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Volume 2 Issue 7 , January 2013

                      Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 7 , January  2013)                                                       ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
Experimental Study on Connections, By Using Light Gauge Channel Sections and Packing Plates/Stiffener Plate at the Joints (Author's:V.M.Vaghe, S.L.Belgaonkar, A.S.Kharade A.S.Bhosale) 1-9
2.   The Conceptual Model of Effective Factors on Consumers Green Purchasing Intentions (Author's:Hessam Zand Hessami, Parisa Yousefi, Ghazaleh Goudarzi)  10-17
3.   Performance Evaluation of a Thermoelectric Refrigerator (Author's: Onoroh Francis, Chukuneke Jeremiah Lekwuwa, Itoje Harrison John) 18-24
4.   Analysis and Optimization Solar PanelSupporting Structures Using F.E.M (Author's: Ravindra Naik, Vinayakumar B. Melmari, Adarsh Adeppa) 25-36
5.   Design and Analysis of Swastik Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna at Glass Epoxy Substrate on L-Band and S-Band (Author's: Avinish Kumar Tripathi, Sumit Srivastava, Dr. H.P. Sinha) 37-41
6.   Proof Of Sp’s Unit Step Function With The Help Of Examples (Author's: Satyapal Singh, Dr. (Lt.) Rajeev Kumar Singh, Suruchi Rawat) 42-47
7.   Effect of Overload on Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Airframe Structure through FEM Approach (Author's: Vinayakumar B. Melmari, Ravindra Naik, Adarsh Adeppa) 48-59
8.   Speed Comparison for Embedded Processors Using Infinite Series (Author's: Samuel Noah Ramrajkar, Shelton D‟souza, Rahul J Shetty, Shraddha Joshi) 60-64
9.   Complex Discrete Wavelet Transform Based Image Denoising using Thresholding (Author's: D. Srinivasulu Reddy, Dr. S.Varadarajan, Dr. M.N.GiriPrasad) 65-67
10.   Vulnerability-Threats Assessment for Enterprise Network (Author's:Aliyu Mohammed, Sulaiman Mohd nor, Muhammad Nadzir Marsono) 68-76
11.   Efficient Distribution of Peer Resources for Multimedia Sharing in Online Forums (Author's:Geetha.C, Saranya.M)    77-80
12.   Use of Turbo Coding In OFDM System for Improving BER; A Review (Author's: Ruchi Saxena, Neelesh Gupta, Naushad Praveen)   81-84
13.   Pipeline Defect Classification by Using Non-Destructive Testing and Improved Support Vector Machine Classification (Author's:Muhsin Hassan, Rajprasad Rajkumar, Dino Isa, Roselina Arelhi )    85-93
14.   Mining Sequential Pattern with Time-Constraint (Author's:Anita Zala, Mehul Barot)    94-97
15.   Design & Fabrication of Pneumatically Operated Plastic Injection Molding Machine (Author's:Poonam G. Shukla, Gaurav P. Shukla)    98-101
16.   High Voltage Gain Boost Converter Based On Three State Switching Cell for Solar Energy Harvesting (Author's:N.Prasad, T.Logeswaran, Dr.A.Senthil Kumar)    102-106
17.   Study on Improving the Production Rate by Rapier Looms in Textile Industry(Author's: Aby Chummar, Soni Kuriakose, George Mathew)  107-112
18.   Multiport Interleaved Buck Boost Converter(Mibbc) For Solar Pv Applications (Author's:G.Selvam, T.Logeswaran, Dr. A. Senthil Kumar)    113-118
19.   Proof of Sp’s Unit Ramp Function with the Help of Examples(Author's: Satyapal Singh, Dr. (Lt.) Rajeev Kumar Singh, Suruchi Rawat)   119-124
20.   Design and Comparison of Array and Tree Multiplier Using Different Logic Styles (Author's: Saro Ramya S, Sakthivel S, Prakash S P)   125-130
21.   Design of General Order Digital Phase Locked Loop (Author's: Dr. P.H.Tandel, Anuradha P. Gharge)   131-135
22.   User Centric Access Control in Cloud Using Identity Management (Author's: Karunanithi. D, Shiyamala Devi V. P, Sambath. M)   136-140
23.   A Survey on Various Encryption and Key Selection Techniques (Author's:Pooja Mishra, Biju Thankachan)   141-145
