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Volume 2 Issue 8 , February 2013

                      Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 8 , February 2013)                                                       ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Computations of Energy Efficiency Potential in Puerto Rico (Author's:L. R. Orama, F. Maldonado, O. E. Ruiz, C. Ortiz, N. S. Estévez)
2.   The Effect of Polynomial Order on Georeferencing Remote Sensing Images (Author's:Dr. Nagi Zomrawi Mohammed, Eiman Eisa Ahmed Elhaj) 5-8
3.   PORT, a Portable Real-Time Operating System (Author's:Aashish A. Gadgil, Giridhar S. Sudi) 9-17
4.   Performance of Mot Brake Testers with Varying: Tyre Pressures, Distance between Rollers and Roughness of Rollers (Author's:Carolina Senabre, Emilio Velasco, Sergio Valero) 18-22
5.   Correlation between Anode Recipe and Anode Properties (Author's: Yadian Xie, Duygu Kocaefe, Yasar Kocaefe,Liu Wei, Shaoling Zou, Anjing Wu) 23-27
6.   Proof of SP‟s Developed Theories with the Help of Hybrid Examples (Author's: Satyapal Singh, Dr. (Lt.) Rajeev Kumar Singh, Suruchi Rawat) 28-36
7.   A Review: Implementation of Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (Author's: Swapnil B. Ambekar, Ajinkya Edlabadkar, Vivek Shrouty) 37-41
8.   Impact of Watershed Management on the Groundwater and Irrigation Potential: A Case Study (Author's:J.Nittin Johnson, S.Govindaradjane, T.Sundararajan) 42-45
9.   The Nuclear Nature of Radiation (Author's:Salah, Ahmed Eid) 46-47
10.   Removal of Particulate Matter by Using Negative Electric Discharge (Author's:V.S. Sawant) 48-51
11.   Innovative Methodology for Segmenting the Object from a Static Frame (Author's:S.Thilagamani, Dr. N.Shanthi)   52-56
12.    Android 3D Game with Motion Sensor and Touch Screen Control (Author's:Harshil Bhatnagar, Kirtikumar Bansod, Yashi Verma, Divya Naidu, Amreen Khan)  57-60 
13.    Wastewater Remediation Using Electrochemically Produced Layered Double Hydroxides (Author's:Daniel O. Siringi, Dr. Patrick G. Home, Joseph S. Chacha, Lilian Mulimi)  61-64 
14.    Statistical and Artificial Neural Network based Analysis of Faults in an Automobile Engine (Author's:S. N. Dandarea, Dr. S. V .Dudulb)  65-71 
15.    A Wireless Remote Monitoring Of Agriculture Using Zigbee (Author's:GopalaKrishna Moorthy .K, Dr.C.Yaashuwanth, Venkatesh.K)  72-74 
16.   ECG Wireless Telemetry (Author's:M.SRINAGESH, P. SARALA, K.DURGA APARNA)  75-78
17.   Comparison and Optimization of Dosage of Different Super-Plasticizers for Self Compacted Concrete Using Marsh Cone (Author's:Nanak J Pamnani, Palakkumar D. Patel, Dr. A.K. Verma, Jayeshkumar Pitroda)  79-82
18.   A Study on Transparent Concrete: A Novel Architectural Material to Explore Construction Sector (Author's:Bhavin K. Kashiyani, Varsha Raina, Jayeshkumar Pitroda, Dr. Bhavnaben K. Shah)  83-87
19.   A Novel Study on Supervised & Unsupervised Techniques on Biomedical Application (Author's:Battu Babitha)  88-91
20.   Dynamics in a Two-Species Kolmogorov System (Author's: Sudeepto Bhattacharya, L.M. Saha) 92-98
21.   Design of a Routing Mechanism to Provide Multiple Mobile Network Service on a Single SIM Card (Author's:Boobalan. P, Krishna. P, Udhayakumar. P, Santhosh. A)  99-104
22.   Minimization of Jitter in Digital Systems usingDual Phase-locked Loops (Author's:A. Telba, J. M. Noras)  105-107
23.   Signals Concept with the Help of Theory and Sketch on Paper or On Graph Paper (Author's:Satyapal Singh, Dr. (Lt.) Rajeev Kumar Singh, Suruchi Rawat)  108-114
24.   Mobile Crawler Using JINI Technology to reduce Bandwidth Consumption during Crawling Process (Author's:R.G. Tambe, M.B. Vaidya)  115-120
25.   Operating System as Service Using XEN Cloud (Author's:Pranav M. Dave, Dhruvin R. Patel, Sanjay G. Patel)  121-122
26.   High Degree of Security Provided By Three- Dimensional Virtual Environment (Author's:Muneshwar R.N. Sonkar S.K)  123-128
27.   Survey on Resource Allocation in Grid (Author's:Darshan Kanzariya, Sanjay Patel)  129-133
28.   Simulation of Loading the Polymer/Carbon Fiber Composites and Prediction of Safety Factors (Author's:Ing. Branislav Duleba, Ing. František Greskovic, CSc)  134-140
29.   Usage habits of business information system in Hungary (Author's:Peter Sasvari)  141-147
30.   The 5’S Methodology as Tool for Improving the Organization (Author's:Sharad P. Bargat, Nitesh Mundhada)  148-152
