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Volume 2 Issue 10 , April 2013

                      Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 10 , April  2013)                                                       ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Rethinking Market Orientation of Universities in Morocco an Internal Stakeholders Orientation (Author's:Berrada kaoutar, El Abbadi Bouchra)
2.   Accuracy Evaluation of Digital Aerial Triangulation (Author's:Dr. Nagi Zomrawi, Mohamed Ahmed Hussien, Huzifa Mohamed) 7-11
3.   Modified and Corrected Transformation of WGS72 (The Transit, Doppler) and WGS84 (GPS Datum) Stations To Adindan Datum Based On Clarke1880 Ellipsoid (Author's:Abd Elrahim Elgizouli Mohamed Ahamed) 12-16
4.   A Novel Design of LLC Resonant Converter for Wide Output Voltage Range (Author's:Thulasi K, L Sahaya Senthamil, K Arul Jeyaraj, V. Rajasekaran) 17-22
5.   Electric Load Forecasting: A Case Study of the Nigerian Power Sector (Author's:Caleb A. Amlabu, Jonathan U. Agber, Cletus O. Onah, Suberu Y. Mohammed) 23-27
6.   A Survey of Group Signature Technique, its Applications and Attacks (Author's:Aayush Agarwal, Rekha Saraswat) 28-35
7.   Detection of Speech under Stress: A Review (Author's:Neha P. Dhole, Dr. Ajay A.Gurjar) 36-38
8.   DNS for Handheld Devices (Author's: Yogesh A. Wagh, Prashant A. Dhangar, Trupti C. Powar, Amit Magar, P.B.Mali) 39-42
9.   Assessment of Mechanical Properties of Hot Upset Forged Sintered Performs to Flat Discs of Three Different Powder Metallurgy Cu-Fe Alloys (Author's:Padmashree Anand, R S Kulkarni) 43-46
10.   Buck Converter Using Soft Switching PWM Converter with Current Sharing in Switches (Author's:Sijin Raj K. P, George John P.) 47-50
11.   Analytical Study of Impedance Matching for ProbeFed Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna (Author's:

Imran Yusuf, Rajeev Paulus , Mayur Kumar , A.K. Jaiswal, Anil Kumar , Kamal Prakash Pandey)

