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Special Issue (Volume 4, Special Issue 1, March 2023) Conference Publication


International Conference on Computing Communication &Sustainable Technologies (ICCCST 2023) Sponsored by SN-ARESS

 Name of Research Article (Special Issue Volume 4 Issue 1 , March 2023)  
ISSN:2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified)

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1. Study of Edge Detection and Morphological Dilation based Color Image Watermarking and Attacks (Author's:Abhishek Tiwari,V.B Reddy)        1-4     
2. Review of the Heat Exchanger Modeling and Simulation (Author's:Ram Kumar Vishwakarma) 5-8
3. NB-IOT Physical Layer Design Methodologies and Challenges (Author's:Amrita Khera, Dr Uma Shankar) 9-12
4. Video Frame De-Blurring for Fast Moving Object Video Stabilization (Author's:Sourabh Pandey, Dr. Prashat Jain, Dr. Prabhat Patel) 13-16
5. Enhancement Techniques for ILD Image Processing (Author's:Anni Gupta, Dr. Sarita Singh Bhadauria) 17-20
6. Artifacts Removal Methods “A survey” (Author's:Deepak Pancholi, Rajeev Goyal, Paresh Rawat) 21-26
7. Review of the Digital Image Watermarking methods using DWT and SVD (Author's:Arun Kumar Patel, Dr. Prabhat Patel) 27-30
8. Review of Massive MIMO detection Techniques for Wireless Receivers (Author's:Balram Yadav, Dr. Prabhat Patel) 31-34
9. Designing a SPWM Controlled High Voltage (HV) Three Phase Filtered Inverter Model (Author's:Nidhi Kumari, Dr. Rishi Choubey) 35-40
10. Design of Efficient DC Motor Speed Control System using the High Voltage H Bridges (HV- HB) (Author's:Digvijay Singh, Dr. Rishi Choubey) 41-46
11. Case Study of Collaborative Compressive Sensing Methods for Crack Images in Civil Engineering (Author's:Aruna Rawat, Paresh Rawat) 47-51
12. Support Vector Machine based Classification of the ECG Arrhythmia Disease Patterns (Author's:AVIRAL SONI) 52-55
13. Extended Study of IoT Applications in Healthcare: A Survey (Author's:Chandan Kumar, Shiv Shankar Prajapati, Akrati Shrivastava) 56-60
14.  Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network in Application to Design IOT based Soil Sensing (Author's:Susheel Kumar Gupta,Dr. Shailendra Singh) 61-65
15. The Stock Market Closing Cost Predication Methods Using Learning Techniques (Author's:Sourabh Jain, Dr.Navdeep Kaur Saluja, Dr.Mohd.Shahnawaz Ansari) 66-69
16. PAPR Reduction in the 5G MIMO-OFDM Wireless Communication System (Author's:Akash Sharma) 70-73

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