31.   Natural Language Interface to Database (Author's:Mahesh P.Gaikwad)  153-155
32.   Tracking and Discovering Patient Regular Activities Using Clustering Technique (Author's:N.M. Nihas, D.Saravanan)  156-160
33.   Shear Strength Assessment of Ship Hulls (Author's:Alice Mathai, Alice T.V., Ancy Joseph)  161-165
34.   Impacts of Various Aspects on Industrial Performance Enhancing Productivity (Author's:Dr.T.B.Pankhania, V.K.Modi)  166-171
35.    Design and Implementation of 9-Bit Modified Wallace Reduction (Author's:Aruljothi.G, Nithya.L, Saranya.K, Sathia Priya.M, Menaka Devi.B) 172-176 
36.    Theory of An Automated Cassava Peeling System (Author's:O.J. OLUKUNLE,B.O. AKINNULI)  177-184 
37.    Parameter Evaluation and Review of Various Error-Diffusion Half toning algorithms used in Color Visual Cryptography (Author's: Anuprita U. Mande, Manish N. Tibdewal) 185-190 
38.    Virtual Network Computing Viewer Using Remote Frame Buffer Protocol (Author's:Nandhini.S, Archana.N, Bagavathi.S, Arunachalam.M) 191-195 
39.    Enhanced Fast Discovery of Item Sets Based On Utility and Support Measures (Author's:S.Kanimozhi, P.Ranjana ) 196-200
40.   Web Enabled Ration Distribution and Corruption Controlling System (Author's: Dhanashri Pingale, Sonali Patil, Nishigandha Gadakh, Reena Avhad, Gundal S.S) 201-203
41.    Dual Layer Randomization in Audio Steganography Using Random Byte Position Encoding (Author's:Lovey Rana, Saikat Banerjee 204-209 
42.   A Novel Soft Starter for Three-Phase Induction Motors with Reduced Starting Current and Minimized Torque Pulsations (Author's: Muhammed Rafeek, Dr.Bose Mathew Jose, Nithin K S, Dr Babu Paul) 210-213
43.    Antimicrobial Activity and Medicinal Values of Essential Oil of Mentha Piperita L (Author's: Tandan Neeraj, Anand Prakash, Yadav Seema) 214-218
44.    A Novel Method for Starting of Induction Motor with Improved Transient Torque Pulsations (Author's:Nithin K.S, Dr. Bos Mathew Jos, Muhammed Rafeek, Dr. Babu Paul) 219-221
45.    Comparison of Various Stereo Vision Cost Aggregation Methods (Author's:Suyog Patil, Joseph Simon Nadar, Jimit Gada, Siddhartha Motghare, Sujath S Nair) 222-226
46.    Process Improvement for Reducing Critical Defects in Contraceptives (Author's:Martin James, Cijo Mathew, Reji Mathew) 227-233
47.    Boundary Value Sort (Author's:Sunny Dagar, Vinay Kumar, Rhythm Walia) 234-236 
48.   Assessment of Public Water Distribution System of Indore City, India (Author's: Kartikey Tiwari, Aman Jatale, Sahil Khandelwal) 237-241
49.   A Descriptive Analysis of TDMA Ethernet Switch for Dynamic Real-Time Communication: Limitations & Extensions (Author's: Md. Asif Khan, Shohel Ahmed, A.K.M. Niaz Morshed) 242-244
50.   Vedic Mathematics for Fast Multiplication in DSP (Author's: Nivedita A. Pande, Vaishali Niranjane, Anagha V. Choudhari) 245-247
51.   Developing A Medium Carbon Steel Lathe Cutting Tool for Plastics (Author's: Abadariki.S.O, Adejuyigbe.S.B,Olanrewaju.S.O.) 248-253
52.   Analysis of Intrusion & Alert over the Computer Network Data Packet (Author's: Vishnu Prasad Goranthala, Naresh Goke, Ravi Kumar V, OdnalaSrinivas) 254-257
53.   Stabilization of a Nonlinear System Delay IntegerDescribed By a Discrete Multimodal (Author's: Walid Arouri , Elyes Maherzi, Mongi Besbes,Safya Belgith) 258-264
54.   AC-BM-GA Pattern Matching Algorithm Approach for Intrusion Detection (Author's: Garima Shrivastava, Anurag Jain) 265-268
55.   An Inspection of Mobility Models Routine on Routing Protocols in Ad Hoc Network (Author's: Sunil Kumar, Rahul Mishra, Krishna Kumar, Brij Mohan Singh) 269-274
56.   Tracking the Consignment Transportation in Ship via Online (Author's: Dr.T.Arumuga Maria Devi, D.Christen Jeba Raj) 275-281
57.   Development of Sintered Iron Based Ternary Alloy for Wear Resistant Applications (Author's: S.B. Halesh, P. Dinesh) 282-285
58.   Providing Security for Database at Rest with Fine Grained Encryption (Author's: Kavitha N, Nisha K K) 286-290
59.   Question Classification Using Naïve BayesMachine Learning Approach (Author's:Rishika Yadav, Megha Mishra) 291-294
60.   Entropy-Based Similarity For Efficient Keyword Search In XML Databases (Author's: S. Selvaganesan, Su-Cheng Haw, Lay-Ki Soon) 295-300
Implementation of 6 Sector Methodologies Based Direct Torque Control for PMSM (Author's: R.Prabhakaran, A.Sivaprakasam, Dr.T.Manigandan)  301-305

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