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Special Issue (Volume 5, Special Issue 1, February 2024) Conference Publication


International Conference on Recent Engineering Advancements & Computing Technologies (ICREACT 2023) Sponsored by SN-ARESS

 Name of Research Article (Special Issue Volume 5 Issue 1 , February 2024)  
ISSN:2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified)

 Page No.
1. Fusion of low contrast image for color image enhancement (Author's:Santosh Kumar Jha, Prashant Kumar Jain. Prabhat Patel) 1-4
Error Performance Analysis of LMS and RLS Adaptive Filters Parametric Study (Author's:Vaibhav Verma, Amit Chouhan , Arvind Gupta) 5-9
 3. Adaptive Filter design using Adeline Neural Network for Modulated Signal De-noising (Author's:Amar Singh, Abhishek Sahu, Arvind Gupta) 10-14
4.  Application and Trends of Image Fusion: Challenges and Case Study of Wavelet Fusion (Author's:Babita Saxena, Dr R K Arya, Dr Asmita Moghe) 15-19
5.  Analysis of Thermal and Flow Characteristics of Baffle Factor in Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers (Author's:Vardan Singh, Arun Kumar Patel, Amit Vishwakarma) 20-28
6. Review and Applications of the SEIG in Electric Applications (Author's:Reeha chouhan, Dr. P.K. Sharma) 29-33
7. Comprehensive Review of Strength Enhancement of Clay Soils Using Nylon Fiber,Fly Ash, Jute and Waste Materials (Author's:Zen Pravin Raut, Dr Manendra Pratap Verma) 34-28
8. Case Study of Internal Combustion Engine Design and Simulation for Future High Speed LMV (Author's:Tarun Kumar Yadav, Gaurav Khare, Hemant Jain, Dr. Veeresh Fuskele) 39-44
9. Designing Efficient Morphological Segmentation Methodology for Kidney Stone Detection (Author's:Atul Kumar Mishra, Vishakha Tomar, Namrata Gurung) 45-49
10. The Regression based Stock Market Closing Cost Predication Approach (Author's:Sourabh Jain, Dr.Navdeep Kaur Saluja, Dr. Mohd. Shahnwaz Ansari) 50-53
11. Evaluation of Fuzzy Based Route Sorting Algorith for Wide Area WSN (Author's:ATUL KUMAR MISHRA, HITESH RINHAYAT, YASH ARYA) 54-58
12. Processing and Validation of Peak Detection for the Analysis of the ECG Disease Patterns (Author's:Mukesh Asati,Dr. Navdeep Kaur Saluja) 59-62
13 Global Positioning System Principal, Applications and Simulation of Gold Sequence (Author's:Mohd Wasif Azeez Khan, Susheel Kumar Gupta) 63-67
Segmentation of medical images: adaptive contrast enhancement and fuzzy c-means clustering (Author's:Sadaf Hussaini, Deepti Gopal. Vandana Rai) 68-72
Demonstration of Low Earth Gravity Dams Stability Analysis using MATLAB Tool (Author's:Anup Gorai, Rohit Kumar Gope, Pintu Kumar Das, Kumar Sanu) 73-76
16. Study of Sensors Used in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Systems (Author's:Prem Prakash, Shubham Pandey, Prince Kumar, Kumar Sanu) 77-81
17. Medical Image Enhancement Based on Design of Adaptive Wavelet fusion (Author's:Dr. Kavita Burse) 82-87
18. The Ad-hoc routing protocol – DSR simulation (Author's:Anni U. Gupta,Mangesh D. Nikose) 88-91
19. Development of Hybrid Solar Thermal System With Dish Concentrators and Fresnel Lens for Hot Water Generation (Author's:Arunesh Verma, Vardan Singh, Arun Kumar Patel, Amit Vishwakarma) 92-97
20. Impact of Aggregate Quality On Recycled Concrete Strength (Author's:Mumtaz Begam,Rakesh Pate) 98-100
21. Experimental Studies on Reduction of Water Absorption in Fly ash Bricks (Author's:Yash Vinay Sahu, Aruna Rawat) 101-104

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