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Volume 2 Issue 6 , December 2012

Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 6 , December  2012)                                ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) PageNo.
Analysis Different MPPT Techniques for Photovoltaic System (Author's: Sohan Lal, Rohtash Dhiman, Mr.S.K.Sinha )
2.   Emerging Trends in Nano Technology for Modern Industries (Author's: Abhishek Dwivedi, Avanish Dwivedi )  4-13
3.   Effective Conversion of Transformer Losses into Dissipated Heat (Author's: Prashant Gour, Kshitij Chautre, Anvita Kotwalla, Tushar Arora)  14-16
4.   Theoretical Comparative Analysis of Power Consumed in Conventional and Non Conventional Type Air Conditioning System (Author's: Dr G.S Sharma, Brijesh Sharma)  17-20
5.   Method (of T) to Measure Length for Cooling inPipe line of Side Injection Presentation (Author's: Zahid H I Khokhar, Mamdouh A Al-Harthi, Habib Al-Ali, Habib D Zughbi, Abdulazeez Abdurraheem,Bekir S Yilbas)  21-26
6.   Kinematic Navigation of Modular Robot (Author's: Dilip Kr Biswas, Subhasish Bhaumik, Jyotirmoy Saha)  27-37
7.    Colour Recognition for Blind and Colour Blind People (Author's: Ibrahim Patel, Jagdish Goud)  38-42
8.    A Strategy to Provide Robust and Seamless Data Transmission in Broadband Wireless Networks (Author's: S. V. S. Rama Krishnam Raju, Kahkashan Tabassum, Dr. A. Damodaram) 43-47 
9.    Criticality Analysis for Assets Priority Setting of Abadan Oil Refinery Using AHP and Delphi Techniques (Author's:Fereshteh Jaderi, Elham sa’idi, Bagher Anvaripour, Nader Nabhani)   48-53 
 10.   Single Board Computer for Application Multitasking (Author's: Samuel Ramrajkar, Mehul Shah, Nishant Parekh)    54-59
 11.   An Implementation of Set Protocol with DES Algorithm (Author's: Pankaj Singh Parihar, Vikas Kurdia Pankaj Suwalka, Ratnesh Parasher Deepali Mahatma)    60-66
 12.   Prevalence of Smoking and Health Consequences of Tobacco Use in HIV-Positive Clients in Karnataka State (Author's: Basavarajaiah D.M. B.Leelavathy, B.Narasimhamurthy, Maheshappa K .I.Shetty)    67-73
 13.   Empirical Evaluation of Bit Mask Search for Mining Frequent Item Sets (Author's:Jayshree Boaddh, Urmila Mahor, Niket Bhargava)     74-79
 14.   Maximum Power Point Tracking Simulation forPhotovoltaic Systems Using Perturb andObserve Algorithm (Author's: Samer Alsadi, Basim Alsayid)    80-85
 15.   Design A Hardware Support For An Architecture Based On Multi-Agent Systems For M2M Services (Author's:Abdellah KRIOUILE, Hicham MEDROMI)     86-91
 16.   Compressed Natural Gas as an Alternative Fuel for Spark Ignition Engine: A Review (Author's:Munde Gopal G., Dr. Dalu Rajendra S.)     92-96
 17.   State-Of-The-Art Insulation Materials: A Review (Author's: Agham Rahul D.)    97-102
 18.   Software Reliability Growth Model WithTesting-Effort by Failure Free Software ( Author's:K.Venkata Subba Reddy, Dr.B.Raveendrababu)   103-108
 19.   A Comparative Study of Feeding Methods for Novel Design Fractal Tree Antenna (Author's:Janakiraje S. Bhosale, Shantanu S. Jagdale, Dr. Deosarkar S.B.)     109-112
 20.   The Data Warehouse Design Problem through a Schema Transformation Approach (Author's:V. Mani Sharma, P.Premchand)     113-117
