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Volume 2 Issue 11 , May 2013

                      Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 11 , May  2013)                                                       ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
A Review on Static and Dynamic Force Behavior of Six-Bar Quick Return Mechanism (Author's:Rahul A. Lekurwale,Lokesh R. Dhumne,Sanjay N. Aloni)
2.   Global Load Balancing and Fault Tolerant Scheduling in Computational Grid (Author's:S. Gokuldev, Shahana Moideen) 5-10
3.   Analysis of Online Social Networks – Study on Multiparty Access Control Mechanism (Author's:N Venkateswara Rao, K. Mehar Prasad, Y Ramesh Kumar) 11-14
4.   Cloud Vision Using MOCHA Architecture onJelastic Cloud (Author's:Swetha K. B,Narasimha Murthy M S,Chaitra B) 15-17
5.   Power Flow Modeling Using Fast Genetic Approach in Power Systems (Author's:Uppari Srinivasulu, Dr.Sirobhusana Kesavan, B.V.Sanker Ram) 18-22
6.   Adaptive Optimization of Power Flow Controllers for Loss Compensations (Author's:Uppari Srinivasulu, Dr.Sirobhusana Kesavan, B.V.Sanker Ram) 23-28
7.   Reducing Handover Failure Rate by RFOptimization (Author's:Syed Imran Basha, Idrish Shaik) 29-33
8.   Dynamic Error Handling Tool (Author's:Komal Patel, Harshita C. Kanani) 34-36
9.   A Laboratory Investigation on the Affect of Vitrified Polish Waste for Improving the Properties of Marine Clay (Author's:Dr. D. Koteswara Rao) 37-41
10.   Industry Based Automatic Robotic Arm (Author's:Dr. Bindu A Thomas, Stafford Michahial, Shreeraksha.P, Vijayashri B Nagvi, Suresh M) 42-48
11.   Fingerprint Matching Using Minutiae Feature (Author's:Hardikkumar V. Patel, Kalpesh Jadav) 49-53
12.   Application of Taguchi Methods and ANOVA in GTAW Process Parameters Optimization for Aluminium Alloy 7039 (Author's:Anoop C A, Pawan Kumar) 54-58
13.   Analysis of Ring Foundation Using Finite Element Method (Author's:A.N.Kamble, S.S.Patil) 59-62
14.   Comparative study of Rectangular Prestressed Concrete Flat Slab and RCC Flat Slab (Author's:A.K.Kandale, S.S.Patil) 63-65
15.   Design and Analysis of Rooftop Linear Fresnel Reflector Solar Concentrator (Author's:K. Gouthamraj, K. Jamuna Rani, G. Satyanarayana) 66-69
16.   Design of Cloud Computing Based MIS Model for Textile Industries (Author's:Raj Kumar Somani, Dr. Reena Dadhich) 70-75
17.   Analysis and Simulation of Interleaved Boost Converter for Automotive Applications (Author's:Farag. S. Alargt , Ahmed. S. Ashur) 76-82
18.   Development and Implementation of Faults Location Algorithm with Graphic User Interface (GUI) in Radial Electric Power Distribution Network in Nigeria (Author's:Oyetunji S.A.) 83-89
19.   Capacity Challenges Facing Civil Engineering Contractors in Kwazulu - Natal, South Africa (Author's:Bonga Ntuli, Dhiren Allopi) 90-97
20.   Performance’s Comparison of DifferentControllers on the Second Order System(Pendulum) (Author's:Seyed Mohammad Attaran, Datin Dr. Rubiyah Yusof, Dr.Hazlina binti selama, Dana Dehghani) 98-101
21.   Preparatory Definitions for Understanding Target Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's:Everette Adams) 102-108
22.   A Review of Advancements in Estimation within Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's:Everette Adams, Shaoliang Jia) 109-111
23.   Review of Image Mosaic Based on FeatureTechnique (Author's:Udaykumar B Patel, Hardik N Mewada) 112-115
24.   Palm Print Identification Using Zernike Moments (Author's:Sharma Ashok S., Patel Mitul M., Chaudhari Jitendra P.) 116-118
25.   A Study on Task Scheduling Algorithms inCloud Computing (Author's:Vijayalakshmi A. Lepakshi, Dr. Prashanth C S R) 119-125
