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Volume 2 Issue 9 , March 2013

                      Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 9 , March  2013)                                                       ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
The Impact of Information Technology on Nigerian Construction Industry (Author's:Olalusi O.C, Jesuloluwa O)
2.   A Quick Browsing System with Image Enhancement for Surveillance Videos (Author's:Kirti K. Kamble, S.P.Bhosale, Santosh H.Lavate ) 6-11
3.   Integrity Assessment of Weldment Zone of Selected Oil and Gas Pipelines (Author's: Bodude, M. A., Obidiegwu, E.O, Onovo, H. O.) 12-16
4.   A Proficient Technique to Communicate and to Detect Emotions of a Differently - Abled Persons Using Sensor Devices and Electroencephalogram Signals(Author's: Dhilip Kumar.R.K, Dinesh kumar.A, Senthil Prabhu.D, Vishnu.G.Unny) 17-24
5.   Kinetics and Functional Parameters Response of Aluminum Sulphate Coagulant to Variation in Coag-Flocculation Variables in High Turbid Pharmaceutical Industry Effluent (Author's: Ugonabo, V. I, Menkiti, M .C, Onukwuli, D. O, Igbokwe, P.K) 25-35
6.   Kinetics and Isotherm Studies of the Adsorptive Dehydration of Ethanol-Water System with Biomass Based Materials (Author's: Okewale, A.O., Igbokwe, P.K., Ogbuagu, J.O.) 36-42
7.   Pattern Recognition Techniques Applied to Electric Power Signal Processing (Author's: Ghazi Bousaleh, Mohamad Darwiche, Fahed Hassoun) 43-49
8.   FPGA Implementation of Wavelet Neural Network for Epilepsy Detection (Author's: Dr. R Harikumar, M. Balasubramani, Saravanan S.) 50-55
9.   Functional Analysis of the Eucalyptus Private Cloud (Author's: G. Srinivas Reddy) 56-59
10.   Leakage Power Reduction in Clustered SleepTransistors (Author's: P.Sreenivasulu, Dr. K.Srinivasa Rao, Pavan Kumar Kaja, Dr. A.Vinaya babu) 60-64
11.   Algorithms to Realize All Possible Vertex Magic Total Labeling and Super Vertex Magic Total Labeling Of Complete Graphs (Author's: H. K. Krishnappa, N.K. Srinath, S. Manjunath) 65-70
12.   Effect of Fatigue Crack Growth Rate on Varied Percentage of Martensite for Welded DP Steel (Author's: Nagaraj Kori, Dr. U N Kempaiah) 71-75
13.   Overview of the Effect of Post Welded Heat Treatment on Friction Stir Welding Of Aluminum Alloys (Author's: M. Muthu Krishnan) 76-80
14.   Task Scheduling in Grid Computing Systems Constrained by Resource Availability (Author's: Chitra, Dr.Prashanth C.S.R) 81-85
15.   Evaluation of Vapour Compression RefrigerationSystem Using Different Refrigerants(Author's:Mukesh K. Agrawal, Dr. Ashok G. Matani) 86-92
16.   Wireless Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks: Tcp Enhancement (TCP-MANET) For Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks and Data Dissemination Protocol (Spin-G) in Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's: Pankaj Singh Parihar) 93-99
17.   Performance of Coconut Husk Mixed Polyurethane Foam as an Alternative Insulating Material (Author's: Agham Rahul D.) 100-104
18.   Enhanced Data Hiding Model in Audio to Ensure Secrecy (Author's:Navnath S. Narwade, Vikas Bhagasara, Mahesh Kanthali, Rushikesh Pailwar) 105-109
19.   Vertical and Horizontal Diagonal FeatureExtraction Techniques for Content Based ImageRetrieval (Author's:Ch.Silpa, A.Srinivasa reddy, K.Veera swamy) 110-112