 21.   Inspection of Various Object TrackingTechniques (Author's: Ann Maria Jacob, Anitha J)   118-124 
 22.   Performance of Turbo Encoder and Turbo Decoder for LTE (Author's:Patel Sneha Bhanubhai, Mary Grace Shajan, Upena D. Dalal)    125-128 
 23.   Extended Kalman Filter Based FuzzyOptimization (Author's:Divya M, Dr. Vijayachitra S)    129-133
 24.   Study of Moulding Defects in Automobile Relay Cover (Author's:Dr. Shajan Kuriakose, Sunny K. George, Prisley Varghese Mathew)    134-138
 25.   Detecting & Isolating Stealthy Packet Dropping Attack in Multihop Wireless ADHOC Network (Author's:Gajalakshmi J, Radhika)    139-142
 26.   Embedded Robot Control System Based On an Embedded Operating System, the Combination of Advanced RISC Microprocessor (ARM), DSP and ARM Linux (Author's: Vaishak N. L, C.G. Ram Chandra)    143-147
 27.   Performance Analysis of Convolutional Encoderand Viterbi Decoder Using FPGA (Author's: Shaina Suresh, Ch. Kranthi Rekha, Faisal Sani Bala)    148-154
 28.   An Enhanced TCP Analysis for Persistent Packet Reordering (Author's:M.Thejovathi)     155-159
 29.   Hull Design Requirements of Floating Production,Storage and Off-Loading (Author's: Ezenwa A. Ogbonnaya)    160-166
 30.   Mammogram Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Hybrid with Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) (Author's:GokilaDeepa.G)     167-171
 31.   Pavement Maintenance Treatment Selection Using Fuzzy Logic Inference System (Author's:S.K.Suman, S.Sinha)    172-175
 32.   Simplified Model of a DC Rotating Machine for Mechanical Energy Generation using MATLAB/SIMULINK (Author's: S. T. Yusuf, A. S. Samosir, M. Abdulkadir)    176-179
 33.   A Novel Ultra High Speed D.C Motor Protection Using Ni Lab view (Author's: Raj Kumar Mishra, Dr. S. Chatterji, Shimi S.L)    180-182
 34.   Security Enhancement in Secure Electronic Transaction Protocol (SETP) (Author's: Satyanshu Srivastava, Rakesh Bharti)    183-185
 35.   Study On Mineralization Zone Of Blitar District By Means Of Simple Bouguer Anomaly (Author's:Sunaryo)    186-191
 36.   Prediction of Industrial Solid Waste with ANFIS Model and its comparison with ANN Model- A Case Study of Durg-Bhilai Twin City India (Author's:Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Dr. Samir Bajpai, Dr. U. K. Dewangan)     192-201
 37.   Indigenous Housing and Settlement Pattern of Patro (Laleng) Community in Sylhet (Author's:Shubhajit Chowdhury, Kawshik Saha)     202-206
 38.   Investigation of R152a/R134a Mixture inRefrigeration System (Author's:D.Sendil Kumar, Dr.R.Elansezhian)    207-210
 39.   Intelligent Technique Based Modeling for PVPS (Author's:Kalika S., L. Rajaji, Subhash Gupta)     211-215
 40.   Optimization of Turning Process Parameters byUsing Tool Inserts- A Review (Author's: P. P. Shirpurkar, S.R. Bobde, V.V.Patil, B.N. Kale)    216-223
 41.   ANFIS Based Design of Controller for Superheated Steam Temperature Non Linear Control Process (Author's: Subhash Gupta, L. Rajaji, Kalika S.)    224-228
 42.   High Speed Low Power Network Processors: Efficient Power Management Techniques (Author's: Roopa Kulkarni, Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni)    229-233
 43.   Novel Magnetic Projectile Tracking Methodology Using a Single-Axis, Coplanar Sensor Network (Author's: Andrew D. Lowery, James E. Smith)    234-239