12.   Improvement of Wear Resistance in Engine Cylinder Liners Using Gas Nitriding (Author's:K.Srinivasa Rao, R.Girish chandra, K.Dinesh) 54-57
13.   Performance Comparison of AODV & DSDV Ad-Hoc Network Routing Protocols On The Basis Of Variable Speed & Pause Time (Author's:Ajay Prakash Rai, Rasvihari Sharma, Vineet Srivastava, Rashmi Tikar, Rinkoo Bhatia) 58-61
14.   Security Issues in Cloud Computing (Author's:Jenish Shah, Kushal Patel,Hardik Patel) 62-65
15.   Security Enhancement Using SCTP against Password Stealing in Multi-Homed Networks (Author's:P.Venkadesh, S.V.Rajalakshmi, S.V.Divya) 66-71
16.   Design of Cosine Modulated Filter Bank usingComputationally Efficient Multiplier-less FIRFilters (Author's:Jyotsna Ogale, Alok Jain) 72-77
17.   A Survey of Elliptic Curve Cryptography on Encryption/Decryption of Text and Image (Withdrawn by author's) 78-83
18.   PIC Based Seven-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter (Author's:R.M.Sekar, Baladhandapani.R) 84-88
19.   Oracle10g Workload Performance Measurement and Tuning Toolkit (Author's:Pinki singh, Rakesh Kumar singh, Jayant shekhar) 89-95
20.   Translator with Intelligence Grammar Suggestion (Twigs) (Author's:S.R.Vinotha, S.Sriraman, P.Yugeshwar) 96-100
21.   Simulation Based Testing of CANopen DS 405 Profile in Wind Turbine Monitoring System (Author's:Kannan Sankar, Venkatesan Narasimhan) 101-105
22.   STEP-2 User Authentication for Cloud Computing (Author's:Ganesh V.Gujar, Shubhangi Sapkal, Mahesh V.Korade) 106-109
23.   A Trust Based Secure Source Routing using Fuzzy Logic Rules Prediction in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Author's:A. Duraimurugan, S. Karthi, D. Kirupagaran) 110-119
24.   Preliminary Studies on Properties of Shoe Polish Formulated From Wax Produced From Waste Water Sachets (Author's:Ademiluyi F.Taiwo, Charles Ugbede Ameh) 120-123
25.   Detection of Malarial Parasite in Blood Using Image Processing (Author;s:Pallavi T. Suradkar) 124-126
26.   Simulation Analysis of Compression Refrigeration Cycle with Different Refrigerants (Author's:P.Thangavel, Dr.P.Somasundaram, T.Sivakumar, C.Selva Kumar, G.Vetriselvan) 127-131
27.   Analysis of Multi-storey Building Frames Subjected to Gravity and Seismic Loads with Varying Inertia (Author's:Kulkarni J.G., Kore P. N., S. B. Tanawade) 132-138
28.   RFID Probabilistic Complex Event Processing in a Real-Time Product Manufacturing System (Author's:V. Govindasamy, Dr. P. Thambidurai) 139-144
29.   Secure Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks: A Survey (Author's:Piyusha Desai, Chirag Pandya) 145-148
30.   Analysis of Reinforced Beam-Column Joint Subjected to Monotonic Loading (Author's:S. S. Patil, S. S. Manekari) 149-158
31.   Information Communication Technology: A Key to Distance Learning (Author's:Waseem Jeelani Bakshi, Muheet Ahmed Butt, Majid Zaman) 159-162
32.   Analysis and Study of FGMOS Based CurrentMirror Circuit Using 0.35μm Technology (Author's:Samir B. Joshi, J.C.Prajapati, B.H.Soni) 163-167
33.   Captcha Generation for Secure Web Services (Author's:Kanika Singhal, R S Chadha) 168-171
34.   Segmentation of Mammogram Using Tumor-Cut Algorithm (Author's:Maanasa N A S, V Gowri) 172-175
35.   Call Admission Control for 3G wireless Mobile Cellular Network (Author's:Shruti B. Deshmukh, Vidya V. Deshmukh) 176-178
36.   Diesel Engine Performance Improvement by Using Cetane Improver (Author's:Nihanth chaluvadi, P Vijay, Rishi venkat ram Puli, Yogeswar dadi, CH.V.V.N.Pavan) 179-182
37.   Secure Visual Cryptography Technique for Color Images Using RSA Algorithm (Author's:Manika Sharma, Rekha Saraswat) 183-186
38.   Assessment of Water Quality and Taste Identification by an Artificial Taste Sensor (Author's:JENISH S SHAH) 187-189
39.   Mechanism, Characterization, Pattern and Effect of Roughness over Turbine Blade: A Review (Author's:Vinod Kumar Singoria, Samsher) 190-200
40.   Theoretical Fatigue Analysis of Lubricating Oil Pump Rotor Shaft (Author's:Pankaj Gambhire, Pradeep Pawar, S. B. Naik) 201-205
41.   A 2.45 GHz Voltage Controlled Oscillator using 0.18μm CMOS for PLL (Author's:A. S. Choudhari, S. V. Sakhare) 206-209
42.   Anomaly Data Leakage Detection (Author's:B.Chellaprabha, Archana M) 210-215
43.   Prediction of Acute Hypotension Episodes (Author's:Hutashani B. Rayate, Vidya V. Deshmukh) 216-218
44.   Autonomous Bilingual Character Recognition and Writer Identification (Author's:B. Aditya Vighnesh, B. Manikanta Yadav, Abhishek Kumar, M.V. Raghunadh) 219-224
45.   An Optimization Technique to Improve Power Consumption of Embedded System (Author's:B Anuradha, Sandhya Nair LJ, Dr C Vivekanandan) 225-230
46.   NCECD Based Load Balancing of Peer to Peer Video on Demand Streaming (Author's:K. Aravindhan, Anitta.P.Baby) 231-235
47.   Fault Tolerant System for Computational and Service Grid (Author's:Gokuldev S, Valarmathi M) 236-240
48.   Comparative Study of Beam using IS: 800-1984 & IS: 800-2007 (Author's:L.A.Pasnur, S.S.Patil) 241-243
49.   Performance of Priority-based Scheduler in LTE-Advanced for Channel Models (Author's:Sayed Abdulhayan, Prahlad T Kulkarni,  Ravindra D Noubade) 244-258
50.   Rainfall Trends and Implications for Flooding in Northern Anambra State, Nigeria (Author's:E.E. Ezenwaji,V. I.Otti) 259-264
51.   Inertial Tolerancing and Acceptance Sampling (Author's: Maurice Pillet, Jean Luc Maire) 265-271
52.   ECG Processing &Arrhythmia Detection: An Attempt (Author's:M.R. Mhetre, Advait Vaishampayan, Madhav Raskar) 272-276
53.   Finite Element Analysis of Gate Valve (Author's:Dr. K.H. Jatkar, Sunil S. Dhanwe) 277-281
54.   Assessment of the Impacts of Point Load on River Yamuna at Delhi Stretch, by DO-BOD Modeling of River, Using MATLAB Programming (Author's: Sarah Khan, S.K. Singh) 282-290

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