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Volume 1 Issue 2 ,February 2012

S.N. Name of Research Article(Volume 1 Issue 2 ,February  2012)  ISSN:2277-3754  (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) PageNo.
1. Multimodal System Using Human Computer Interface (Author's:Milind V. Lande,  Makranand Samvatsar)
 2. Fuzzy Graph Applications of Job Allocation (Author's:Dr. Senthilraj Swaminathan)
  3. Different Spectrum Sensing Techniques Used in Non Cooperative System (Author's:Ashutosh Singh,Varsha Saxena)  11-15
4. AHP Based Agile Supply Chains(Author's:M. Balaji,P.Madhumathi,Dr.G.Karuppusami,D.Sindhuja) 16-20
5. A Low Intricacy Variable Step-Size Partial Update Adaptive Algorithm for Acoustic Echo Cancellation (Author's:USNRao) 21-24
6. Protect Online Facilities Using User Authentication Depend on Cloud (Author's:Susheel Chandra Bhatt,Balam Singh Dafuati,Durgesh Pant) 25-28
7. Prediction of Tool Wear Using Regrssion and Artificial Neural Network Models in End Milling of AISI 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel (Author's:S.Kalidass,P.Palanisamy,V.Muthukumaran) 29-36
8. Sampling Frequency Adaptive Algorithm for Reducing Spectral Leakage (Author's:Jayana Rana)  37-40
9. Identification of Progress and Success Factors During Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Package in Indian Steel Industry- A Case Study on Bhilai Steel Plant (Author's:Suraj Kumar MuktiDr.Priyanka Tripathi,Dr. A.M.Rawani) 41-47
10. A Performance Comparison of Current Starved VCO and Source Coupled VCO for PLL in 0.18  μm CMOS Process (Author's:Rashmi K Patil,Vrushali G Nasre) 48-52
11. Approximate Solution of Generalized Riccati Differntial Equations by Iterative Decomposition Algorithm (Author's:Taiwo O.A.,Osilagun J.A.) 53-56
12. An Analysis of Probabilistic Route Discovery Mechanism based on Node Mobility (Author's:V. Mathivanan,E.Ramaraj) 57-63
13. A Low Power Estimation Technique for Logic Gates in VLSI (Author's:B.Mohan Kumar Naik,Dr. Ananth) 64-66
14. Analysis and Designing of E-Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna for MIMO Application (Author's:M.B.Kadu,R.P.Labade,A.B.Nandgaonkar) 67-69
15. Comparative Analysis of Software Testing Measurement Technique (Author's:Reema Ajmera,Ripu R. Sinha,Dr. C.S.Lamba) 70-80
16. Analysis of Link Algorithms for Web Mining (Author's:T.Munibalaji,C.Balamurugan) 81-86
17. Survey on Effecient Multicast Routing Protocols to Achieve Group Communication in MANET (Author's:Rajeswari.M) 87-97
18. Analyzed Artificial Intelligence through Ethical Implementation (Author's:G.Yogendran,M.Sindhu) 98-102
19. Reliability Analysis of Electro-Hydraulic Based Auto-Leveling System for Mobile Platform (Author's:Manmohan Singh,M.D.Jaybhaye,Geeta S. Lathkar,S.K.Basu) 103-108
20. Low Power VLSI Technique Using Booth Algorithm for Digital Filter for Hearing aid Applications (Author's:Ankit Jairath,Puneet Namdeo) 109-111
21. Conservation of Wind Energy Using Z-Source Matrix Converter (Author's:B.Vaikundaselvan,Dr. R.Dhanasekaran,G.Jegan,N.Prakash) 112-118
22. A Survey of Parallel Algorithms for Large Databases and Hardware Implementations (Author's:K S M V Kumar,S Viswanadha Raju,A Govardhan) 119-129
23. Methodology for Design and Development of a Digital Image Processing Setup for Thermal Mapping of Gas Turbine Components Using Thermal Paints (Author's:Sachin V. Bhalerao,Dr. A.N. Pawar) 130-133
24. Adaptive Antenna System: Design and Applications for the Next Generation Mobile Devices (Author's:Sarosh K. Dastoor, Niteen Patel)  134-139
25. Managing Security Using Password Synchronization (Author's:Himanshu Taneja) 140-142
26. Digital Watermarking: Review (Author's:Shraddha S.Katariya) 143-153
27. Design and Fabrication of Tamarind Cover and Seed Seperation Machine  (Author's:A.R.Lende,P.A.Chandak) 154-160
28. Brain Tumor Segmentation of Contras Material Applied MRI Using Enhanced Fuzzy C-Means Clustering (Author's:Hari Prasath S.P,G.Kharmega Sundararaj,A.Jaychandran) 161-166
29. Image Steganography based on Hybrid Edge Detection and 2K Correction Method (Author's:Amanpreet Kaur,Sumeet Kaur)                                                                              167-170
30. Analysis of Object Picking Algorithms Using Bounding Box in Non Immersive Virtual World (Author's:K.Meeriliance,Dr.M.Mohamed Sathik) 171-177

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