 44.   Genetic Algorithm based Multicast Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks - A Research Framework (Author's:J.Suresh Kumar, E.Babu Raj)     240-246
 45.   Develop and Simulate a Secure Efficient Dynamic Routing Using Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network (Author's: Shobha.K, Mamtha Jadhav.V)    247-252
 46.   The 0-1 Test Applied To Peter-De-Jong Map (Author's: Mridula Budhraja, Narender Kumar, L. M. Saha)    253-257 
 47.   Study Of Instrumented Segmental / Meter Panels For Basements: Comparison of Theoretical and Actual Behavior (Author's: D.K. Kanhere,Dr R A Hegde,Dr. V.T. Ganpule)    258-264 
 48.   Intrusions Detection based on Optimum Features Subset and Efficient Dataset Selection (Author's: Hafiz Muhammad Imran, Azween Bin Abdullah, Muhammad Hussain, Sellappan Palaniappan, Iftikhar Ahmad)    265-270
 49.   Cost Effective Model For E-Learning (Author's:Abhishek Singh, R.K.Somani)     271-275
 50.   Review for Building Energy-Efficient ICs from Scratch (Author's: Kushal C. Patel, Kalpesh Jadav, Dipen Monpara)    276-279
 51.   Improvement of Input Power Factor for a 1-Φ Rectifier based on Two Quadrant SAF (Author's:Wahab Shaik, G.Vijay Krishna)     280-283
 52.   Distributed Simulation of Underwater Warfare based on Standard Synthetic Environment (Author's: Won K. Hwam, Yongho Chung, Sang C. Park)    284-293
 53.   Intelligent Model to Classify Cashew Kernels (Author's:Lalitha Saroja Thota, Dr. Allam Appa Rao, Dr. Suresh Babu Changalasetty Dr. Hanuman Thota, Rambabu Pemula, Y.V.Phani Sankar, Siva Prasad Maroju, Akkisetty Seshagiri, , Ramakanth Medisetty, Ayman Mansour Al-Ahmari, Abdulaziz Mesrie, Abdulrahem Al-Shehri, Abdul Karim Ayed Al- Hanif)    294-302
 54.   Design Development and Performance Evaluation of Package Type Air Conditioner with Storage (Author's:G S Sharma, D Buddhi)     303-306
 55.   Design of AVR and PSS for Power System Stability based on Iteration Particle swarm Optimization (Author's: Jafaru Usman, Mohd Wazir Mustafa, Garba Aliyu)    307-314
 56.   In The Status of Today’s Environment is Water Safe for Drinking? (Author's: Dr.Varsha Lomate)    315-318
 57.   Human Hand Gesture Imitation by the Formation Control of a Fluid Swarm Modeled By Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) (Author's:Umut Tilki, Ismet Erkmen, Aydan M. Erkmen)   319-327
 58.   Viability of Safety and Labour Conditions in Construction Sites (Author's:P.S.Sathish Kumar, M.Logesh Kumar )    328-332
 59.   Removal of Municipal Wastewater BOD, COD, and TSS by Phyto-Reduction: A Laboratory–Scale Comparison of Aquatic Plants at Different Species Typha Latifolia and Saccharum Spontaneum (Author's: Suhendrayatna, Marwan, Rika Andriani, Yuliza Fajriana, and Elvitriana)   333-337
 60.   Survey of Wireless Mesh Network (Author's:A.Valarmozhi, M.Subala, V.Muthu)     338-342
 61.   Development of a Beam Deflection Apparatus from Locally Sourced Material (Author's: Buliaminu Kareem)   343-348
 62.   Thermodynamic Analysis of Power Generating Units Based On First and Second Law: A Review (Author's:M.K.Pal, Anil Kumar, H.Chandra)   349-356