24.   Establishment of Lithostratigraphy of Some Banded Iron Formations of Iron Ore Super group of Odisha, India (Author's:B. Satpathy, D. Beura)   146-150
25.   Rheological and Mechanical Characterization of Fiber-Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete (Author's: M.Benaicha, O.Jalbaud, A.Alaoui Hafidi, Y.Burtschell)   151-159
26.   Modeling and Simulation of Variable FrequencySpeed Regulation Vector control System ofInduction Motor Based on Matlab (Author's: Laxmikant Vishwanath Bagale, Dr.V.A. Deodhar-Kulkarni)   160-163
27.   Study on the Effect of Process Parameters in the Electroless Copper Coating On Solar Photovoltaic Cell (Author's:M. Jeevarani, Dr. R. Elansezhian, N. Karpagavalli)   164-168
28.   Web Usage Mining to Discover Visitor Group with Common Behavior Using DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm (Author's: Shaily G. Langhnoja, Mehul P. Barot, Darshak B. Mehta)   169-173
29.   Landslide Susceptibility Zonation Model On Jeneberang Watershed Using Geographical Information System and Analytical Hierarchy Process (Author's:Muchtar Salam Solle, Muslimin Mustafa, Sumbangan Baja, A.M. Imran)   174-179
30.   Measurement of Dielectric Properties of various Marble Stones of Mewar Region of Rajasthan at X-band Microwave Frequencies (Author's: Bapna P.C, Joshi S)   180-186
31.   Wind Energy Utilization for Generation of Electricity on an Automobile (Author's: N. S. Hanamapure, Ajit B. Bachche)   187-190
32.   Popularity of Online Job Portals among Indian Non-IT Students (Author's: Upender Singh)   191-193
33.   An Improved Dynamically Reconfigurable Pipelined Adaptive Viterbi Decoder for High Throughput (Author's: Nitin S. Sonar, Dr. Faris S. Al-Naimy, Dr. R.R. Mudholkar)   194-198
34.   Design and Implementation of Computation Grid,Measure & Improve Performance Parameter:-A Survey (Author's: Hardik.M.Patel, Akash Bhatt)   199-201
35.   Experimental Investigation of Heat transfer by PIN FIN (Author's:U S Gawai, Mathew V K, Murtuza S D)   202-204
36.   Security Risks & Migration Strategy For Cloud Sourcing: A Government Perspective (Author's: Dr Mansaf Alam, Shuchi Sethi)   205-209
37.   Performance Evaluation of Threshold Constrained Member Clustering Algorithm (Author's: Chandrakanta Kashyap, Shrikant Lade)   210-214
38.   Simulation of Particle Swarm Optimization Based Selective Harmonic Elimination (Author's:N.Vinoth, H. Umesh prabhu)   215-218
39.   Experimental Evaluation of Strength and Stiffness of Fibre Reinforced Composites under Flexural Loading (Author's: G.Rathnakar, H K Shivanan)   219-222
40.   Ensemble Neural Network Strategy for Predicting Credit Default Evaluation (Author's:A.R.Ghatge, P.P.Halkarnikar)   223-225
41.   Influence of the Variation of Power Turbine InletTemperature on Overall Turbine Efficiency (Author's: Barinaadaa Thaddeus Lebele-Alawa ,Jerry Mike Asuo )  226-229
42.   Review of Behavior Malware Analysis for Android (Author's: Nitin Padriya, Nilay Mistry)   230-232
43.   Dynamic Reconfiguration of Component Based Software Systems (Author's: D.John Aravindhar, V.Dheepa, D. Nancy Kirupanithi)   233-238
44.   Model, Working and Benefits of Sponge Dam over Other Dam (Author's: Balraj B. More)   239-243
45.   Evaluation of Sorptivity and Water Absorption of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement by Thermal Industry Waste (Fly Ash) (Author's: Jayeshkumar Pitroda, Dr F S Umrigar)   245-249
46.   Conversion of Regular Assembly Line into Cellular Manufacturing Layout (Author's:Peetu Paul, Justin Koshy, Biju Cherian Abraham)   250-255
47.   A Study on Security Challenges and Issues inCloud Computing (Author's: Sathiyapriya.K, Dr.D.Malathi, VijayaKumar.K, S.Nagadevi) 256-261
48.   Efficient KCC Broadcast Authentication Scheme inWSN‟s (Author's: P.Prema, P.Saravanan) 262-266