20.   Analysis of Blower Bearing Used In Dust Aspiration Unit of a Petrochemical Plant(Author's:George Martin Jose, Dr: Deviprasad Varma, Jacob Kuriakose) 113-117
21.   Reduction of Short-Channel Effects in FinFET (Author's:Mahender Veshala, Ramchander Jatooth, Kota Rajesh Reddy) 118-124
22.   Detail Investigation, Analysis and Implementation for Improving Quality/ Productivity in Rolling Mill Unit (Author's:Nitesh Mundhada, Aditya Wankhade, Bhavesh Bohra) 125-129
23.   Automation of Manmade Sliver ProducingOperation: A Case Study a Gram Seva Mandal,Gopuri, Wardha (Author's:Akash R Neet, Pravin S. Lakade, Suhas H Sahare) 130-133
24.   UWB Impulse Radio Waveform Shaping Techniques for Narrow-Band Interference Rejection (Author's:Rasha S. El-Khamy, Shawki E. Shaaban, Hassan N. Kheirallah, and Ibrahim A. Ghaleb) 134-140
25.   Simple Calculation of Boat Propeller (Author's:Juraci Nóbrega, Trinh Cong Dan, T.C, Ionicaro Rubanenco) 141-144
26.   Comparative Cadmium Adsorption from Water by Nanochitosan and Chitosan (Author's:Seyed Masoud Seyedi, Bagher Anvaripour, Mohsen Motavassel, Naghi Jadidi) 145-148
27.   Review on Techniques for Microstrip PatchAntenna Gain & Bandwidth Enhancement (Author's:Rutika v. chaudhari, Ila parmar) 149-152
28.   Air Gap Control of an ElectromagneticallyLevitated System (Author's:Ajay Arjunan, K.Radhakrishnan, Siby C Arjunan) 153-156
29.   Distributed Data Warehouse Architecture: An Efficient Priority Allocation Mechanism for Query Formulation (Author's:Nouman MaqboolRao, Muheet Ahmed Butt, Majid Zaman, Waseem Jeelani Bakshi) 157-159
30.   Analysis of Flow Parameters in Fuel Cell for Efficient Power Generation (Author's:V.Balaji, P.Jeevanantham, M.Muthu Krishnan) 160-164
31.   A Survey of Digital Watermarking Techniques, Applications and Attacks (Author's:Prabhishek Singh, R S Chadha) 165-175
32.   Survey- Analyzing Performance of File Distribution and Search in Unstructured P2P Networks (Author's:N. Senthil Madasamy) 176-180
33.   Analysis of Resonance Complications onZ-Source Current Type Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive (Author's:F.X.Edwin Deepak, R.Saravanan) 181-186
34.   Earthquake Response Control of 3-StoryBuilding Structures by Tuned Mass Damper (Author's:Rama Debbarma, Dipika Debnath) 187-192
35.   Routing Algorithms for MANET: A Comparative Study (Author's:Banwari, Deepanshu Sharma, Deepak Upadhyay) 193-197
36.   Comparative study of BOF Steelmaking Process based on ANFIS and GRNN Model (Author's:Sarita Chauhan, Mahendra Singh, Vivek Kumar Meena) 198-202
37.   Development of Fuzzy Model for Load Sensor (Author's:Vandna kamboj, Amrit Kaur) 203-205
38.   Numerical Simulation for Studying Heat Transfer in Multi Jet Impingement on Sparse and Dense Pin Fin Heat Sinks (Author's:Lakshmi Prasad K, A. Ramakrishna, N.V.S. Shankar) 206-210
39.   Threshold Constrained Member Clustering-Performance Comparison against Other WSN Clustering Algorithms (Author's:Chandrakanta Kashyap, Shrikant Lade, Naveen Malviya)
40.   Automatic Wheelchair using Gesture Recognition (Author's:Rakhi A. Kalantri, D.K. Chitre) 216-218
41.   Investigation of Groundwater Resources of Rafin Guza Area of Kaduna, Nigeria using Resistivity Method (Author's:Olaniyan, Isaac O, Olorunnaiye, Emmanuel S.) 219-223