26.   Advanced Composite Pelton Wheel Design and Study its Performance for Pico/Micro Hydro Power Plant Application (Author's:A K M Khabirul Islam, Dr. Sahnewaz Bhuyan, Farooque Ahmed Chowdhury) 126-132
27.   Color Content Based Video Retrieval Using Discrete Cosine Transform Applied On Rows and Columns of Video Frames with RGB Color Space (Author's:Dr. Sudeep D. Thepade,Ajay A. Narvekar,Ameya V. Nawale) 133-135
28.   Improving Data Rate by Using Space-Time Trellis Codes Based On Coset Partitioning (Author's:Syed Faraz Ahmed Naqvi, Dr. J.S. Yadav) 136-139
29.   Studies on Batch Grinding of Bauxite Ore in Ball Mill (Author's:CH. A. I. Raju, K. Satyanandam, D.V.S. Sravanthi, P. Hussain Reddy, P. J. Rao) 140-147
30.   Critical Appraisal of Data Mining as an Approach to Improve Student Retention Rate (Author's:Leila Dadkhahan, Mohamad Anas Al Azmeh) 148-152
31.   Wideband Low Jitter Frequency SynthesizerModeling and Simulation (Author's:Ahmed A. Telba, Hamad S. Alhokail) 153-155
32.   Application of the Fuzzy-logic Controller to the New Full Mathematic Dynamic Model of HVAC System (Author's:Seyed Mohammad Attaran,Datin Dr. Rubiyah Yusof,Dr.Hazlina binti selamat) 156-160
33.   Survey of Visually Impaired Assistive System (Author's:Kanchan Varpe, M.P. Wankhade) 161-166
34.   Novel Methods of Detection of Harmonics (Author's:Ramesh Babu P., R.C. Agrawal, Shiba Ranjan Paital, S. Sangameswara Raju, Sivanaga Raju) 167-173
35.   Modeling Impacts of Travel Time in Route Choice Decisions under Rainy Conditions (Author's:J.P.Singh, Prabhat Shrivastava) 174-180
36.   Stabilization of Expansive Soils Using Low Cost Materials (Author's:Monica Malhotra, Sanjeev Naval) 181-184
37.   Energy Saving Approach for Buildings (Author's:Babu Thomas, Vineeth Patil) 185-191
38.   Control of Power Distribution Losses through Good Quality Distribution Transformers (Author's:Rahul Sharma, Sudhir Sharma) 192-195
39.   Simulation Optimization of Blocking Appointment Scheduling Policies for Multi-Clinic Appointments in Centralized Scheduling Systems (Author's:Nimish Dharmadhikari, Dr. Jun Zhang) 196-201
40.   Optimization of Multiplier Free DMTI Filter (Author's:Ahmed Said Badawy, Wade Ghribi, Jamshid M Basheer, Suresh Babu Changalasetty) 202-206
41.   Comparison of Control’s Parameters of Simplified Full Mathematical Dynamic Model of HVAC System (Author's:Seyed Mohammad Attaran,Datin Dr. Rubiyah Yusof,Dr.Hazlina binti selamat) 207-211
42.   A Probabilistic Model of Visual Cryptography Using Halftoned Technique for Color Image (Author's:Rajesh Kumar Rai, Swati Yadav) 212-216
43.   Effect of Temperature on the Plasma Nitriding of Duplex Stainless Steels (Author's:Satyapal.M, A.S. Khanna, Alphonsa Joseph) 217-222
44.   Double Slope Wick-Type Solar Still Fuzzy Set (Author's:R. Rajanarthini, B. Janarthanan) 223-226
45.   Evaluation of Micro turbine-Wind Based DG Systems for Minimizing Costs and Pollutant Emissions in an Electrical Distribution System (Author's:J.A.BASKAR, R.HARIPRAKASH, M.VIJAYAKUMAR) 227-233
46.   Green Stabilization of Coimbatore Clay (Author's:R.Vinothkumar, Dr.P.D.Arumairaj) 234-240
47.   Computers and Global Warming (Author's:Jyoti Samad, Ravi Kumar) 241-244
48.   Computational Analysis of Inverted Notched Fin Arrays Dissipating Heat by Natural Convection (Author's:S M.Wange, R.M.Metkar) 245-249
49.   Design and Implementation of Landmine Robot (Author's:Wade Ghribi, Ahmed Said Badawy, Mohammed Rahmathullah, Suresh Babu Changalasetty) 250-256
50.   A DNA Sequential Alignment Using Dynamic Programming and PSO (Author's:Pankaj Suwalka, Pankaj Singh Parihar) 257-264

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