49.   Software Testing Process Using a Payroll System as a Case Study (Author's: Akinboyewa Nelson E. ,Johnson O. Victor) 267-278
50.   Early Cancer Detection With Spectral Scattering Technique (Author's: Prasath.B, Ramgopinath .S, Saravanan.J, Vigneshwarakumar.R ,Dr.S.Mary Praveena, A.K.Kavitha) 279-284
51.   Nutritional Profile, Sensory Properties and Microbial Quality of Solar-Dried Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) (Author's: W.K.J. Kwenin, J.M. Seidu, F. Boadi-Amoah) 285-290
52.   An Improved QoS-Based Vertical Handoff Scheme for Next Generation of Wireless Network (Author's: Ravindra C. Sanap, S.S.Sambare) 291-296
53.   Behavior of Different Shapes of Twin Tunnels in Soft Clay Soil (Author's: Eman A. Elshamy, Gouda Attia, Hesham fawzy, Khaled Abdel Hafez) 297-302
54.   Inventory Management of Spare Parts by Combined FSN and VED (CFSNVED) Analysis (Author's: Vaisakh P. S., Dileeplal J., V. Narayanan Unni) 303-309
55.   HTML5: The New Standard for Content Representation in the World Wide Web (Author's: Bineta Tresa Mathew, Arvindh Boominathan, Sheril Thankachan) 310-313
56.   Estimation of Pipe Elbow Anchor Loads Due ToInternal Pressure (Author's: N.Thiagarajan) 314-317
57.   Recognition for Handwritten English Letters: A Review (Author's: Nisha Sharma, Tushar Patnaik, Bhupendra Kumar) 318-321
58.   Study of Forging Defects in Integral Axle Arms (Author's: Christy Mathew, Justin Koshy, Dr. Deviprasad Varma) 322-326
59.   An Investigation into Differential Torque Based Strategies for Electronic Stability Control in an In-Wheel Electric Vehicle (Author's: M. M. Al EmranHasan, M. Motamed Ektesabi, A. Kapoor) 327-336
60.   A Survey on Offline Signature Verification (Author's: Madhuri Yadav, Alok Kumar, Tushar Patnaik, Bhupendra Kumar) 337-340
61.   Curved Text Detection Techniques - A Survey (Author's: Sonal Choudhary, Tushar Patnaik, Bhupendra Kumar) 341-344
62.   Experimental Study for Fault Diagnostics on Refrigeration Systems Using the Acoustic Emission Technique (Author's: M. M. Abo Elazm, M. F. Shehadeh, A. Arabi) 345-348
63.   Performance of Coated Steel in R.C. Beamswith High Percentages of Chloride (Author's: S. Abd-Elsalam, H. Shehab Eldin, E.A. El-Shamy, Sh. M.M. Shawky) 349-354
64.   Wireless Sensor Network- An Advanced Survey (Author's: Ahmad AA Alkhatib, Gurvinder S Baicher, Waleed K Darwish) 355-369
65.   Performance Enhancement of DSR Routing Protocol Using Mobile Agents (Author's: Neetesh Rajpoot, Varsha Sharma, Dr. R. C. Jain) 370-374
66.   A Novel Method for Large Scale Requirement Elicitation (Author's: V.Dheepa, D.John Aravindhar, C.Vijayalakshmi) 375-379
67.   Design and Performance Optimization of a Microstrip Antenna (Author's: G.C Nwalozie, C.C Okezie, S.U Ufoaroh, S.U Nnebe)  380-387
68.   Synthesis and Characterization of Magnesium Alloy added with Yttrium and To Study the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties (Author's: R.Muraliraja, H.Vettrivel, Dr. R.Elansezhian) 388-392
69.   Effect of Work Material, Tool Material on Surface Finish in Turning Operations (Author's: Roby Joy, Dr.Josephkunju Paul, Dr.Roy N. Mathews) 393-401
70.   Analysis of Servers – A Comparison on Cloud Elastic Server on Business Models (Author's: Ravi Kumar Athota, NarendraMupparaju, Prabhakar Marry) 402-406
71.   A Nonlinear Learning Algorithm for LargeScale Datasets (Author's: Yohei Takeuchi, Shin-ichi Ito, Momoyo Ito, Minoru Fukumi) 407-412
72.   Correction of the Ionospheric Horizontal Gradient for Better DGPS User Positioning (Author's: Karthigesu Nagarajoo) 413-416
73.   A Simple Comparative Evaluation of Adaptive Beam forming Algorithms (Author's: G.C Nwalozie, V.N Okorogu, S.S Maduadichie, A. Adenola)   417-424

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