42.   Innovative Methodology to Use Renewable Energy for Engineering Learning Application (Author's: MSc. Carlos Labriola, Eng. Isabel Ferraris, Dr. Jorge Lassig, Lic. Caludia Palese) 224-229
43.   Preparation of Leaded Aluminum-Silicon Alloys by Modified Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machine (Author's: J.K.Singh, S.N.Ojha) 230-234
44.   Simulation of Vienna Rectifier to Enhance Power Quality By Reduce THD (Author's: Vimla Patel, Shivendar Singh Thakur) 235-238
45.   Creep Test Material Rupture Prediction by Neural Networks (Author's: Mohamad Darwiche, Ghazi Bousaleh, Daniel Schang, Rachid, Elguerjouma) 239-242
46.   Biodiesel an Alternative Motor Fuel-An Overview (Author's: M.Sakunthala, V.Sridevi, M.V.V.CH.Lakshmi ,K. Vijay Kumar) 243-248
47.   Design of High Breakdown Voltage and Power Dissipation of 6H –SIC DIMOSFET using with Gaussian Profile in the Drift Region (Author's: Ranjana Prasad) 249-251
48.   Low Cost Energy Production Using Wind Belt Technology (Author's: Dr.P.Balaguru, B.Vignesh Raj, B.E.Vignesh) 252-255
49.   Hindi Morphological Analysis and Inflection Generator for English to Hindi Translation (Author's: Pawan Deep Singh, Archana Kore, Rekha Sugandhi, Gaurav Arya, Sneha Jadhav) 256-259
Review On Exhaust Temperature Control Of Gas Turbine (Author's: Preeti Dhiman, Aakanksha Saxena, Akanksha, Deepali Tiwari, Durgesh Agrahari) 260-264
51.   Embedded Web Server Based Automation (Author's: Jyotsna A Nanajkar, Vismita D Nagrale) 265-267
52.   Development of Iron Based Multifunctional Additive& Performance Evaluation of Biodegradation with Polypropylene (Part-II) (Author's: Rajshree Vijayvargiya, A K S Bhadoria, Ajay Kumar Nema) 268-274
53.   Load Frequency Control for an InterconnectedReheat Thermal Power Systems with Redox FlowBatteries using Beta Wavelet Neural NetworkController (Author's: R.Francis, Dr. I. A. Chidambaram) 275-282
54.   Parametric Analysis and Multi Objective Optimization of Cutting Parameters in Turning Operation of EN353 – With CVD Cutting Tool Using Taguchi Method (Author's: A.V.N.L.Sharma, K.Venkatasubbaiah, P.S.N.Raju) 283-289
55.   Comparison of Mamdani Fuzzy Model and Neuro Fuzzy Model for Load Sensor(Author's: Monika, Amrit Kaur) 290-293
56.   Decision Support System (DSS) For DSR in MANET Using Fuzzyfied ANN (Author's: Pankaj Sharma, Shruti Kohli, Ashok Kumar Sinha) 294-297
57.   Mitigation of Voltage Sag with Multi-Type Custom Power Devices Using MATLAB-SIMULINK (Author's: Malathy.P, Sudha.M) 298-304
58.   Real Time Implementation of Induction Heating Principle using Full Bridge Inverter (Author's: Srikant Misra, Sujit Kumar Patro, Arun Kumar Rath) 305-310
59.   A Skilled Algorithm for Performance Optimization of Distributed Computing System (Author's:Pankaj Saxena, Dr.Kapil Govil)  311-318
60.   The Study and Design Techniques of CMOS Based Analog Filters: An Overview (Author's: Harshita Pandey, Rajinder Tiwari) 319-325
 61.   Sustainability of Stabilized Earth Blocks to Water Erosion (Author's:S. CHAIBEDDRA, F. KHARCHI)  326-329
62.   Designing of IDWT System in Verilog HDL (Author's: Paresh Kamble, Apurva Khanzode) 330-335
63.   Review: Location Based Authentication to Mitigate Intruder Attack (Author's: Dr. A.L.N Rao, Silky Puri, Shalini Rana) 336-339

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