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Volume 2 Issue 5 , November 2012


Name of Research Article(Volume 2 Issue 5 , November  2012)                                ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) PageNo.
Customer Relationship Management Model for UTM Alumni Liaison Unit (Author's: Hossein Ahmadi, Mohammad Osmani, Othman Ibrahim, Mehrbakhsh Nilashi)
2.   Hand Written Digit Recognition Using Elman Neural Network on Master-Slave Architecture (Author's: J.V.S. Srinivas, P. Vijay Kumar, Dr. P. Premchand) 9-13
3.   Optimised Walficsh-Bertoni Model for Pathloss Prediction in Urban Propagation Environment (Author's: Joseph Isabona,Samuel Azi) 14-20
4.   Ad-Hoc Group Formation/Detection for Better Shopping Experience (Author's: Sanjeev Kulkarni, Ashok M., Sankpal, Ravindra R. Mudholkar) 21-25
5.   Swabbing of Coldness of Flowing Fluid by Direct Contact High Temperature Side Injection Fluid into Pipe Experiments (Author's: Zahid HI Khokhar, Mamdouh A Al-Harthi, Abulazeez Abdurraheem, RN Sharma) 26-31
6.   Support Vector Machine Approach to Explore Length Required of Pipeline Cross Mixing (Author's: Zahid H Khokhar; Mamdouh Al-Harthi; A. Abdurraheem; Bekir Yilbus; Halim Redhvi) 32-35
7.   Harmonics Analysis of VSI Fed Induction Motor Drive (Author's: Manjari Mehrotra, Dr. A.K Pandey) 36-40
8.   A Review: Scheduling in Grid Environment (Author's: Dilpreet Kaur, Balwinder Singh) 41-45
9.   Wear Debris Analysis of Automotive Engine Lubricating Oil Using By Ferrography (Author's: Om Prakash Sondhiya, Amit Kumar Gupta ) 46-54
10.   A Novel Approach for Congestion Control in MANET (Author's:Robin Choudhary, Niraj Singhal )  55-61
11.   Cryopreservation Of Spermatozoa Of Osphronemus Goramy Fish Using Skim Milk (Author's:Abinawanto, Ista Anindita, Retno Lestari )  62-64
12.   A Review on Relay Selection Techniques in Cooperative Communication (Author's: Vishal K. Shah, Anuradha P. Gharge ) 65-69
13.   Analysis of Current Tools Available For Microrna Target Prediction (Author's: Mohammad Kamil ) 70-74
14.   Challenges Faced For Developing 4th Generation Mobile Communication System (Author's:Deivanai Devi S, Rathi S, Thanushkodi K) 75-80
15.   A Case Study on Basic Requirements for the Design of High Voltage Bushings (Author's:D. Edison Selvaraj, A. Siva Prakash, R. Srinivas, A. Allwyn Clarence Asis, J.Gnanavadivel)  81-83
16.   Performance Analysis of Linear Antenna Array Using Genetic Algorithm (Author's:Shraddha Shrivastava, Kanchan Cecil)  84-88
17.   DoS Attacker Identification in MANET IPv6 Using ICMPv6 (Author's: S. Feslin Anish Mon, Dr. Raj Kumar Saha, Dr. L. Rajaji)  89-92
18.   A Study on Development and Implementation of a Computerized Maintenance Management Information System for a Process Industry (Author's:C.G. Ramachandra, T.R. Srinivas, T.S. Shruthi)  93-99
19.   Nursing-Care System for Bedridden Patientswith Electric Wheelchair, Lift, Portable Bath,Mobile Robot and Portable Toilet (Author's:Toshihiro Yukawa, Yuhki Kuramochi, Taisuke Takahashi, Kohsuke Takahashi)  100-108
20.   A Review on Routing Overhead in Broadcast Based Protocol on VANET (Author's: Viral J. Patel, Anuradha P. Gharge)  109-113
21.   Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Motor Design Enhancement Using Finite Element Method (Author's: D. Vimalakeerthy, Dr.N.Kanagaraj, Dr.M.Y.Sanavullah)  114-120
22.   Watermarking of Compressed and Encrypted JPEG2000 Images (Author's:D.Prabhakar, Gopala Krishna.M, Srinivas.CH, Raghunath.YTNV)  121-124
23.   The Development and Experimental Testing of a Lift Augmented Propeller (Author's: Jonathan Kweder, Zachary J. Luzader, Michael J. Spencer, Andrew D. Lowery, James E. Smith)  125-134
24.   Design and Simulation of Small Signal Model of aSTATCOM for Reactive Power Compensation onVariation of DC link Voltage (Author's: S.K.Das, J.K.Moharana)  135-140
25.   Customer View Analysis of Organization and Governance in Indian Engineering Education–A QFD Approach (Author's:Shiena Shekhar, Arun Arora)  141-150
26.   Wavelet Transform Based Vehicle License Plate Identification (Author's: Dr. S.L Kumar, K. Velusamy Dr. V.Vidya Devi)  151-157