 63.   Application of Mathematical Model for Assessment of Interface Heat Flux of the Mold during Gravity DieCasting (Author's:K.V.Sreenivas Rao, P.Usha, N.S.Archana)   357-361
 64.   Analysis and Comparison between AES and DES Cryptographic Algorithm (Author's:Shraddha Soni, Himani Agrawal, Dr. (Mrs.) Monisha Sharma)   362-365
 65.   Study of Brake Thermal Efficiencies of Blend Fuels Using CVCRM Engine Test Rig (Author's: Dr. D. R. Prajapati, Gurpreet Singh Sudan)   366-371
 66.   M-RSA Digital Signature Scheme with one PublicKey and one Private Key (Author's: K.Suresh Kumar Reddy, E.Madhusudhana Reddy, M.Padmavathamma)   372-376
 67.   Emergency Management Systems Using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in Gaza City-Palestine (Author's: ELJAMASSI Alaeddinne)   377-385
 68.   A Study on Security Challenges and Issues inCloud Computing (Author's: Sathiyapriya.K, Dr.D.Malathi, VijayaKumar.K, S.Nagadevi)   386-391
 69.   Analytical Modeling of Mobile Ad hoc Networks (Author's: B R Sujatha, M V Sathyanarayana)   392-399
 70.   Enhancement of Context by Image Fusion and Surrealist Video (Author's: Jaspreet Kaur ,Amandeep Singh)   400-404 
 71.   Performance Analysis of Feedback Suppression Schemes for Satellite Network (Author's:Thokchom Arvind, Dr. R. Gunasundari)   405-412
 72.   Cluster-BasedHierarchical Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks (Author's: Suniti Dutt)  413-420
 73.   Soil Erosion in the Urban Catchment Area of Baubau City, Indonesia (Author's: Mz. Amirul Tamim, Saleh Pallu, Shirly Wunas, dan Sumbangan Baja)  421-425
 74.   Programmed PWM Technique For Asymmetric Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using PSO (Author's: S.Nanda Kumar, Dr.S.Vijayan, E.Nanda Kumar, N.Vinoth)   426-429
 75.   Comparison of Resource Allocation Techniquesin OFDMA for Wireless communication (Author's: Sudhir B. Lande, Dr. J. B. Helonde, Dr. Rajesh Pande)  430-435
 76.   Real-Time Carpooling System for Android Platform (Author's:Arpita Dixit, Shweta Bora, Sonali Chemate, Nikita Kolpekwar)    436-437
 77.   Access Road Analysis to/from Airport (Case Study: Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport) (Author's:Sakti Adji Adisasmita)    438-447
 78.   Two Quasi Orthogonal Space Time Block CodesWith 3 - Time Slots for Wireless Communication (Author's:Ritu Chauhan, Rohit Singhal)   448-451
 79.   Design and Development of Solar Assisted Bicycle (Author's:Ajit B. Bachche,N. S. Hanamapure)    452-457
 80.   Performance Evaluation of Various UnipolarSPWM Strategies of Trinary DC SourceMultilevel Inverter (Author's: V.Arun, B.Shanthi, A.Bharathi)   458-462
81.   Precast Hollow-Block Reinforced ConcreteBearing Walls (Author's: Al-Tuhami AbuZeid Al-Tuhami AbdAllah) 463-469
 82.   Empirical Analysis of Signal Strength-Distance Variations in IEEE 802.11b in WLAN (Author's: Nnebe S. U., Onoh G.N., Ohaneme C.O., Nwankwo V.I.)   470-472
83.    Jet Kinetic Efficiency Simulation and Design Investigation Account in Tee pipe for Sustainable Economics (Author's: Zahid HI Khokhar Mamdouh A Al-Harthi, Rajendra N Sharma, Habib D Zughbi,Abdulazeez Abdurraheem, Bekir S Yilbas)   473-481
84.   Face Recognition using Gray level Co-occurrence Matrix and Snap Shot Method of the Eigen Face (Author's: M. Madhu, R. Amutha) 482-488

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