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Volume 7 Issue 7, January 2018

S.N.  Name of Research Article (Volume 7 Issue 7, January 2018)                                           ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
1. Evaluation of Serum Influence on Magnetic Immunoassay using Magnetic Nanoparticles (Author's:Shun Takeuchi, Tetsuro Hirata, RyotaIsshiki, Yuta Nakamura, Kayo Fujimoto, Kenji Sakai, ToshihikoKiwa, KeijiTsukada)
2. Development of bridge-type hydrogen sensor using Pt ultra-thin film (Author's:Kaoru Amano, Ryo Furukawa, Kenji Sakai, Toshihiko Kiwa, Keiji Tsukada) 5-8
3. Magnetic response characteristics of magnetoresistive sensors with superconducting magnetic focusing thin film (Author's:Tetsuro Hirata, Yoshihiro Nakamura, Yatsuse Majima, Kaoru Amano,Kenji Sakai, Toshihiko Kiwa, Keiji Tsukada) 9-12
4. Structural Performance of Underground Composite Wall for Extension of Underground Parking Lot of Apartment Building (Author's:Sooyeon Seo, Sujin Jung, Seolki Kim, Segi Song) 13-17
5. Joint Design of Precast Concrete Moment Frame using Hollow Precast Concrete Column (Author's:Soo-Yeon Seo, Tae-Wan Kim, Jong-Wook Lim, Jae-Yup Kim) 18-22
6. The Development of Construction Procedure Prototype for Structural Framework of HPC Method (Author's:Jaeyup Kim, Juseong Noh, Sooyeon Seo) 23-27
7. Energy Management System for Peak Shaving in an Experimental Microgrid Employing MILP Optimization (Author's:Mojtaba Moghimi, Domagoj Leskarac, Chirag Panchal, Junwei Lu, Sascha Stegen) 28-33
8. Impact on textile industry Effluent on environment and there removal by Photo catalytic degradation using Different size of Titanium di oxide nanoparticle (Author's:O.N. Chobey, Teena Dubey Joshi) 34-36
9. Collisional drift waves in a magnetized dusty plasma cylinder (Author's:Ajay Gahlot) 37-41
10. VEA Model in Word Formation Process of Maithili MT (Author's:Saroj Kumar Jha, Piyush Pratap Singh, Vijay Kumar Kaul) 42-45

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