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Volume 5,Issue 8, February 2016

S.N.  Name of Research Article (Volume 5 Issue 8, February 2016)                                           ISSN: 2277-3754 (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) Page No.
1. Stand alone electric power generation for roadways lighting (Author's:Dr. Ibrahim Yehya Dallal Bashi)
2. Application of First Order differential Equations to Heat Transfer Analysis in solid (Author's:N. Karthikeyan, A. Jayaraja) 5-8
3. Detection of best location for the placement of the piezo pair on smart beams using FOS technique (Author's:Arunkumar G.,Dr. T.C.Manjunath) 9-15
4. Implementation of MANET using WiMAX for different Protocols (Author's:Anubhuti Jain, Shashank Mane) 16-19
5. Implementation of QPSK Modulation on MATLAB Simulation (Author's:Poorva Mishra, Shashank Mane) 20-23
6. Implementing GUI Package for Recognizing Muscle Disease Using EMG Signals (Author's:N. Keerthika, P. Tamilmani) 24-30
7. Multi-Hop Clustering Approach for Energy Utilization in Wireless Sensor Network (Author's:Shaziya Tabassum, Sapna Choudhary, Anupam Choudhary) 31-35
8. Low Cost Android measuring Embedded Device Using Input Output Board (Author's:D.Janani Priya, S.Nivash) 36-41
9. Ability based Collaborative Pairing and Grouping among Learners (Author's:Sushma Hans, S.Chakraverty) 42-51
10. Design, development & testing of half toroidal continuous variable transmission system (Author's:Niranjan U. Kulavmode, Gajanan C. Koli, Rutunjay D. Kamble, Kedar S. Kupale, Shubham B. Patil, Pratik S. Patil, Vaibhav C. Modak) 52-55
11. A Survey of Feature Based Image Registration Algorithms: Performance Evaluation of SIFT Algorithm (Author's:Amit Choksi, Mayur Sevak) 56-60
12. Study on the Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation on Human Health in Kano Metropolis (Author's:M.Aderinola, J.S. Kazaure, I. Muhammad) 61-64
13. Speech Recognition Using Signal Processing Techniques (Author's:Megha Agrawal, Tina Raikwar) 65-68
14. Fuzzy Regression with Applications in Hydrology (Author's:Christos Tzimopoulos , Kyriakos Papadopoulos , Basil Papadopoulos) 69-75
15. Content Security Using Data Aggregation Technique in Wireless Sensor Network (Author's:Hannan Ansari, Tabrez Khan, Wasim Khan) 76-79
16. Finding the unconformity among the objects using inconsistency (Author's:Adriana Jimenez Contreras, Jose de Jesus Medel Juarez) 80-83

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