro Fuzzy System Using ComplexFuzzy Sets and Update the Parameters byPSO-GA and RLSE Method (Author's:Dr. P. Thirunavukarasu, R. Suresh, P. Thamilmani) 



Enhancement of Voltage Stability and ReactivePower Control of Multi-Machine Power SystemUsing Facts Devices (Author's: Aarti Rai)



Power Scaling in CMOS Circuits by Dual-Threshold Voltage Technique (Author's: P.Sreenivasulu, P.khadar khan, Dr. K.Srinivasa Rao, Dr. A.Vinaya babu)



Monitoring Water Quality Using RF Module (Author's:Dharon Joseph Edison,Pradeep Kumar Somasundaram) 



An Improved Color Video Filter for Random Impulse Noise (Author's:Shejina N M, Sitara K) 



Effect of Speckle Filtering On SAR High Resolution Data for Image Fusion (Author's:Y. Murali Mohan Babu,Dr. M.V. Subramanyam,Dr. M.N. Giri Prasad) 



Rush on IPv6 - a brief on its New Features, Security, QOS and Mobility (Author's: Md. Amran Hossain, A.K.M. Niaz Morshed, Nahid Imtiaz Chowdhury)



Adsorption of Cu (II) Ions from Aqueous Solution by Activated Ipomoea Carnea: Equilibrium Isotherms and Kinetic Approach (Author's: P.Pandian, S Arivoli, V Marimuthu and A.Peter Pascal Regis, T.Prabaharan)



Microstructure and Properties of B4C-Zrb2 Ceramic Composites (Author's: Han Wenbo, Gao Jiaxing, Zhang Jihong, Yu Jiliang)



Study on Hydro Testing of LPG Cylinders (Author's: Akula Ramakrishna, Nihal A Siddiqui, P Sojan Lal)



Performance Analysis of WIMAX Based OFDM System Using Various Modulation Techniques (Author's: Sweety Sangwan Gulia, Ankit)



TCP/IP Stack Implementation for Communication over IP with AUTOSAR Ethernet Specification (Author's: Robert.S, Dr. Jayasudha J.S, Anurag)



Significance of Flammable Property over Viscosity Index (VI) Of Oil (Author's: Dr. A.T.Shende, J. N. Angaitkar)



Slope Studies of Vamsadhara River basin: A Quantitative Approach (Author's:Amminedu Eadara, Harikrishna Karanam) 



Motivation-oriented Mobile Training: A Novel Concept for Rehabilitation and Personal Fitness (Author's: Andreas Emrich, Alexandra Theobalt, Dirk Werth, Peter Loos)



Fast and Efficient Method for Image Denoising (Author's: Dr. Anna Saro Vijendran, Bobby Lukose)



Multifunctional Dynamic Voltage Restorer Using Matrix Converter (Author's:Resmi. S, Reshmi. V, Joffie Jacob) 



Wearable Computer Applications A Future Perspective (Author's:Kalpesh A. Popat, Dr. Priyanka Sharma) 



Development of Adaptive Algorithm for CFAR in non-homogenous environment (Author's:D S Ranjan, Hari Krishna Moorthy) 



Stability and Convergence of JungckModified S-iterative Procedures (Author's: Madhu Aggarwal, Renu Chugh, Sanjay Kumar)



Hiding Sensitive Association Rules by Distorting RHS Items (Author's: Parvin Shirrouhi, Mohammad Naderi Dehkordi, Faramarz Safi)



Particle Swarm Optimization for HylogeneticTree Reconstruction (Author's: Dr. P. Thirunavukarasu, A. Thanithamil)



Closed Loop Control of Non isolated Bidirectional ZVS-PWM Active Clamped DC–DC Converter (Author's: Asha Deepthi Vijay, Rinku Scaria)



Modelling a Nonlinear Conveyor Belt System Integrated on a Closed Loop Channel (Author's: Kenneth Obrien Mpho Mapoka, Keneilwe Zuva, Tranos Zuva)



Firefly Algorithm Based Power Economic Dispatch of Generators Using Valve Point Effects and Multiple Fuel Options (Author's: Sreelekha V, Riya Scaria)



Detect the Tumor with Numerical Analysis and With “ANOVA” Technique for MRI Image (Author's: El Kourd Kaouther, Bougourzi Fares, El kourd Souhir)



FPGA Implementation for Fringe PatternDemodulation Using the One-DimensionalModified Morlet Wavelet Transform (Author's: This paper has been withdrawn by Author)



Face Recognition from Group Photograph (Author's: Kavita Shelke)



Effects of Vibration on Electro Discharge Machining Processes (Author's:A. S. Todkar, M. S. Sohani, G. S. Kamble, Rajan B. Nikam) 



