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Volume 5 Issue 10 April 2016

S.N.  Name of Research Article (Volume 5 Issue 10, April 2016)                                           ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
1. Regression modeling of Iraq Iran war using Lancaster/osipov war models (Author's:Kamalu C.I.O., Nwakaudu M.S., Obijiaku J.C., Oghome P., Okoh E., Uzondu F.N.)
2. Experimental Investigation for Circular Concrete Columns confined by FRP and Conventional Lateral Steel (Author's:M. Mahdy) 11-17
3. Required Competencies and Possible Challenges of Information Communication Technology Assisted Teaching and Learning: Assessment of Nurse Educators and Structures in Calabar, Nigeria (Author's:Akpabio, I. I.; Ph.D.; Esienumoh, E. E. ) 18-28
4. An Introduction to Robotics in Artificial Intelligence (Author's:Dr.I.Lakshmi) 29-34
5. IOT Based Smart Home (Author's: D.Vinodhan, A.Vinnarasi)  35-38
6. A Study on Security Issues in Video Watermarking (Author's:Shravya Jain, Venugopala P S, Dr. Sarojadevi H, Dr. Niranjan.N.Chiplunkar)  39-42
7. Study on Handling Semi-structured Data using NoSQL Database (Author's:Sapthami R, Anisha P Rodrigues)   43-46
8. Microcontroller based Attendance Management System(Author's:Rashmi S. Moharil, Dr. Shankar N. Dandare)  47-52
9. Cloud Robotics: Architecture, Challenges and Applications (Author's:Dr. I. Lakshmi)   53-59
10. Design and Development of application for programming in natural languages as the resource of rural development facility (Author's:Vishranti P. Gharge, Kavita Dhakad)   60-62
11. Design and Implementation of Low Cost Computer Numerical Control-Printed Circuit Boards Drilling Machine (Author's:Motaz Daadoo, Yousef-Awwad Daraghmi) 63-67
12. Thinning of Binary Images Using Neural Network Based System (Author's:Aditi Aggarwal, Dr. Dinesh Kumar) 68-73
13. Optimization of process parameters in WEDM by using GRA technique for machining Aluminum HE15WP (Author's:Anup Kumar Jana, R. Akshay, V. Anil reddy, D. Harsha vardhan, V.Sai kumar) 74-79
14. Developing Software for IEEE 11073 Device Specializations using Antidote Library (Author's:Aravind S. Nair, V. Natarajan) 80-84
15. Comparison of Output Responses after Machining Holes on Aluminum Alloy by Die Sinking EDM and CNC Drilling (Author's:Anup Kumar Jana, D. Sree Chakra Sonika Rao, M. Sowmya Sri, Prawal Tak, A. Chandrashekar Naidu) 85-92

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