27.   Magnetic Force Calculation between ThickCircular Coil with Rectangular Cross Sectionand Thin Disk Coil (Differential Approach) (Author's: Slobodan Babic, Cevdet Akyel, Bojan Babic)  158-162
28.   An Enhanced Scheduling Scheme for QoS in Mobile WiMAX Networks (Author's: D. David Neels Pon Kumar, Jithin Raj, K.Arun Kumar, K. Murugesan)  163-169
29.   A Novel Approach for Super Resolution in Medical Imaging (Author's: G. S. Sable, Dr. A.N. Gaikwad)  170-176
30.   A Modified Variable Bit Rate Source Routing Energy Efficient Protocol for Wireless Mobile AdHoc Networks (Author's:R.Rajamohamed, V. Rajamani)  177-182
31.   Design, Analysis and Simulation of Linear Modelof a STATCOM for Reactive PowerCompensation with Variation of DC-link Voltage (Author's:S.K.Sethy, J.K.Moharana)  183-189
32.   A Comparative Study on Edge Detection Algorithms for Computer Aided Fracture Detection Systems (Author's:Dr. S.K. Mahendran)  190-193
33.   Measuring Chaos in Some Discrete Nonlinear Systems (Author's:L.M. Saha, Niteesh Sahni, Til Prasad Sarma)  194-200
34.   Critical Review of Electro-Mechanical Door Locking System and Proposal towards Development of Innovative Super Energy Saving Door Locking System (Author's:Sivarao, Abdul Alif, Taufik, Yuhazri, Haery Ian, Robert K. M., Tin S. L.)  201-207
35.   A Theoretical Method and Numerical Model Study on Concrete Filled Steel Tubers Column (Author's:C.H.Lu)  208-214
36.   Information and Communication Technology for Control and Management in Power Systems Smart Grid (Author's:Yekini .S. Mohammed, Nouruddeen Bashir, Aliyu Mohammed, Amough K. Benjamin)  215-220
37.   Design of Energy Efficient MAC Protocol with Increased Throughput in MANET’s (Author's:Madan Mohan Nagar, Sunil Pathak, Dr. Sonal Jain)  221-226
38.   Invisible Digital Image Watermarking in Spatial Domain with Random Localization (Author's:Mustafa Osman Ali, Elamir Abu Abaida Ali Osman, Rameshwar Row)  227-231
39.   RTS/CTS Mechanism of MAC Layer IEEE 802.11 WLAN in Presence of Hidden Nodes (Author's:M A Khan, Tazeem Ahmad Khan, M T Beg)  232-236
40.   Quality Management Tools and Techniques How does a 21st Century Student Prefer to Learn? (Author's: Deepali (Pande) Gosavi, Dr. V. M Thakare, Dr. V. M. Wadhai) 237-239
41.   Applying Forward Scattering Radar in Cellular Systems (Author's: Farhad Bahadori-Jahromi, RamazanAli Sadeghzadeh) 240-248
42.   Online Data Back-up and Disaster Recovery Techniques in Cloud Computing: A Review (Author's: Kruti Sharma, Kavita R Singh) 249-254
43.   Improvement of Iris Pattern Authentication System using Cumulative Sum Algorithm (Author's: Emmanvel Raj.M.Chirchi, Dr.R.D.Kharadkar) 255-259
44.   Theoretical Design and Analysis of A Semi-Automatic Multiple-Spindle Drilling Head (MSDH) For Mass Production Processes in Developing Countries (Author's: Chukwumuanya, Emmanuel O., Obuka, Nnaemeka Sylvester P.,  Onyechi, Pius C., Okpala Charles) 260-266
45.   Online Reading and Learning in Virtual Instruction Environment (Author's: Mahdi Bazargani , Mehdi Afzali, Farhad Gharebaghi ) 267-271
46.   Design and Analysis of a CMOS 0.7V Low Noise Amplifier for GPS L1 Band (Author's:Najeemulla Baig, Chandu DS, Satyanarayana Chanagala, B.Satish) 272-276
47.   Pre Improved Weighted Modulo 2n+1 Design  Based On Parallel Prefix Adder  (Author's: Dr.V.Vidya Devi, T.Venishkumar, T.Thomas Leonid) 277-281
48.   Analysis of Location Equivalent services in Overlay Peer Networks (Author's:Kanakam Sowjanya, B.Vijitha, Pradeep Kumar Puram, PULIME SATYANARAYANA) 282-286 
49.   Self-Adjusting Motor-Wheel with CVT (Author's: Konstantin Ivanov) 287-291 
50.   Comparative Study of Weibull Parameters forWind Speed Data of Northern Morocco (Author's: Abdelbari Redouane, Driss Taoukil, Abdelmajid El Bouardi, Taïb Ajzoul , Hassan Ezbakhe) 292-295 
51.   Impact of a Comparative Study of the Upper Layer Authentication Methods for Wi-Fi Networks (Author's: Asam Hamed Abbas, Mohamed Adel Kadum alshaher) 296-299 
52.   Industrial Robot Installation in Europe andAmerica in 2010 (Author's:  Edina Karabegović, Ermin Husak )  300-305 
53.    Electronic polarizability and Optical electro negativity values of ternary compounds: A case study (Author's:Sasikala Devi B)

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