Design of Low-Voltage Operational Amplifier (700mV) (Author's: Praveen Kumar Pandey, Aman Jain)



Proteins from Natural Coagulant for Potential Application of Turbidity Removal in Water (Author's: G.Muthuraman, S.Sasikala, N. Prakash)



Real Time Periodicity Detection in Time-SeriesDatabases (Author's: Fathima Kunhi Mohamed, Shaiju Panchikkil)



A Study of Teaching Effectiveness of Secondary School Teachers in Relation to their Demographic Characteristics (Author's: Shweta Tyagi)



Optical and Structural Characteristics of CopperDoped Tin Oxide Thin Film Prepared by ThermalEvaporation Method (Author's:Sumanta Kumar Tripathy,B. Nagarjun,V. Siva Jahnavy) 



Effect of Couple Stresses on the Natural Convection of Heat and Mass Transfer in a Vertical Channel with Asymmetric Wall Temperature & Concentration (Author's:Padmavathi. R, C.V Srikrishna, Indira.R)



Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor Implementing Extended Kalman Filter (Author's: Joyce Jacob, Surya Susan Alex, Asha Elizabeth Daniel)



Iterative and Non-Iterative Methods for Transmission Line Fault-Location Without using Line Parameters (Author's:Sumit, Shelly vadhera) 



Durability of Expansive Soil Treated by Chemical Additives (Author's: Mamdouh A. Kenawi , Ahmed O. Kamel)



Robust Speech Recognition Using Visual Information for Adverse Acoustic Environment (This paper are withdrawn by Author)



Wind Power Plant Using Magnetic Levitation Wind Turbine (Author's: Dinesh N Nagarkar, Dr. Z. J. Khan)



Transient Thermo Elastic Problem of a CircularPlate With Heat Generation (Author's: R. N. Pakade, N. W. Khobragade , T. T. Gahane , L. H.Khalsa)



Fault Diagnosis in Power systems Considering Malfunctions of Protective Relays and Circuit Breakers (Author's: Shefali Apoorva, K. Durga Malleswara Rao, B.Rama Kishore, B.V.Ramana Gupthaji)



Synthesis of Alumina Nanoparticles Using Agarose as Template (Author's: Mohd Azizi Nawawi, Mohd Sufri Mastuli, Nurul Huda Abdul Halim, Nurul Auni Zainal Abidin)



Parametric Effects during Nonconventional Machining of PR-AL-SiC-MMC, s by CNC Wire cut EDM (Author's:K.L.Meena, Dr. A. Manna, Dr. S.S.Banwait, Dr. Jaswanti) 



Thermal Deflection of a Thick ClampedRectangular Plate (Author's:N. W. Khobragade, Payal Hiranwar, H. S.Roy, Lalsingh Khalsa )



Bugs Detection Model With Human Computation (Author's: Pedro Bello, Meliza Contreras, Miguel Rodriguez, Alejandro Serrano)



Three Phase Induction Motor Design in Windows Programming Platform (Author's: Deepa Vincent, Bindu R)



Transient Thermo elastic Problem of a CircularPlate with Heat Generation (Author's: N. W. Khobragade, L. H.Khalsa , T. T. Gahane, A. C. Pathak)



Dynamic Approach towards Toll Tax Collection and Vehicle Tracking With the Help of RFID (Author's: R. M. Hushangabade, S.V. Dhopte)



Thermal Deflection of a Finite Length HollowCylinder due to Heat Generation (Author's:N. W. Khobragade, Lalsingh Khalsa.Ashwini Kulkarni )



Identification and Alleviation of MANET Routing Attack Risks (Author's: Dakshayani.G, Amol P Pande)



Thermoelastic Problem of a Semi Infinite Cylinderwith Internal Heat Sources (Author's: Anjali C. Pathak, Payal Hiranwar, Lalsingh Khalsa, N. W. Khobragade)



Numerical Investigations of PGT10 Gas TurbineExhaust Diffuser Using Hexahedral Dominant Grid (Author's: Vaddin Chetan, D V Satish, Dr. Prakash S Kulkarni)



Mobile Cloud Security Issues and Challenges: A Perspective (Author's: A. Cecil Donald, S. Arul Oli, L. Arockiam)



Thermal Stresses of a Solid Cylinder with InternalHeat Source (Author's: R.T. Walde, Anjali C. Pathak, N.W. Khobragade)



Studies on the Properties of Steel andPolypropylene Fibre Reinforced Concrete withoutany Admixture (Author's:M. Tamil Selvi,Dr. T.S. Thandavamoorthy FIE )



Long Term Performance of Large Scale Solar Water Heating System (Author's:D. Bharath, G. Satyanarayana) 



