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Volume 2 Issue 12 , June 2013

                      Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 12 , June  2013)                                                       ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Performance Analysis of Wavelet Families for Image Compression (Author's:Amrut N. Patel, Ravindra M. Patel, D. J. Shah) 1-4
2.   An Improved Transformerless Inverter For Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Systems (Author's:V.Abinaya, B.Prabakaran, R.B.Selvakumar) 5-9
3.   Process Aware Circuit Design Using Adaptive Body Biasing (Author's:Raghvendra Chanpuriya, Anurag Shrivastava, Vijay K. Magraiya) 10-14
4.   Development of FPGA Based System for Failed Fuel Subassembly Localization Using Cover Gas in Fast Reactors (Author's:M.Sivaramakrishna, Dr. Chellapandi) 15-20
5.   Dimensions Affecting Consumers’ Continued Usage and Frequency of Usage of Internet Banking: Empirical Evidence from India (Author's:Dr Divya Gupta Choudhry, Dr Rakhi Gupta, Dr Shiv .Nath .Prasad. Gupta) 21-32
6.   DCT Based Improved OFDM Communication (Author's:Syed Mohammed Sajid, Lakshmi C R) 33-38
7.   Geographic Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review (Author's:Rama Sundari Battula, O. S. Khanna) 39-42
8.   A Review on Code Clone Analysis and Code Clone Detection (Author's:Prajila Prem) 43-46
9.   Structural Behavior Analysis of Two-Ways (Waffle) Composite Slabs (Author's:M. Khalaf, A. El-Shihy, H. Shehab, S. Mustafa) 47-54
10.   Performance Evaluation of Spatial Diversity of Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's:Farah A. Nasser, Haider M. AlSabbagh) 55-60
11.   Performance Evaluation of Digital Modulation Techniques in Multi path Communication Channel Interface Air (Author's:Oyetunji Samson. A, Ale Daniel.T.) 61-66
12.   Comparative Study on Coconut Shell Aggregate with Conventional Concrete (Author's:Vishwas P. Kukarni, Sanjay kumar B. Gaikwad) 67-70
13.   Achieving Unobservability through Privacy Preserving Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks (Author's:G. Ramachandran, Dr. K. Selvakumar) 71-75
14.   Numerical Analysis of Human Femoral Bone in Different Phases (Author's:Sherekar R.M, Pawar A.N.) 76-80
15.   Solar Energy Availability and Utilization in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India (Author's:Bhojraj N. Kale, Dr. S.V. Prayagi,M.P.Nimkar) 81-84
16.   Effect of Machining Parameters on Temperature at Cutter-Work Piece Interface in Milling (Author's:S.B.Chawale, V.V.Bhoyar, P.S.Ghawade, T.B.Kathoke) 85-88
17.   Comparative Study of Methods of DetermineAmorphous Silicon Solar Cell Parameters (Author's:Sanusi Y.K, Ilyas A.O, Bioku J.O , Adeyemo I) 90-92
18.   Review on Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery for I.C. Engine (Author's:J. S. Jadhao, D. G. Thombare) 93-100
19.   Evaluation and Modelling of UHF Radiowave Propagation in a Forested Environment (Author's:Ayekomilogbon Olufemi T., Famoriji John O., Olasoji Yekeen O.) 101-106
20.   Ensuring Rapid Uptake of Broadband Internet Using Nigeria‚Äüs Domain Name (Author's:E. C. Arihilam; Ona, I. D.; Eguzo, C. V.; Onyibe, C. O.) 107-110
21.   Tropospheric Influences on Satellite Communications in Tropical Environment: A Case Study of Nigeria (Author's:Ayantunji B.G, Mai-unguwa H., Adamu A., Orisekeh K.) 111-116
22.   Sustaining Broadband Infrastructure Expansion through Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) (Author's:E. C. Arihilam, Okorie.Emeka, Nwakanma Mary N.) 117-120
23.   Characterization of Bond Coats Produced by High Velocity Oxy-Fuel and Cold Gas Dynamic Sprayed N2 Gas (Author's:W.S.Rathod, A.S.Khanna, R.C.Rathod) 121-127
24.   State-of-Charge Estimation of Lithium-Ion Batteries Combining Current and Voltage Based Estimation (Author's:Shamna P V, Beena M Varghese) 128-131
25.   Packet Forwarding in Wireless Mesh Network Using IPT Scheme (Author's:K.Kumaravel,Dr.A.Marimuthu,N.Vanitha) 132-136
26.   Optical Characteristic of Al Doped ZnO FilmDeposited by Radio Frequency MagnetronSputtering on SiOC (Author's:Teresa Oh) 137-139
27.   Cluster Based Data Aggregation in WSN Using Swarm Optimization Technique (Author's:Bharathi M.A, B.P. Vijayakumar, D.H. Manjaiah) 140-144
28.   Development of Platform Independent M-Learning Content (Author's:Rushitaa Gupta, Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib) 145-148
29.   Multi Technology Based Controller for Wheelchair Locomotion (Author's:P.Sutha, S. Prabhu, S. Manikandan, S. Venkateshkumar, A. Stephen paul) 149-151
30.   Corrosion Study of Ni-Cr-Mo Alloys for Fixed Dental Prostheses in an Aqueous Solution of 0.05% NAF and in Commercial Mouthwashes (Author's:Nilo A. Sampaio, José W. J. Silva, Heloisa A. Acciari, Eduardo N. Codaro) 152-156
31.   Voltage and Current Mode KHN Filter: A Current Feedback Amplifier Approach (Author's:Indu Prabha Singh, Meeti Dehran, Dr. Kalyan Singh) 157-161
32.   Dual Mode Two-Layer Fuzzy Logic Based Load-Frequency Controller for a Two-Area Interconnected Power System with Super Capacitor Energy Storage Units using Control Performance Standards Criterion (Author's:Adhimoorthy Venkatachalam , Chidambaram Ilangi Akilandam) 162-173
33.   Conversion of Symmetrical Patterns toAsymmetrical Patterns using Amplitude and Phase Control (Author's:Dr. R. Ramana Reddy, D. Naresh Kumar) 174-178
34.   Fuzzy control based solar tracker using Arduino Uno (Author's:Dipti Bawa, C.Y. Patil) 179-187
35.   Extraction of Key Frames from News VideoUsing EDF, MDF AND HI Method for NewsVideo Summarization (Author's:Sanjoy Ghatak, Debotosh Bhattacharjee) 188-194
36.   Performance Analysis of Cross QAM over Beckmann Fading Channel (Author's:Syed Shahan Shah, Shahzad Amin Sheikh) 195-198
37.   Analytical Study of Ubiquitous Computing (Author's:Nitin Jain, Dr. S N Panda, Dr. H C Agrawal) 199-201

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