Comparison between PSO and Firefly Algorithms in Fingerprint Authentication (Author's: Ziyad Tariq Mustafa Al-Ta’i, Omer Younis Abd Al-Hameed)



Simplex Method: An Alternative Approach (Author's: K. G. Lokhande, N.W.Khobragade , P.G. Khot)



Biogeography-Based Optimization for the solution of the Combined Heat and Power Economic Dispatch Problem (Author's: Sreelakshmi Aravind, Riya Scaria)



Global Financial Crisis – 2008 and Its Impact on Selling & Distribution Expenses of Indian IT Sector (Author's: Kirti Siwach)



Five Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Using Multicarrier Pulse Width Modulation Technique (Author's:Divya Subramanian, Rebiya Rasheed) 



Thermal Stresses of a Semi Infinite Rectangular Beam (Author's:H. S. Roy, S. H. Bagade, N. W. Khobragade) 



Wind Energy Using Doubly Fed Induction Generator (Author's: Ali Salameh Khraiwish Dalabeeh)



Winding Capacitive Charging Current Improve by Genetic Algorithm for a High-Voltage Cable-wound Generator (Author's: S.M.Hassan Hossein, M. Saeedi, H. R. Adineh)



Improved Modeling of Power Transformer Winding Using PSO (Author's: S.M.Hassan Hossein, H.R.Adineh, M.Saeedi)



Fuzzy Clustering Based Image Segmentation of Pap smear Images of Cervical Cancer Cell Using FCM Algorithm (Author's: Jyotismita Talukdar, Chandan Kr. Nath, P.H.Talukdar)



Application of Neural Network for Different Learning Parameter in Classification of Local Feature Image (Author's: Annie anak Joseph, Chong Yung Fook)



Stiffness Sensing on Sensory Conflict of Visual Information and Haptic Information (Author's:Dong Il Park, Hyunmin Do, Chanhun Park and Jin-Ho Kyung) 


89.  Efficient Keyword Search Using Text mining Techniques: a Survey (Author's:Banazir B, Annes Philip)   473-475
90.  Devnagiri Character Recognition Using Neural Networks (Author's:S S Sayyad, Abhay Jadhav, Manoj Jadhav, Smita Miraje, Pradip Bele, Avinash Pandhare)  476-480
91. Comparison of the Performance of Ceramic Filters in Drinking Water Treatment (Author's:Shanti Lamichhane, Bhagwan Ratna Kansakar)   481-485
92. Enhancing Data Security during Transit in Public Cloud (Author's:Amalraj Irudayasamy, Arockiam L, Veeraragavan N)  486- 491
93. Modelling of Microcontroller Based Triple Reference-Single Carrier Grid Interactive Inverter for Microgrids (Author's:Mayoor P M, Jyothi G K)  492- 495
94. Critical Assessment of Cape Town BRT System (Author's:Emmanuel Adewumi, Dhiren Allopi) 496-499
95. A Matrix Approach for Information Security Based ECC using Mealy Machine and Fibonacci Q-Matrix (Author's:Fatima Amounas, El Hassan El Kinani, Moha Hajar)  500-504
96. A Common Fixed Point Theorem in Dislocated Metric Space (Author's:Surjeet Singh Chauhan (Gonder) , Kiran Utreja)   505-508
97. Optimal Control of Wastewater BiologicalTreatment (Author's:E. Zerrik, F. Ghafrani ) 509- 514
98. Mammogram Image Enhancement UsingDenoising With Segmentation Algorithm UsingGlobal Methods (Author's:M.RAMESH, Dr.B.Raveendra Babu)   515-520
99. Profiling E-Governance Users using Biclustering (Author's:S.Chakraverty, G.Rani, A.Bardhan)   521-528
100. N x 2 Flow Shop Scheduling Model Using Branch and Bound Technique, Set up Times are Separated from Processing Times, With Job Block Criterion And Interval Of Non Availability Of Machines (Author's:Deepak Gupta, Payal Singla, Shashi Bala)   529-532
101.  Separately Excited DC Motor Optimal Efficiency Controller (Author's:Dr.Rateb H.Issa) 533-539 
102. Design Optimal Controller For Reduce Voltage Flicker and Harmonic Distortion in Power System Base on SVC (Author's:Rahman Hasani, Darvishi,Mohammadreza Rezaei,Seyedeh Fuzieh) 540-544
103. Performance Study On Check-in Counter Terminal toward the Passenger Level Of Service at Sultan Babullah Airport, Ternate (Author's:Sumarni Hamid Aly, Sakti Adji Adisasmita) 545-549
104. A Review of Cloud Computing Security Issues (Author's:Neeraj Shrivastava , Rahul Yadav) 550-553

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